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# 1 Any active RP fleets?
06-13-2012, 11:11 PM
+++Incoming Message+++
+++ATTN: Starfleet High Command+++
+++FROM: Capt. Benjamin Rosewood: U.S.S. Black Prince NCC-922667+++
+++SUBJECT: Report and Fleet Assignment+++


It is my sad duty to report that the Varangian Guard Fleet has been all but destroyed on the Klingon Border. Ambushed by Klingons and Gorn, we managed to fight them off. Less than an hour after the encounter we received a Priority One Alert. We believed we were in a fit state for combat and so headed to the given location at maximum warp. At 1307, we engaged the Borg fleet consisting of a dozen cubes, multiple spheres and a Unimatrix. The Black Prince took several heavy hits early on, notably to the starboard nacelle and impulse engines. We lost helm control and we could do nothing but watch as the rest of the Fleet was torn apart. Our engineers frantically tried to repair the impulse engines back on line, but by the time sufficient repairs had been made, the battle was long over. We made repairs to the starboard nacelle and are currently en-route to Earth Spacedock for full repairs as fast as we are able (Currently Warp 5)

I would ask that myself, the Black Prince and her crew are redeployed with another fleet as soon as possible. The Black Prince is a fully outfitted Odyssey Class Cruiser, and a good portion of her crew have served with me since I became commander of the U.S.S Sky Spear.

I can submit my personnel file to any Fleet Commanders should they wish it.

Benjamin Rosewood, Captain of the U.S.S. Black Prince

+++Message Ends+++

OOC: As if you couldn't tell from the title and the block of text, I love role playing!
I'm looking for a fleet to join that does both heavy and light RP, both in game and out of game. Me and a few friends did have a fleet going, but unfortunately it died a death. I've been RPing for several years, including forums, tabletop and a few MMOs. If there are any RP based Fleets that could use a Tactical Officer and a tooled up Odyssey, please let me know or get in touch

Thanks in advance.

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