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06-16-2012, 02:49 AM
Originally Posted by Zorena
Im getting bored with this game, pugs are getting worse its often a case of shooting down the guys who cant tank faster vs the other guy on that team shooting down your pugs faster when pugging, I don't mean to offend anyone its just the way it is between those and afk players sitting in spawn or premade "skilled" teams with 5 aceton assimilators that frankly a pug would never beat.

So my rant about pugging you all know it suck.. where are the premade fleets is there anyone who want to fight?
I know the feeling ,, i pug it alot and some of them a real bad ,

I could easy play for a good few hours and get 1 or 2 good games , the rest well just watching dudes melt , its scary :p
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06-16-2012, 04:11 AM
When pugging I find having a 2 DOFF 15sec tac team no matter what your flying this helps as this is the most valuable skill to help pugs who will not balance thier shields .

I will fight on regardless whatever the odds, just on the off chance of stealing a kill off a team premade or PuG made, however with the current state of play it is very very diffcult to break anybody in a supported team even if your pretty good in a well built a tac escort and nearly impossible with other ship/class combos
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06-16-2012, 05:03 AM
Sad (Pandas!) but true! People don't want to lose's too humiliating. Sometimes after being vaporized very bad in a pug team I send a private message trying to call for a rematch, but my unlucky comrades tell me they don't want to fight anymore.
A possible solution? You superuberpvpers let yourself be defeated once in a while!:p
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06-16-2012, 05:17 AM
Quote me if i'm wrong, but hpthe Cubs were made with thr purpose for PVPers to improve and as a place for PVP fleets to headhunt some fresh talent? Thats a potential fleets worth of players for groups to call on. Right now there just arnt enough fleets/groups that i'm aware of to make a ladder board worthwhile.

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