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06-20-2012, 04:30 PM
Originally Posted by Archived Post View Post
Don't have an Armitage yet, but I'm planning on it, eventually. But in the meantime, was wondering if anyone had throught or built a "cannon" Akira, that is only using what is seen on the screen in First Contact and that one Voyager episode.

By my count, that would be one or two phaser arrays (for game terms, could probably bring it down to one) and the rest, photon torpedoes I think. Now, I know that this sounds like a truely bad idea, but is there some way this could work at end game? Run one or two high end copies of target shield subsystems, and have the rest be torpedo spread or high yield? Or are turrets on the back a must? With that much torp damage, would this deal with the unshielded nanite transfers/generators in STFs faster than usual?

Sorry for quasi newb-ness, but when I get this, I'd like to do something different with it.
I have something more 'cannon' akira that you are looking for. If you want some help just PM me. Mostly I have two phaser arrays because I can't get rid of them due to my BOFF skills...
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06-20-2012, 07:04 PM
I went with 1 DHC, 1 Quad cannon, 1 array, 1 torp fore,

2 torp 1 array aft.

Its ok. I wanted to make more of a torp boat. Ive been using the runabouts and the peregrin, decent, Ill try the deltas next for the shield dropping. Need some more dilitium for blue ones.

I like the ship alot though, and I have always used cruisers.
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06-20-2012, 08:15 PM
My Army Build:
2x Phaser DHC, 1x Phaser QHC, 1x Photon
2x Phaser Turret, 1x Cloaking Tractor Mine
Borg Engines
Borg Deflector
Aegis Shield (tried the Borg Shield, but it drains way too quickly for my liking)
1x Monotanium Alloy, Borg Console, Torpedo Point Defense Console
Phaser Point Defense Console, 1x Shield Emitter
2x Phaser Relay, 2x Photon Detonation
Advanced Delta Flyers

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06-21-2012, 01:29 AM
2 Antiproton DHCs, 2 Quantum Torpedoes in front

2 Antiproton Turrets, 1 Quantum Torpedo in back

I have a blue and a green torpedo Doff, and found the DPS to be impressive enough to adapt this for another escort flying alt.

I am missing the Commander Tactical and Torpedo High Yield 3 on my Armitage (Steamrunner,) but it is still very good. On my Defiant R it is bloody awesome!

I plan on replacing the rear quantum with a tricobolt. It makes for a great coup de grace on my Defiant R.

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07-01-2012, 09:33 PM
I basically took the gear off my MVAE and dumped it on the Armitage and changed my boff layout a little.

3x Polaron DHC, 1x Quantum Torp
3x Polaron Turret
Jem'Hadar Engine and Deflector
Borg Shields
Borg Console, 2x Monotanium
2x Field Generators
3x Polaron Console, 1x Quantum Console
Advanced Danube

TT1, TS2, APO1, CSV3
EPtS1, EPtS2, RSP2
ST1, HE2

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07-03-2012, 07:38 PM
Ensign tact- TorS1
Lieutenant tact- TT1, TorS2
Commander tact- TT1, CRF1, APO1, CRF3
Lieutenant Commander eng- ET1, EPS2, RSP2
Lieutenant sci- HE1, TSS2

can someone translate this to English please?
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07-03-2012, 11:17 PM
Originally Posted by morgansmith View Post
Ensign tact- TorS1
Lieutenant tact- TT1, TorS2
Commander tact- TT1, CRF1, APO1, CRF3
Lieutenant Commander eng- ET1, EPS2, RSP2
Lieutenant sci- HE1, TSS2

can someone translate this to English please?
TorS = Torpedoe Spread (I think) 1 & 2 (what, no High Yield Torps? 0.o)
TT = Tactical Team
CRF = Cannon Rapid Fire 1 & 3
APO = Attack Pattern Omega
ET = Engineering Team
EPS = Emergency Power to Shields
RSP = Reverse Shield Polarity
HE = Hazard Emitters
TSS = Transfer Shield Strength

STOWiki has a list for your skills and your BOff skills to compare with the acronyms.

Would be kinda nice to have a glossary somewhere... heheh...

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It's more of a DPS/tank hybrid build, but I'm really liking it for STFs:

3 Dual Heavy Cannon Phasers, 1 Quantum Torpedo
2 Turret Phasers, 1 Quantum Torpedos
Borg Engine, Borg Deflector, MACO Shield

Borg Console, 2 Neutonium Consoles
2 Field Generator Consoles
4 Phaser Consoles

Cmdr Tac: TT1, CSV 1, APO1, APO3
Lt Tac: TorS1, CSV1
Ens Tac: TorS1
Lt Cmdr Eng: ET1, EPTS2, EPTS3
Lt Sci: HE1, TSS2

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# 59 Armitage and Anti Protons
09-21-2012, 06:58 PM
I don't use that many Torps myself i instead use the +15 to Wep Power passive along with the Borg console to fuel 6 AP Beam arrays and use 1 Quantum Torp and my Peregrines 6 Full sized quantum torps plus my torp PD to deal heavy kinetic damage after 6 beam arrays bring it down i also use Aegis shield with Borg because its like Maco shield but stronger.
I admit that the AP proc sucks for now but im hoping that one day the game developers will actually Google Anti Proton and realize that destroying protons and destabilizing atoms means a Dmg bonus to armor, and the release of gamma radiation is also a possible Proc that could act like the Plasma one.

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