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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
Tomalk: Also they are going to Captain Ryan at Deep Space 61 which makes things very difficult. I am also afraid that Killing Ross might not do the job. There are more Admirals in Starfleet that are like him. The only way I can imagine to bag him and these Admirals is at the Khitomer Conference in 3 weeks. All of the galaxy's major powers are going to be present as well as Starfleet Admiralty.

I wonder a personal question Rommel?
Yes that might work your question?
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Originally Posted by logang19 View Post
Yes that might work your question?
I am curious as to why you want to avoid harming the USS Odyssey. Is it out of respect to Decanus of Borg? Or do you hate him for not coming back in time to stop Northman?
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Tomalk: Taking Dorman should be easy.. Also what are you going to do with the young Ensign?
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For the ship put it i have reasons i want my medical team to look at the ensigns dna.
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For the ship lets say i want to give its capt a chance to choose sides when the time comes. As for the ensign being able to study his dna and the mutation will better help me be able to battle these mutans. Also i want you to put a team together for the khitomer accords.
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Originally Posted by logang19 View Post
For the ship lets say i want to give its capt a chance to choose sides when the time comes. As for the ensign being able to study his dna and the mutation will better help me be able to battle these mutans. Also i want you to put a team together for the khitomer accords.
Tomalk: Rommel... I have already set men on the task. Both tasks as a matter in fact. Mmm. The Ensign isn't quite the normal mutant... As you can see he wasn't affected by the particles during the Dark Day. But his body is nonetheless producing Omega particles and his powers are growing...

Well. Since you are no doubt busy I will take my leave. I have things I need to attend, I will be back when I have the Ensign. Good day Admiral Rommel.
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*USS Odyssey*

Ensign Dorman: So I am going to be held in protective custody....

Twimelek: Yes, you might now be the target for continued attacks so you will be held here until it is safe.

Dorman: Damn...
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Rommel sits back in his chair after his number one agent leaves. He knows this doreman is no regular mutant. And this is what concerns him. The khitomer accoords is a major operation one he had hoped having to avoid taking. He sits and pulls out a glass and some romulan ale. He sips the drink slowly as his mind works. He uses his borg implants to quickly check the ships systems and sensors. He knows that his agents are good but he also knows people can make mkstakes. Which is why he is very diligint in finding the right people. Now he can only wait to receive news of the ensigns capture.
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Rommel sits in his ready room. His mind wanders back. He thinks of the allen he knew then him being assimilated the rescue and his end. He then thinks of northman and his people. His body tells him he needs to rest but he ignores it. He has to much at stake right now.

" allen if you where here you would tell me to think the best of people. But i dont. I know more people will use there new abilities like mitchil and northman then they will like you did. So i will stop it no matter the cost and no one is going to stop me."

He goes over the ship one more time before getting some much needed rest.
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*Deep Space 9, now fully repaired and operational. Agent Danford's ship docks at Bay 4 and he makes his way to Cargo Bay 14.*

*Cargo Bay 14, mostly empty. Next to the Cargo Transporter is a man in a black jacket and trousers. Franklin Drake.*

Danford: I have the data.

Drake: What about the Agent?

Danford: Dead. *hands over data-rod* I've already decrypted it.

Drake: Have you read any of the data?

Danford: No.

Drake: Very well. Goodbye Danford.

*Danford leaves the room. Drake takes out a data-rod adapter and places it over the Cardassian Data-rod interface. He then inserts the Federation Data-rod. He quickly reads over the mission data.*

Drake: Cr*p! Drake to Obsidian. One to beam over and set course for DS-61, maximum warp!

*A cloaked shuttle warps out of the area at full speed*

*Deep Space 61, Captain's Office. Ryan is speaking to Federation Councillor Faye of Betazed over a secure subspace channel*

Ryan: I'm not sure how smart it is placing so many "new-type" Admirals in one place, Councillor.

Faye: Forgive me for saying so, Captain, but you sound "afraid" of them.

Ryan: Not "of" them, for them. Vega Colony is in heavy riots over the awakening. Over 50 people who've evolved have been killed already.

Faye: An isolated incident!

Ryan: *Presses key on his comm unit, showing images of riots in San Francisco, Paris, New Delhi, Shikaar Province on Bajor, ShiKahr City on Vulcan, Starbase 222, and Dagos Prime.* You call that isolated? Yes, I still get FNN out here.

Faye: This is a high-profile conference at Khitomer. It'll have top security.

Ryan: You can't even keep the violence on Earth under control! EARTH of all places! If you can't keep "paradise" from descending into chaos, how am I supposed to believe you can keep Khitomer's security tight enough?!

Faye: Listen, Captain. You are NOT Starfleet anymore. You can't dictate to me how to run--

Ryan: I'm also the Governor of one of the parties attending the conference. Not to mention Pesident Okeg's advisor on the Awakening. You know what could happen if 7 awakened Admirals, all high profile, are assassinated at the largest peace gathering in 100 years! It could start a chain reaction that could start another Civil War!

Faye: I fail to see how that's your problem.

Ryan: It's my problem because I'm human, born in the Federation, and my sister's a Starfleet officer. And you should be considering what might happen if your "sufficient" security measures aren't enough! The Klingons and Cardassians have both requested that you either allow them to increase their own maximum security detachments, or increase the Federation's active detachment to maximum!

Faye: It's called "politics".

Ryan: No, it's called "bureaucracy" and "incompetence"!

Faye: I don't appreciate being called "incompetent" Captain.

Ryan: And I don't appreciate you ignoring a flashpoint situation! Now, either you put on more security for the Federation side of the Conference, or I pull my security teams off Celes Prime.

Faye: You wouldn't.

Ryan: Federation World, Federation Security responsibility.

*Faye cuts the transmission. Ryan rests his face in his palm out of exasperation (i.e. facepalms) as a figure appears behind him, Siraga*

Ryan: I hate politics.

Siraga: One wonders how your kind survived all these centuries adhering to them.

Ryan: *Laughs* We manage, somehow. What do you think?

Siraga: This may be a major point in Galactic affairs. Those Admirals should be removed from the conference for their own safety.

Ryan: They can't. They're going by Presidential Order and the request of the Klingon and Romulan Governments. The Federation's downplaying the events at home as "minor", but, this is a powder keg. And, I can't help thinking that the match is gonna fall at Khitomer.

Siraga: How is your Trill friend?

Ryan: Fine.

Siraga: And you?

Ryan: She's dying. And there's nothing I can do about it.

Siraga: You're handling it better than I did.

Ryan: What?

Siraga: When my partner died, it was 1000 years ago, I was in pieces, my life destroyed. She died of an illness, similar to your Cancers, one stellar cycle after we learned of her fate.

Ryan: How did you move on?

Siraga: I haven't. Each day I wonder where she is, in that split-moment between slumber and waking. Sometimes, I turn to speak to her, and she's not there, but I don't know why she's not, then I remember. I had no-one to comfort me. My people had fallen from grace and the Veil Guardians began to leave this Galaxy's Corner of the Veil. Even the Shedai Sentinel left and fell into slumber, until Logan woke it up. Me, the Sinclaire Sentinel, and Allen's essence, we're the last Veil guardians. And, when I pass on, Sinclaire and Allen will be all that remains.

Ryan: How old are you? I mean, the Iconians vanished from our Galaxy 500,000 years ago.

Siraga: We were attacked because of our abilities and knowledge. Fear. Our attackers drove us out because of fear. We became nomads. Wandered the Galaxy for a new home. Several of us took solitude in the Veil, becoming some of it's newest Iconian Guardians. Over the following millennia, our companions left the Veil to meet up with our Brethren in a new Galaxy, but, Shyar and I stayed behind, not recognising the new Iconian Order as the one we left behind.

Ryan: You haven't answered my question. You must be at least 500,000 years old.

Siraga: Even older. The Veil prolongs my life so I may continue to protect reality.

Ryan: That's virtual immortality!

Siraga: Not quite immortality. I can grew ill and die, become injured and die, and, if I remain out of contact with the Veil for too long, I live a lifetime, and die. I can even sacrifice my prolongation by restoring life to a humanoid.

Ryan: You can't give life to other forms of creature?

Siraga: No, I can do that. Animals, I can restore life to at the expense of contact with the rift for several hours.

Ryan: What about Trillian Symbionts?

Siraga: I'm unsure. It would depend on the health of the Host, if it had one, how long the Symbiont had been dead, or how close it was to death... It should be possible, though.

Ryan: If you don't want to do it--

Siraga: No, please. Allow me to help one more person. It's been 1,000 years since I saw two people happy together.

Ryan: I won't ask you to give your life for someone else's. That's not fair.

Siraga: But, if I'm right, I wouldn't have to sacrifice my life. I shall return shortly! *With that, Siraga vanishes*

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