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Originally Posted by ryan218 View Post
Matt: Impeccable timing.

Admiral, I need to know how I'm going to overload that thing.
Dorman: I am not having you go over there. That simple.

Go to Sam.. I don't need someone with so much to live for to bite the dust. You still have her.

Plus your wife would kick my butt all over the galaxy if I allowed it.
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Originally Posted by ryan218 View Post
*The two walk into the transporter chamber, with Delby and C. Sam already waiting. THey take position on the pad as they are beamed over.*
*The ship is vast as the bulkheads are dark, the air is running, but gravity is low.. The lights don't work...*

Velvar: Well isn't this creepy... Who votes to go into the creepy corridor.
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Sinclaire: we arent going to find anything else here his systems are clean now.

Shaw: what should we do then

Sinclaire: go back to grand master i will summon you when i need you both.

They both leave as he stands there alone.

Sinclaire: I must do this myself besides i think a friend may need help soon.


Jacob is heading towards the planet

Jacob: this is either really stupid or the smartest thing ive thought of activate cloak
" great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame"
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*The Venture Doctor and Medical Staff are working on Danny the science teams are studying the dart... familiar readings ding up...*

Science officer: This is not good.

Doctor: Tell me this isn't...

Damn it is.
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Harper : all ships maintane current position until i say other wise.


Sinclaire gathering a last bit of data prepares to leave the station

Jacob begins to the near the planet

jacob: ok so this may not have been my greatest idea ever but activate cameraes and take as many pics and readings as you can baby
" great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame"
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*The rest of the Vanguard watch on as they attempt to stabilize Danny, Widow stays put as they head off to the bridge...*
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Sinclaire steps into a conduit. Walking into a large chamber the large stone chamber he hasn't been here in a long time.

Guard : you are expected

Sinclaire: like hell I am.

He pushes past the guard.

Sinclaire: I call on the members of the shadow proclamation

Tyron: what do you want here you are neither shadow nor light.

Sinclaire: you know as well as I do that the proclamation was formed. I call on it now to deal with the shadow threat.

Tyron: you do not know what has happened do you.

Sinclaire: what do you mean.

Tyron: come I will explains.
" great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame"
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Jacob lands on the planet cloaked.

Jacob: this isn't going to be good. There has to be a way to slow this all down.

He looks on as he continues searching.
" great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame"
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Very quite today. I go to work in a few hours then won't be on till tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
Dorman: I am not having you go over there. That simple.

Go to Sam.. I don't need someone with so much to live for to bite the dust. You still have her.

Plus your wife would kick my butt all over the galaxy if I allowed it.
Matt: Well, what would you--?

Ops *Over Comm*: Bridge to Commander DeFalco, we have a star ship fold-jumping in!

It's the Republic!

Matt: I told them to maintain their distance!

John: Understood, Bridge. Open a channel.

Ops *Over Comm*: Channel Open.

John: R.S.S. Normandy to R.S.S. Republic.

David *Over Comm*: Republic here. We picked up another vessel entering the area. Wanted to make sure you didn't need assistance.

Request status update.

Matt: We've got some kind of relay in the vicinity. Trust me--

David *Over Comm*: We can't miss it? Thrust me, we didn't.

Matt: We need to get some one inside it to overload it. Be advised, it's a one-way trip.

David *Over Comm*: And I'm guessing we need someone who can figure out hyper-advanced technology.

John: I'll go.

Matt: No. John, this is your ship. They need you here.

David *Over Comm*: Besides, you'd have no idea how to overload anything without a picture book for instructions.

John: Hey!

David *Over Comm*: I'll do it.

*R.S.S. Republic, Bridge. The Bridge crew stare at him.*

Dana: Captain--

David: No arguing, Commander. I know a fair bit about advanced technology and I'm a certified engineer. Besides, I won't risk anyone else from this crew.

I should be the one to do it; I'm the Captain.

Matt *Over Comm*: David--

David: I'm going. Republic out.

*David begins to walk off the bridge, looking at Dana.*

Walk with me.

*The two enter the turbolift.*

Transporter Room 1.

*The turbolift starts up.*

Dana: Captain, regulations clearly state--!

David: Do you know anything about hyper-advanced technology? No. I do.

Dana: Then talk me through it!

*The turbolift stops and the two begin walking to the transporter room.*

David: We don't have time. Besides, there's nothing to suggest we'll be able to maintain communications once I beam over.

Your orders are to wait as long as you can, but when the Relay starts to go, you get out of here and never look back. Inform the Normandy and the Venture of what's happening out Veridian and meet the rest of the Allied Fleet at Armagosa Remnant. Understood?

Dana: Yes, Captain.

*David walks into the Transporter Room, turning back to Dana before the doors close.*

You're the Captain now, Commander Saph.

*The doors close. David turns to find no one at the transporter controls. He goes to activate them.*

Mitchell: So...

*David turns to see Mitchell emerge from the maintenance area.*

You're going over?

David: That's correct.

*He activates the controls, setting the transporter.*

Mind taking the controls?

*Mitchell walks over and takes the console.*

Mitchell: Captain, I studies the Lanco Gate as well. I also have a degree in hyper-tech.

David: Yes, Commander, you do.

*He walks over to the wall and takes an engineering kit.*

Which is precisely why you should stay here.

Mitchell: The Republic needs her Captain more than she needs her Engineer, sir.

David: I won't let anyone else sacrifice their life for this, Commander. That's an order.

Mitchell: Yes, sir.

*Mitchell sets the controls and David turns towards the pad. Before David can reach it though, he's hit by a phaser burst to the back. Mitchell lowers his phaser as the security alarm starts blaring. Mitchell drags David off of the pad before opening up a maintenance hatch and pulling out a few isolinear control rods and slipping them in his pocket.*

But then... you can't exactly court-martial me if I disobey.

*He goes back to the transporter console, pressing a key as a regular beep starts up. He then runs to the pad, picking up the engineering kit on his way. David wakes up quickly, looking at Mitchell.*

David: Commander!

*Mitchell is beamed out.

He materialises in a dark, cramped maintenance chamber inside the relay. He looks around, taking out his tricorder and turning on the built-in beacon light.*

Mitchell: Okay, let's see what we have here.

*He kneels down near what appears to be a maintenance cover. He removes the cover, accessing a rather advanced and complex network of computer processors for power regulators and mass manipulators.*

Oh boy.

*He opens his tool kit, taking out a hydro-spanner and setting to work. He taps his combadge.*

Mitchell to Republic. Do you read me?

*R.S.S. Republic, Bridge. David walks onto the Bridge.*

Dana: We read you Commander.

David: Commander, I want you back over here now. Transporter Room--

Mitchell *Over Comm*: I wouldn't bother.

Transporter Chief *Over Comm*: Transporter Room 3, sir. I can't establish a lock on him. Something's wrong with the targeting scanners.

Mitchell *Over Comm*: If you send a maintenance crew to Transporter Room 1, you'll find that the 5 targeting scanner processors for that Transporter are missing, as well as the transporter network sub-processor.

It'll take you - what? - half-an-hour to bypass?

*Back on the Relay.*

Mitchell: Sorry, Captain, but I can do this faster than you could.

David *Over Comm*: Mitchell--

Mitchell: In case I don't get time when I'm through here, I'd just like to say that it's been an honour serving with you all.

*He removes the first mass manipulator processor.*

David *Over Comm*:... the honour was mine, Commander.

Is there anything we can do?

Mitchell: Actually, now that you mention it...

*He takes out another manipulator processor.*

In my quarters, there's a message for my family back on Chura Prime. It's not much, just saying goodbye, telling them how much I love them, that sort of stuff. I'd appreciate it if you could make sure they get it.

David *Over Comm*: No problem.

Mitchell: There's also a... huh, it's silly really...

*He removes a power regulator processor.*

There's a collection of engineering digests and manuals I've been working on. Should give some hints for the boys at Daros IX when they build the next Project: Drexler ships. Also has some help for anyone who tries to take up maintaining Matthew Neilson-Class ships.

David *Over Comm*: You got it.

Mitchell: And...

If you could maybe... get a channel to the Hood? My sister's there. If this is my overture...

David *Over Comm*: I'll look into it.

*Mitchell keeps working. As he removes the processors, the room gets warmer. 3 minutes later.*

Mitchell: Mitchell to Republic. Phew... it's getting warm in here.

I'm about to remove the last mass manipulator sub-processor.

*He starts to pull the crystal loose.*

Any luck getting through to the Hood?

*R.S.S. Republic, Bridge. David looks to the Ops Officer, who shakes his head in response.*

David: I'm sorry, James.

*Back on the relay.*

Mitchell: Then... one last thing to do.

Get out of here.

*He closes his eyes and pulls out the sub-processor. The Normandy, Venture and Republic fold-jump out as the Relay implodes behind them.*
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