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*OOC: To at least move this along *

*Allen takes to Holtz who is working on creating an antidote for the Spice addiction but is failing everytime as there is something that goes wrong.*

Allen: You know Holtz your going to be needed pretty soon in something greater than this..

Holtz: Oh.. How did you get in here...

Allen: *Looks at Holtz his hair frizzed and wild as a bit unbathed and smells like it too.* My my... Been at work long?

Holtz: Several days.. Just something about this damn compound just makes it difficult for me to synthesize an antidote for the withdrawal symptoms...

Allen: Sir You need to go with the task force...
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*R.A.S. Victory and R.A.S. Albion, near the Shoal Zone.

The R.A.S. Victory and R.A.S. Albion are Victory-Class Ground Attack Cruisers; Assault Vessels designed specifically for the Republic Naval Assault Operations Branch. They are designed to be capable of sustained flight in a planet's upper-atmosphere while under fire and are capable of defending themselves in space combat far greater than their MACO counterparts.

They are armed with 4 rotary Zero-Point Dual Cannon mounts on either side with heavy anti-fighter weaponry as well as torpedo launchers directed ventrally for Orbital Strike capacity.

However, their main function is to carry Assault Ops units into a Planet's atmosphere, where heavy warships cannot follow, and deploy Assault Craft to drop the Assault Ops into a Combat Zone. As such, the majority of the Vessel is designed for Troop Transport and Deployment, with a large Medical Section and a Cargo Bay sufficient for setting up a preliminary supply line.

It does however have a massive Shuttle Bay, capable of launching 50 Goliath-Class Assault Craft at a time. The Bay is positioned on the Belly of the craft, with the idea being to "drop" the craft into the atmosphere and letting them proceed to their targets from there.

The Victory-Class is capable of carrying 2 Companies of Troops (400 men) plus an operational crew of 400, bringing its total crew complement prior to an operation up to approx 800. It is very unusual to ever see a Victory-Class operating on its on, and they usually travel in groups of 5, to bring a full battalion into combat.

The Goliath-Class Assault Craft has been the staple Ground Attack Craft of the Republic Naval Marine Corps and Assault Operations since the 2480s, being continuously updated for frontline use in the modern theatre.

The Victory-Class generally operates 3 variants of the Republic GA-10G Goliath, the 7th iteration of the craft:

The GA-10G/T: Designed to carry a full squad into combat safely, with space for all 10 squad members plus a crew of 5 (1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, 1 engineer and 2 gunners). The GA-10G/T has 2 rotary Phaser Gatling turrets mounted on either side as well as a Phaser Cannon mounted facing forward for close air-support. It can also be quickly adapted to carry supplies into the combat zone under fire at short notice.

The GA-10G/V: Designed to carry a full squad into combat, plus an ATAV (All-Terrain Assault Vehicle) carried in a vehicle bay underneath. This variant does not have the weapons the GA-10G/T has, but has greater armour to compensate. This makes the G/V much slower than her cousins due to weight, but the ability to drop a ground transport and support vehicle as fast as the ATAV in a short space of time is considered worth the loss of time.

The GA-10G/M: Designed to fill the MedEvac role, it has space for the standard crew and turrets, plus 4 medics, but due to the medical equipment, can only carry 2 injured personnel out of the combat zone. For this reason, Assault Ops squads are always trained in Combat First Aid, with a Medic trained in Combat Surgery.

All these vehicles are also operated by the RNMC (Republic Navy Marine Corps), and are capable of long-distance space travel.

During Operations, these units are almost always accompanied by a fighter escort.

R.A.S. Victory, Operation Command. This part of the ship is used by Company Captains to brief Platoon leaders on a situation for the Operation. Here, the 5 Commanding Officers of Wolf Company's 1st Platoon's squads are being briefed by Captain Bradley "Rex" Fordo; Wolf Company's Commanding Officer.*

Rex: Alright people, it's -12 Zero-Hour for Operation: Firebird's first phase.

Operation: Firebird is the Republic military response to the Kar'moon Alliance's takeover of the Government on Torvak VIII in the Shoal Zone. The planet has been turned into a fortress and Military Command believes it's only a matter of time before the Alliance uses it as a staging point to attack multiple targets within Republic Space, including Deep Space 61. The Operation is being undertaken by us - the 212th Assault Ops Battalion - the 73rd Division of the Republic Navy Marine Corps, and the 3rd and 4th Fleets.

Phase 1 will involve the 3rd Fleet securing a corridor to Torvak VIII that we can use to insert into the planet's atmosphere. From there, Wolf Company will deploy into Tormara City - the South-Eastern Regional Capital - and secure key points within the City until the Marines arrive in Phase 2.

Meanwhile, Shark Company will be securing several Supply Bases across the region.

Phase 2 begins once Wolf Company has secured 2 of 5 objectives within the city - codenamed Alpha and Delta.

Sergeant Delvientos, Sabre Squad, step forward.

*Scorch steps forward.*

Your squad will be in charge of securing Objective Delta. It's a tall skyscraper used as a network broadcasting tower. We're going to use it to establish secure communication between the planet surface and Victory. You must secure the entire building and ensure it remains intact until the Marines arrive.

Scorch: Understood.

Rex: Rapier and Gladiator Squads, we'll be securing Objective Alpha. It's the city's Space Port, so it's crucial we secure it to allow the rest of Wolfhound Battalion to land here if needed. We also need it to allow supply drops within the city as well as safe MedEvac.

Rapier, I'll be going with you on this one.

Valor and Gallant Squads, you'll be on reserve in case we take casualties.

Phase 2 will be the Marine Offensive. Once we reach this stage, the Operation is in full swing. The 4th Fleet will come in with the Marines to take out the last of the Alliance Space forces.

After we've secured a beach head around Tormara Province, the rest of the Operation will consist of taking the Planetary Capital.

For Phase 1, we will be receiving Fighter Assistance from the R.S.S. Illustrious. She'll be donating 2 Wings of 5 Raptor-Class Interceptors for aerial interception; Callsign: Lightning 1 and Lightning 2. Lightning 1 will be watching our backs, with Lightning 2 supporting Shark Company.

If you get suppressed by enemy air cover, call in Lightning 1-1. He'll bring his wing in for immediate attack.

We're also getting 4 wings of 3 Icarus-Class Close Support fighters. They're equipped to handle anything the Alliance can throw at you. Callsigns: Thunder 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Thunders 2 and 4 will be watching our back, with 1 and 3 watching Shark. Note that Thunder will need to rearm, and will be unable to provide continuous support.

You will be dropping in from high altitudes to avoid our transports being shot down. You'll decelerate using Jump-packs. You've got complete packets on your individual objectives including when to start your deceleration.

Our transports will be Callsign: Wolfhound. Wolfhound 1 will be us. Wolfhound 2 will be the Sharks. Wolfhound 1-1 is Rapier Squad, 1-2 - Gladiator, 1-3 - Sabre, 1-4 - Valor, and 1-5 - Gallant.

Note that we will have 2 Frigates in geosynchronous orbit over both Wolf and Shark Companies; Callsign Guardian 1-1 and Guardian 1-2 respectively. R.A.S. Victory will be Citadel 1. R.A.S. Anton is carrying Warrigul and Sabretooth Companies and will be Citadel 2, and so forth. Just remember your relevant callsigns.

Any questions?

All but Scorch, dismissed. See you when we drop Wolfhounds.

*Everyone but Scorch and Rex leave.*

Scorch: Sir?

Rex: I don't need to tell you how important Delta is to this operation. This is going to be Sabre Squad's first operation together in Wolfhound. Do ya think you're ready?

Scorch: In my experience, sir, you can never be "ready" for real combat. But, we've been training together for months. There's definitely a bond between everyone in the squad, Rex.

Rex: Good. Remember, don't leave anyone behind.

Scorch: "Minimum casualties, maximum effectiveness!"

Rex: Amen to that! Get your squad briefed. We're dropping in minus 13 hours.

*OOC: Going offline for 12 hours. See ya tomorrow.*
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Tal walks out of the room as metran watchs Cole leave as he follows.

Cole: serina recall all ground teams we are moving out.

Serina: recalling ground teams aye sir.

Officer: sir Forge is requesting wether or not to transfer all the forerunner tech and weapons aboard.

Cole: i want all we can get aboard. We will be leaving in two hours though so thats his time frame.

Officer: yes sir
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Cole turning in his bridge chair looks at the holo display in from of him

Cole: serina status?

Serina: all ground forces are aboard and we have most of the forerunner tech and library files.

Cole: very good serina set course for sector 78950.09-498

Serina: sir that takes us withing the former dark nebula known to house still ac tive inssurection groups.

Cole: i know serina we are meeting up with battle groups delta alpha and omega we are going to take the bases and supplies there before we split up again.

Serina: i thought those battle groups

Cole: dont believe everything that your sensors tell you serina. Those battle groups where resevered during the covenant war and placed in a secure locations incase of emregency.

Serina: admiral i am picking up a slipspace rupture appears to be covenant in origin.

Cole: battle stations just in case they didnt come to talk.

Two large covenant super cruisers flank a covenant assault carrier

Serina: admiral we are being hailed.

Cole: on screen

A covenant Elite in gold and black armor appears

Thel'Rasmme: UNSC vessel this is the covenant battle group High Charity we have come to assist you in your struggle

Cole: not to ask questions ship master but does the covenant council approve of this.

Thel'Rasmme: laughs we do what we think is right if the council disagrees they would be suicidal to think of doing anything against us.

Cole: well then would you like to come aboard to discuss our next operation

Thel'Rasmme: i would be honored
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Cole and thel' vadmme walk out of Coles ready room.

Vadmme : a good plan. We will deal with swiftly.

Cole: with your support yes yes we will.

Vadmme: I will return to my ship and prepare for our part.

Cole: very well. We will leave in 4 hours.

Cole watchs as vadmme leaves.

Cole sits down in his chair.

Cole: helm run diagnostics on all computer systems operations run a system check on all systems. If we are going in I want to make sure all system are up and running.
" great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame"
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*Operation: Firebird.

Solais V, 4th Fleet rendezvous. Zero Hour -5. The R.S.S. Republic arrives as several Troop Transports can be seen as well as 15 Carriers, 30 Titan-Class Battlecruisers, and 2 other Matthew Nielson-Class Battlecruisers - the R.S.S. Commonwealth and the R.S.S. Churchill.

The 3rd Fleet has already departed to rendezvous with the 212th Battalion at Point Avalanche - 10LY from the Torvak System.

R.S.S. Republic, Situation Room. Sam, David, Dana, T'mar, Mitchell, Andrews and James are all present.*

Sam: Okay, I've spoken with Admiral Reynolds. I've been reactivated within the Republic Navy and have been placed in Command of the Republic.

David: What about Captain Forrester?

Sam: The R.S.S. Churchill was rushed into service. Before she left Androsa Fleetyards, the engineers had to remove her Energy Emmissive Armour, which had only been half mounted and no where near operational, as well as leave 20 MAMs un-installed. She's also manned barely above operational limits. Command wanted someone who knew the Matthew Neilson-Class to get her ready for combat, and to select crew from the other ships in the Fleet to augment her own up to optimal levels.

What I am about to tell you has been classified by Republic Beta Quadrant Military Command at level 5 - yadda, yadda, yadda... You know the drill.

*She presses a control and a hologram of Torvak VIII appears above the centre of the table.*

I take it you saw the news about Torvak VIII last week?

David: Yeah. Didn't they suffer a military coup?

Dana: Hold on, for those of us who have no idea what this planet is...

Sam: Right.

Torvak VIII became Warp-Capable 12 years ago, but a stable world government was only reached 8 years ago. Torvak is incredibly new to the Galactic Political Stage, and after Republic recommendations, the Federation agreed to not attempt to approach with the offer of membership until the situation was more stable.

Biologically and physically, Torvakans are very similar to Orions, though the males are much weaker. The Torvakans are dissimilar to the Orions in the sense that the society is democratic, with neither males nor females being dominant, and that females do not have the same seductive qualities that Orions do.

Culturally, the society is similar to mid-21st Century Earth. The Military is armed with thermonuclear weapons of mass destruction, but the most advanced small arms are low-power lasers and ballistic weapons. They have no armed starships.

The details on what triggered the coup are still unclear. What we do know is that a thermonuclear device destroyed the planet's major energy production centre in the asteroid belt. The planet's own natural resources will only sustain it for 20 years.

David: Sounds like someone felt that the President's own measures were insufficient.

Sam: The military seized power and placed the planet under martial law while the Torvakans approached the Kar'moon Alliance for support.

Meanwhile, surviving loyalists sent out a message to the Republic for assistance.

David: I thought we didn't involve ourselves in another government's internal affairs?

T'mar: Er... the Romulan Civil War?

David: That was different and you know it. We had a Mutual Defence Treaty with the Romulan Government and the rebels had attacked us as well.

Sam: The Torvakan situation is already being hit by outside influence. Convention 12 doesn't apply. Besides, we have been directly asked for assistance with the Alliance from the President of the legally appointed Government, and Torvak is within striking range of 10 Republic Commercial Ports and over a dozen trade routes. We can't ignore it.

Dana: The Kar'moon Alliance has demonstrated that they are more than willing to relentlessly assault civilian targets. We can't let them take that system.

Sam: Exactly. Besides, the Republic has been pretty inactive militarily and a lot of powers are questioning whether we have the military to defend both future holdings in Pegasus and the Milky Way.

T'mar: You're kidding me right?

Andrews: Since when have we been in the business of sabre rattling?

Sam: Take a look outside the trenches people. The Romulan Republic has gone silent and cut off diplomatic ties to the rest of the Galaxy. There are rumours of a revolution within and reconnaissance confirms some sort of military build-up.

It's only been a year since the holocaust and most of Romulus' Energy Production Centres are gone. They need to expand to survive. We've already received confirmed reports of Remans fleeing their own Republic and trying to make it to Federation Space.

The Romulans know that there is a massive edge to holding the areas along the Shoal Zone, and that's energy. 40% of the Republic's trade income is from supporting Energy Production Centres within neighbouring smaller powers by selling the fuel to them cheaply.

The area is also littered with dozens of Republic colonies and member-worlds.

The Dilithium and Deuterium Mines along the Shoal alone could sustain the Romulan Republic for decades. Now add on the trilithium and decalithium mines. Now the kalanium.

The Government wants to ensure that the Romulans do not try to invade Republic Space, and showing our continued devotion to potential allies along our borders seems like the best way.
The Game of Houses (A Klingon fan-fic)

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Jacob: so lenox anything.

Lenox: no but there is some very interesting stuff going on.

Jacob: well let's stay on standby in case the republic needs support.
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Jacob: Roland set our status to active on republic comms. That way they can call if they get in a tight spot.

Roland: aye sir setting now.
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Cole is sitting in his chair getting ready to speak when the alarm sounds again

Cole: report!

Officer: sir im detecting 18 insurectionist rebels coming out of slipspace there weapons are armed and there shields are up.

Cole: prep all weapons bays put all auxillary power to shields. Serina have the covenant left yet.

Serina: yes sir they left shortly after the ship master returned to his vessel. I would assume from the comm traffic that he met up with a second battle group to take that base for us.

Cole: get the battle group in attack pattern arcadia alpha

Serina: aye sir. Should i point out that we are outnumbered here. By about 8 ships.

Cole: we can deal with them serina the things i want to know is how did they find us.

Officer: sir they have launched fighters. Weapon systems are online sir the battle group is ready.

Cole: launch fighter squad epsilon have them deal with the enemy fighters we will engage the enemy capital ship directly. Have the rest of the battle group engage there frigates and destroyers.

Serina: aye sir the battle group is moving into position now. We are now within weapons range and they are firing.

The infinity rocks as it is hit by the first shots but her shields hold strong. The rest of the battle group begins to engage the rest of the enemy ships. The infinity lets off a volley next scoring a hit with the enemy command ship.The two continue firing on each other with the infinity clearly having the upper hand. Soon 3 of the enemy destroyers break off and make an attack run on the infinity.

Serina: Sir enemy ships bearing mark 4890-9

Cole: brace for impact!

The destroyers let off a heavy barrage at almost point blank range overloading the shields of the infinity as consoles explode all over the bridge many officers are thrown from there chairs as is cole.

Cole picks himself off the ground blood running from a cut on his head as sparks are still coming out of many of the consoles.

Cole: report!

Officer: sir shields are gone PAC gun is offline and we have lost the ftl drive for now. The rest of the battle group is occupying the rest of the enemy forces but that command ship is preparing to make another run.

Cole: get ready to fire all the forward phased gauss canons. Then follow up with a torpedo slavo.

Officer: aye sir

Serina: sir the ship is already damaged with that attack run i cant say how damaged it will become.

Cole: we have to take the risk serina helm engage.

The two ships come at each other again as the infinity is hit heavily with enemy fire she fires all her forward weapons crippling the enemy ship as she banks away she fires torpedoes at the enemy command ship destroying it. The rest of the enemy forces quickly leave.

Cole: report

Serina: PAC guns are offline as are shields we have hull breaches any wher from deck 4 to deck 18. 18 where killed 10 are in serious condition still and the ftl drive is still offline. Still waiting for the rest of the damage report.

Cole: alright thank you serina

Serina: sir i advise you go to the med bay and have that taken care of my scan shows that if you dont there is a chance that you could lose vision in that eye from that cut.

Cole: serina we have one doctor down there to care for those seriously injured i can live with mine.
" great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame"
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*Dorman is on the deep space quantum communications... with the USS Enterprise Captain*

Dorman: I would like to congratulate you and the crew of the Enterprise... You all have honored that legacy and those that have come before you..

Captain Fontane: Aye sir..

Dorman: I am hereby ordering the Enterprise and the taskforce to help find the surviving Tholians a world to stay for now... *his face is ashen but returns to normal* We are also having ships taking any Remans fleeing Romulan space... The President wants us to help these people and we shall.

Fontane: Yes Sir..

Dorman: Oh and Captain... After you finish up with this I will grant shore leave for the task force... Not long.. But enough for rest. Then you will go on stand by.

Fontane: Thank you sir.. But sir... I have heard that there is trouble in old Romulan space...

Dorman: The Republic doesn't want our help with the situation out of fear that it will raise tensions... I am afraid I agree with them. We still have a reputation to repair.. Far well Captain.. Godspeed

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