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02-10-2013, 02:36 PM
Ooc: sorry was feeling bad all day.
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Originally Posted by logang19 View Post
Ooc: sorry was feeling bad all day.
OOC: Its ok man been having a Migraine all day.. I hope your feeling better soon.
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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
OOC: Its ok man been having a Migraine all day.. I hope your feeling better soon.
Ooc: kinda am ill post something here shortly for ky people.
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Hood stands aboard the bridge as he heads for the meeting coordinates.

Officer: sir I picked up the message from the empire about the change of power sir. And it isn't good.

Commander Sarah : sir its Preston. He's in control of the empire now.

Hood sighs : alright helm increase speed by 8 factors. I want us linked up with them soon. Have the fleet maintane speed and co to ie on corrdinates now.
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*Preston stands before the camera's of all the closed off networks as the media are filming and taking holo images of him. Stands there regal in his appearance and starts his speech with infectious charisma. He is no longer calling the Empire the Empire but reforming it into a Republic with his name on it. The council to be expanded, dire issues to be brought to him directly. Humanitarian aid to the Klingon sector to rebuild. Voluntary military enlistment for all who wish to join. As he ends his speech the people gives thunderous applause and toss flowers at his feet*

*James returns to his bed and cuddles Miranda closely so she is not feeling alone. He may not have much time left but he does want to live it happily.*

*Dorman sits in his quarters at his desk typing away at his own writings.. He stops and looks at the photograph of his long dead wife, his long dead friends..., everyone he knew maybe gone but he does not want this generation to lose all hope. *
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Admiral hood: commander you have the bridge.

Hood begins walking to his quarters. He sits down and relaxes as he pours himself a drink. He turns on hos monitor and watch's prestons speech. As he takes another drink.

Hood: well well well looks like this is going to be a long struggle.

He switches the screen back to an image of his wife who died years ago in an accident. It then goes to them both and there only child. Who was taken in by a friend after his wife's death. He never saw her again after that. He soon gets back up and heads toward stellar cartography.

Hood: lt. Cemi any updates.

Lt cemi : no sir nothing new to report here.

Hood : take a break lt ill stay here for awhile.

Hood looks at the hologram and switches so it takes up the whole room. He takes time to study the new borders and enemy formations.
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Figure I should do a bio on hood.

Name: Terrace Hood
Born : London England.
Age : 65
Rank: fleet admiral.

Hood began his career at Starfleet as soon as he was old enough. He grew up with his farther telling him about the shadow war. He distinguished himself early on in his career after the iconian attack on vulcan he was promotted to rear admiral. And only a few years after that was made a vice admiral. Now serving as a fleet admiral for the remaining federation forces under his command. He is a excellent strategist who has kept his fleet protected and dealt blows to the empire.
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*OOC: I am ready to do the time skip. As far as how long.. If we wanna head into the weekend as the conclusion we may want to make this a 3 year jump. As we have Ryan to wait on so I can wait. *
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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
*OOC: I am ready to do the time skip. As far as how long.. If we wanna head into the weekend as the conclusion we may want to make this a 3 year jump. As we have Ryan to wait on so I can wait. *
Ooc: I don't really care how long we go.
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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
*OOC: I am ready to do the time skip. As far as how long.. If we wanna head into the weekend as the conclusion we may want to make this a 3 year jump. As we have Ryan to wait on so I can wait. *
OOC: A couple things before we time-skip. Firstly, a little backstory on Forest.

Name: Neil Forest.

Place of Birth: Camp Khitomer City, Khitomer Colony, Republic Sector.

Date of Birth: November 4th, 2487 (Age: 40)

Occupation: Scientist (Radiologist. Leading mind in the effects of Zeta Radiation.)

Bio: In 2517, Dr. Forest was recruited by Starfleet to research Zeta Radiation. He quickly became the leading Scientist in that field and was involved in a romantic relationship with a colleague - Dr. Sarah McKenzie.

In 2523, he made a breakthrough that raised the possibility of using Zeta Radiation to cure several dozen incurable diseases, including Dalosian Plague, Matalian Fever, and Denver's Syndrome. All simulations an examinations proved promising, and human trials were authorised. Dr. Forest was unwilling to risk the experiment failing and killing the test subject, and as he had Tomalan Disease (one of the diseases that the treatment would theoretically cure), he tested the treatment on himself, with Dr. McKenzie supervising.

There was an accident. An explosion destroyed the lab and sent Zeta Radiation throughout Memory Alpha's East Wing before it was closed off. Over a third of the research staff were killed, and Dr. McKenzie entered a coma.

Forest was turned into a giant being of immense strength, capable of surviving impacts measuring over 10M Newtons of force, and a metabolism capable of healing almost any injury. However, the creature had almost no intelligence beyond language and instinct. It was also caused whenever his adrenaline rose beyond a certain point.

After 3 incidents, Dr. Forest's "Destroyer" fell off the radar until the Taras incident, when S.H.I.E.L.D. asked him for assistance in tracking down the Tesseract's Zeta Radiation signature. During these events, he demonstrated the ability to raise his adrenaline levels on command, essentially allowing him to control when a transformation takes place.

The rest you know.

*R.S.S. Republic, Guest Quarters. Forest is sitting at a desk, studying a paper on Metaphysics by Soran of Vulcan.

The Door chime rings.*

Forest: Come.

*Sam walks in.*

Captain, come in, please.

*Sam takes a seat across from him.*

What can I do for you?

Sam: I need to...

Your theories... on Zeta Radiation - would they work?

*Forest looks at her, confused.*

Forest: Theoretically. If we could find an ore strong enough to focus the radiation beam without causing an explosion, or... you know...

Why the sudden interest?

Sam: There's someone on the R.S.S. Chamberlain who's been diagnosed with Tarallan Disease. She's only got about 2 months left.

Forest: I sympathise Captain, I really do, but unless I can--

Sam: Neil, I know her. She's...

Her name is Dana Saph.

Forest: Saph?

As in Marilla Saph?

Sam: Dana was a friend of mine at school. She went to the Trillius Prime Science Institute around the same time I left for the Academy.

Forest: Now I remember.

*He presses a button on his screen and turns it to face Sam.*

Dana Tivan, author of "Trans-dimensional Physics and multi-universal relations". I can barely wrap my head around it, but it looks incredible.

Sam: Marilla Saph, my Great Grandmother, died a year ago. It was an emergency, and Dana was the only Trill available to take the Symbiont.

Forest: What about you? I read up on this - you're one-fifth Trill. You'd have been compatible.

Sam: I wasn't in the Sector at the time. Besides, there are strict rules about a family member becoming a host.

Forest: On a temporary basis? Your human physiology would have allowed you to survive separation.

Sam: Doctor... back on topic?

Forest: Right, sure.

Sam: There's someone in the Fleet who's willing to take the symbiont, but I want to explore all options before that happens.

Forest: Alright, I'll have a look at my notes and see what I can do.

*2 Weeks later. The Saratoga Fleet has met up with the main fleet. R.S.S. Republic Bridge.*

Forest: Captain?

*Sam and David turn in the Captain's and First Officer's chair to see Forest standing in the Turbolift.*

Can I speak with you, in private?

Sam: Of course.

*Sam and Forest walk into the Ready Room.*

Forest: I have some good news, and some bad news.

The good news is that I can do it. I'll need about a kilogram of Refined Neutronium, but I can do it.

Sam: And the bad news?

Forest: The process will cure Dana, but the Symbiont will be killed.

*Sam looks away.*

Sam: Dammit! If the Symbiont's at risk, they won't go for it.

Forest: I know, but there is another option.

After the treatment, her body will return to normal. After that, the symbiont can be reinserted.

Sam: Forest, neither of them can live for long without--

Forest: Dana will survive long enough to do the procedure.

Sam: But Saph--

Forest: Will need a host.

Sam: Right! And that means--

Forest: You're compatible, remember?

You can survive being separated from the Symbiont.

Sam: What are the risks to Dana?

Forest: I can't afford any slip-ups during the treatment. That means no power failures, no turbulence - nothing that could interrupt the Zeta Beam.

Sam: So somewhere other than a Starship?

Forest: Exactly.

Sam: No problem. I'll have the Republic beam her aboard and Fold-jump to our Medical Base in the Delta Quadrant.

Forest: Sam, I think you should know that Dana and Saph aren't the only ones at risk here.

In practice, you'll definitely be biologically compatible. On paper, you'll survive separation.

Sam: "On paper"?

Forest: This has never been attempted before. There ARE Trill-human hybrids who have been joined successfully, but whenever they've been separated it was either upon death or near-death.

Sam: So...

Forest: We have no historical baseline to go by.

Sam: But she'll definitely die if I don't?

Forest: Certainly.

Sam: Fine, I'll do it.

Forest: There's another thing.


Even if this works, and you're bonded with Saph, there is NO guarantee that this is going to be safe. The symbiont could reject you. You'll survive long enough for Saph to be returned to Dana's body, but it will be EXTREMELY painful for you.

Sam: How painful?

Forest: Effects include extreme hallucinations, the memories of previous hosts merging with your own uncontrollably, total synaptic shutdown... and death.

Sam: Understood.

I assume there are precautions in place should that happen?

Forest: At the first sign of synaptic failure, we'll return the symbiont to Dana after surgery.

If it happens before then, we'll have to pray Saph can hold on until the treatment is complete.

Sam: If that is the case, I want one thing made clear; you wait until the last possible moment before removing the symbiont.

Forest: By then it could be too late.

Sam: Doctor, I will put my life on the line to cure Dana. That includes saving the symbiont.

If Saph dies, Dana will die as well, correct?

Forest: Unless a new symbiont is found in time, yes.

Sam: Then that's that.

Bridge, contact the R.S.S. Chamberlain. Tell them we'll be taking Dr. Dana Saph to Starbase 19.

Forest: I've already talked to Dr. Andrews. He feels he can perform the Symbiont transfer.

Sam: Alright. We'll leave in a few minutes.

*OOC: Don't worry, this won't take long, but I won't close it off today.*

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