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Originally Posted by logang19 View Post
Jacob sits in his ready room while he waits for the report on the computer attack. A small hologram appears on the table. Wearing a old fighter pilot uniform.

John: admiral i think I found what happened.
Lt. Cora: Admiral Ensign Jefferson is missing as well
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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
Lt. Cora: Admiral Ensign Jefferson is missing as well
Jacob: damn lt where was his last known position.

Jacob rubs out the door as his armor activates around him.
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Originally Posted by logang19 View Post
Jacob: damn lt where was his last known position.

Jacob rubs out the door as his armor activates around him.
Cora: He was last seen on deck 40 section 12
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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
Cora: He was last seen on deck 40 section 12
Jacob: inform security to seal of the area. No one goes in. I'm entering that section now. Seal it off seal all bulkheads around there.
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Jacob slowly walks through the corridor arm raised weapon mount primed. These corridors are dark and messy. After recent events and the rushed construction of this sector it makes it a dangerous place.

Slowly he walks through the hallways checking each room he walks by.

Roland ( yes he is back in the this suit. ) sir I just went through all the ships security systems. And I don't have good news. We found the officers body and I alerted security. But the bad news he's been at least a few days if not a week.

Jacob: then who was living as the ensign.
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OOC: Gonna give the run down on Face dancer 's

Average height: 6'2

Skin: Grey

Hair color: white

Facial features: Black beady eyes, long puggish nose, and filed down teeth.

Abilities: Amplified strength, absorbs DNA and proceeds to kill the subject being copied, Merciless, Hive mind, Remembers victims memories, change their DNA to match and bypass biometrics, Telepaths cannot tell the difference, brutal, reflexes on par with an augment even surpass them, can change forms on a whim.

There is a way to detect them but I will reveal it when the time is right as Sam 2 by now will know.. I wanna keep the atmosphere of fear and uncertainty..
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Jacob slowly continues searching the deck. Weapons armed and at the ready. He takes no chances.

Roland: I am not picking up anyone on your sensors.

Jacob: that's what I'm afraid of.
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*Commander Kar'goth is in his quarters on a different deck further up as he is on his edge... who ever this freak is *

*Kar'goth goes to his sink and washes his face... something moves closer behind him and makes its jump and rips his throat out and within in minutes is in a new form

Kar'goth washes his hands off and opens the tube and stuffs the corpse into an ventilator shaft...*

Kar'goth: * Calmly walks to the bridge*

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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
James: My worry is that she will tire... They are quite powerful and there is a problem T'mar at some point in time will need to make sure that they can assert their personalities... What ever that substance was awakened a lot more than them but every ancestor in their genetics...

As for those concerns, I understand... But I do think it is wild thoughts and fears..

What I am here for is what I saw... before I woke up...

about that said Ensign... you might want to check the starboard jefferies tube 310 Deck 10 in a compartment. That is only one thing I saw... I will tell you the rest of what I saw.
Sam: Allington to Security, check Deck 10, Jefferies Tube 310.

Go o--

Lopez *Over comm*: Captain, this is Ensign Lopez.

Sam: Go ahead, ensign.

Lopez *Over comm*: Sir, someone just tripped a Security Alert on Deck 5.

Sam: Deck 5? That's Sickbay!

Lopez *Over comm*: I've got Security surrounding the area, and I've locked down Deck 5 except for Turbo 1, which I've locked to the Bridge.

Sam: Understood.

Sound General Quarters!

*The Red Alert Klaxon sounds.

Sickbay. T'mar looks up when she hears the Alarm. She turns to the kids.*

T'mar *telepathically to the kids*: It'll be okay.

Sam *Over comm*: All hands, Intruder Alert! We have unauthorised Personnel on Deck 5. Repeat, Intruder Alert!

*T'mar taps her combadge.*

T'mar: T'mar to Security, report.

Lopez *Over comm*: Someone tripped a Security Alert in your Section, Lieutenant. Security Teams are already en route.

T'mar: understood. T'mar out.

*She walks over to the weapons locker and takes out 2 Type 2 Phaser Pistols, handing one to Andrews, who resists.*

I think you'd better...

Andrews: I took an oath as a Doctor to do no harm.

T'mar: That's why there's a stun setting.

Take it.

*Andrews takes the pistol and holsters it at his waist. T'mar does the same with hers before walking into the corridor. She sees 2 Security Officers run over to her.*

Security 1: Lieutenant!

T'mar: Don't let anyone through those doors without authorisation from me, Doctor Andrews, or the Bridge.

Security 2: Understood.

*T'mar nods before taking her tricorder and activating it's holo-display. She also taps her combadge.*

T'mar: Security, this is Lieutenant T'mar. Requesting directions to the Security Alert.

Lopez *Over comm*: Corridor 1, Section Alpha.

T'mar: Understood.

*She walks a few feet before kneeling and scanning for DNA signatures. She filters out those of the crew, and finds nothing.*


*She opens her mind, filtering out the noise of the crew and the kids, and again, nothing. She puts the telepathic screen back up.*

T'mar to Lopez, are you sure someone came through here?

Lopez *Over comm*: Confirmed. We just had another Alert in Section Bravo.

T'mar: On it.

*She runs to the next sensor an sees an open access panel. She walks over and moves the panel to the side, showing that it leads into the ship's superstructure.*


T'mar to all points! The intruder is in the superstructure! Repeat; intruder is in the superstructure!

Lopez *Over comm*: Intruder alert on Deck 12, Jefferies Tube 7a!

Sam *Over comm*: Stand down on 7a alert. I've got him. Configure sensors to recognise O.S.S. Agent Michael Hawk as Authorised Personnel.

Lopez *Over comm*: Power drain on Deck 6, just of Corridor 1 Section Bravo!

T'mar: Lock down all decks! Authorisation T'mar Alpha-1-1-Daystar-2-7!

*An alarm goes off signalling a complete ship-wide Lockdown.

Main Engineering. The Doors are sealed and protected by Forcefields. The Warp Core and Subspace Coil are protected by large metal plates moving out of the deck (and ceiling in the Warp Core's case.) to shield them. Forcefields then activate around them.

All Jefferies Tubes are locked. All doors on every deck are locked, Security Forcefields are engaged at every junction, and Blast Doors seal off Engineering, Deflector Control, Security, the Brig, the Shuttlebay, and the Torpedo Bays and Energy Weapon Control and Maintenance Stations.*

Computer: All decks are at Level 1 Lockdown. This is not a drill.

T'mar: I want Armed Security at every Access Panel to the superstructure on this ship, now!

Mitchell *Over comm*: Mitchell to T'mar! Lieutenant, do you have any idea how many of the access points are ON this ship?! It'll take hours to post guards at all of them!

T'mar: It'll be quicker if you post Engineering Officers on the affected decks, Commander, and I want them armed.

Mitchell *Over comm*: Now wait just a--!

Sam *Over comm*: Regulations, Commander. In a Security Crisis, she outranks everyone but Commander Santiago and myself.

All hands, return to your stations, or your quarters, save Operations Personnel. Report to your Department Heads for assignments.

*Deck 12, Jefferies Tube. Sam looks at Hawk, who clearly wasn't supposed to be there, if the Republic Assault Ops Stealth Armour was any indication.*

Sam: Let's hear it.

Hawk: Sam, come on. It's me.

Sam: I have half a mind to drag you to the Brig myself!

Hawk: I'm here on orders from the Office of State Security, Sam.

Sam: What orders?

Hawk: I'm hunting down a fugitive, who boarded your vessel while you were at the 2nd Fleet Rendezvous.

Sam: Who is he?

Hawk: SHE is called 'Daro Jenn'.

Sam: I've heard of her. She's a Bajoran Terrorist - the orchestrator of the Solais Crisis. There's also evidence that she may have been involved in the Bajoran Revolt 5 years ago.

Hawk: Glad you remember her, 'cause she remembers us.

Sam: How's she masking her Life Signs?

Hawk: With this.

*He produces a PADD and activates the holo-display, showing a hologram of an experimental bio-cloak device.*

Sam: The Bio-cloak? That's still in testing.

Hawk: And is dangerous after prolonged use. It also emits a low-band subspace signal that--

Sam: Allington to Bridge! Is the Titan done with the Satellites yet?

David *Over comm*: They just finished.

Sam: Order all ships to Fold-jump to DS61! NOW!

Hawk: Sam, if we dock with the station, she'll be aboard a facility with over 3000 Civilians on board!

Sam: We won't dock with the Station.

Allington to Shuttlebay. Lock down all Shuttlecraft.

Allington to Security. I want a full Security Team posted at Transporter Room 1.

Engineering, bring Transporter Room 1 back online at standby power. No beam-outs without my authorisation.

Hawk: Thank you.

Sam: What does she want?

Hawk: My guess would be that she wants to blow you up.

Sam: How? We've locked down the Warp Core and Fusion Reactors. The only thing powerful enough to...

The MAMs.

Allington to--

Hawk: Sam, relax. Daro doesn't have the tools to get past the MAMs' safeties. I don't know how she inteds to do it now that we've got your ship locked down, but I'm sure she'll find a way.
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*On the Roosevelt a commander walks into the ship's communal toilet room.*

Devwa: nearly 5 years... sheesh what a period of time to come into...

*The air vent opens slightly as the Commander is using the facilities not noticing...*

Devwa: What is next? The Iconians invading?

*A set of arms come down and snap the Commander's neck 180* degrees and pulls him up into the air vent... as the toilet flushes and the Commander comes down and shuts the vent closed.*

*A wicked grin on his face as he leaves a look of normalcy.*

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