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Originally Posted by ryan218 View Post
Mason: I've heard of him. Why does he care about Mr Forrester?
OOC: You seemed to miss this...
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09-14-2013, 02:27 PM
Ooc: I'm pulling a 13 hour shift at work.
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*R.S.S. Republic, Guest Quarters. David walks in to find Admiral Ramez working at his computer terminal.*

Ramez: Ah, Captain. How can I help you?

David: Just making sure you were okay, sir. I was reading your report to Lieutenant Lopez and something's bothering me.

*Ramez's expression turns to one of concern.*

Ramez: And what would that be?

David: You said that the hostages were being held elsewhere in the facility, but bar the holographic illusion in Cargo Bay 3, there were no other life signs on the station except the mercs and "Archangel".

Ramez: I don't know how to explain it, Captain. I suppose they must have lied to me.

David: Another thing; you said that they were U.N.S.C. insurgents?

Ramez: Yes?

David: How did U.N.S.C. insurgents gain access to two Klingon Dolos-Class Carriers?

Ramez: Captain, are you suggesting that these were Klingon terrorists?

It would make more sense for them to be U.N.S.C. operatives.

David: What makes you say that? You really believe that they would abduct their allies' delegates, plus their Commander-in-Chief?

Ramez: Assuming they were abducted, and the whole incident was not staged for my benefit. Think about it; I am abducted by terrorists working to sabotage efforts to forge an alliance between us and the Confederacy. When I was rescued, I would be welcoming to the alliance - and permitting a cunning and implacable foe like the U.N.S.C. to undermine the Republic.

David: Aren't you being paranoid?

Ramez: Captain...

*He stands, walking towards the young CO.*

You are young, so I can appreciate that you are perhaps... naive... of how subterfuge works.

The Republic's enemies are many - perhaps including even the Federation. We must be ever vigilant for these people, or else they will destroy us. Do you understand my meaning, Captain?

David: I...

Ramez: Of course, you are young. You'll understand, in time.

For now, I would ask you to take me to the Citadel. I will be recommending increased trade sanctions against the U.N.S.C. in response to this underhanded move to twist us to their will.

David: Sir--

Ramez: Was there something else, Captain?

David: Are you feeling all right? I mean, you're acting very differently to how you were last week. If there's a problem...

Ramez: Captain, did it occur to you that it may be you who's acting strangely? Now, I will be willing to let the matter drop if you are.

*He turns around and starts walking back to his desk, sitting down. After a few moments, he looks back up at David.*


*David looks at him before walking out.

5 minutes later. Republic, Situation Room.*

David: Doctor, what's your opinion on the Admiral?

*David is walking around the conference table, with Andrews, Dana, Lopez and Mitchell all sat at it.*

Andrews: Medically or psychologically?

David: Both.

Andrews: Well, medically, he's in perfect health. He obviously takes a lot of care after his body. I can't find anything wrong with him.

Psychologically, there may be some stress, but he's hiding it tremendously well. And, to be honest, a little stress is healthy, under the circumstances.

David: Doctor, you have never spoken to the admiral informally. I have, and the man who's Quarters I just came from was not the same man who I have been filing reports to for the past 2 years.

Lopez: Hold on, I need to be sure that I'm getting this straight. Are we talking about taking Ramez into custody?

Andrews: There is no sign of mental instability or impaired judgement.

David: But he is acting differently.

Mitchell: It is not enough to justify an arrest.

Dana: We all respect the Admiral, but if he is behaving strangely...

Lopez: I don't have the authority to arrest him - you do Captain, but it's a hell of a nightmare for you if you're wrong.

David: I can only place him under arrest if he becomes a danger to the ship or the crew. So far, he's shown no signs of that.

But, if I had a medical opinion that his judgement or sanity were unsound--

Andrews: I can only sign an Impairment Act on him with evidence of psychological instability, which, again, I do not have.

Mitchell: Without that, acting against the Admiral would be treasonous, at best.

David: No one is talking about acting against him, Commander.

Okay, for now, I think all we can do is keep an eye on him. Agreed?

Lopez: I could post a sentry at his quarters.

David: No. I don't want him to know he's being monitored.

As far as the rest of the crew is concerned, this conversation never happened. Clear?

*The senior staff nod their heads in unison.*


*They all stand and start to file out.*

Commander Saph, a moment.

*The doors close, as Dana turns back to talk to David.*

Have you heard anything?

Dana: No. No one has any idea where T'mar is.

I've heard rumours that she's been seen on Nopada, but...

David: But that's not possible.

Dana: I don't know...

*She leans on the wall.*

The Churchill's Security Team found blood in the quarters. Some of it was copper-based, some was iron-based.

Tests confirmed that the copper-based blood belonged to T'mar.

David: And the iron-based blood?

Dana: It belonged to a trill-human hybrid, with only 1/5 trill DNA. Even with that information, we can both tell who it is.

T'mar's phaser wasn't even discharged. There's only one person with that genetic code who T'mar would get into a fist fight with.

David: Sam.


Dana: She went after Sam on a vendetta, and she got her wish. I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that Sam 'ported both of them to Nopada.

David: Hell.

Dana: Which means it probably got heated between those two. Pardon the pun.

David: And T'mar wouldn't know that the President issued an official pardon to Sam last night!

Dana: Which means as far as she's concerned, Sam's still a wanted fugitive dead or alive.

Given T'mar's obvious vendetta, emphasis on the "dead".

David: Sam can handle herself... I think. It's T'mar I'm worried about.

Dana: You genuinely care about her?

David: T'mar's had her heart shattered more than most people would be able to stand. There's something... I don't know... compelling... about someone like that.

Especially when you know that under the facade they wear on the bridge, they're just as fragile to a broken heart as the rest of us.

Dana: What do you mean?

David: You remember when Chester was killed?

Dana: As in S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Chester?

David: T'mar was in love with him. During the holocaust... she started to break down from thinking about him.

Dana: I had no idea...

David: T'mar asked me to keep it between us.

I'd never seen her that broken up before.

I don't know... I...

I really do love her.

*Dana puts a hand on his shoulder, before walking out.*
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On the hanger of the harvenger Jacob gets out of the titan.

Jacob: did we get a lock on him.

Officer : we did for a moment but then lost it.

Jacob: did we find the hostages yet.

Officer: no sir.

Jacob: alright let's keep working
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09-14-2013, 08:54 PM
Originally Posted by ryan218 View Post
OOC: You seemed to miss this...
Voice: He wants Sam Allington at her best as his death would break her as well as undermine things. Also unwanted attention if it is blamed on him.. as your enemies are powerful and influential..

From what my information states is that destabilization is what the galaxy is heading to war and endless war.

Til next time we meet director. I have other appointments to tend to.

*As the comm closes The Broker leans back on a sofa from his comm..*

M 2: Hopefully the director can keep him alive for a time. I don't want Weynal to figure me out.

* OOC: I wonder if people now know who the Broker really is now. A awoken Gingrich type Innovade which have been outlawed for over ten years. Which is what M was. So in a sense his successor but noticeably way less insane or power hungry...*
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Originally Posted by ryan218 View Post
Archangel: Relax. Stane had this thing fitted with low-output impulse engines and a hyper-efficient warp core. We're generating an energy signature so low that you'd think we were just a small probe. We've got stealth armour on top of that, making us invisible to most sensors, and...

*She taps a control.*

I just turned on the heat sinks. We're barely generating a heat signature now. If they see us at all, they'll think we're part of their subspace wake.

We'll overtake them in 5 minutes, so that gives us 5 minutes to plan how we're going to get onboard.

My suit has a pressure seal, but it has no EVA capability. If I get out of the fighter, I'm just going to float away. Same goes for you.

We could try to hop from here to an airlock, but we may need to get back to the fighter, and the only mag-clamps are on the underside.

So, that leaves me with 2 more ideas. The first is to just blast through the Hangar Doors and shoot our way through the ship, which is neither stealthy nor subtle, and would end up making it even harder to move through the ship and escape.

The second is to "land" this thing on the belly of that ship, just ahead of the torpedo tubes, float out of the cockpit, then float inside the torpedo tubes.

The only problem is that they'll have at least one person in the torpedo bay...

*She opens a hologram of Gyunei's scan, zooming in on the forward torpedo tubes.*

Okay, theirs a maintenance shaft in each tube. That'll get us in relatively undetected.

Of course, the biggest problem is going to be getting inside their warp field without; a) being caught, and b) tearing both ships apart.

Don't suppose you've ever done a high-warp rendezvous before, have you?
Gyunei: I am sure we can kill the man in the torpedo tube before he checks in what he has seen. Or we could knock him out and stuff him in the tube.. As for that other idea yes once. I do recall how it was done..

So I suggest we use the shaft.. Because the man in the torpedo control room is most likely going to be missed.
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Originally Posted by ryan218 View Post
OOC: Unusually quiet today...
OOC: Sorry. Working and got a presentation to make and do a write up as well as storing it. So.. Yeah overwhelmed is an understatement.
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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
Gyunei: I am sure we can kill the man in the torpedo tube before he checks in what he has seen. Or we could knock him out and stuff him in the tube.. As for that other idea yes once. I do recall how it was done..

So I suggest we use the shaft.. Because the man in the torpedo control room is most likely going to be missed.
Archangel: Most likely.

Okay, let's give this a shot.

*The fighter pulls up behind and below the cruiser. Archangel hits the autopilot to keep the fighter's position stable as it starts to scrape against the cruiser's warp bubble. Since the fighter can't match the cruiser's warp field, she's going to have to enter the cruiser's warp field - which means she needs to deactivate the impulse engine at just the right moment.

The fighter pulls up in front of the torpedo tubes, flying upwards so it's scraping the warp bubble again. Archangel then hits the RCS upwards and cuts the warp drive.

The fighter shakes horribly as it breaches the warp field, but it's successfully rendezvoused with the cruiser.

Now Archangel has to roll the fighter 180 degrees and negotiate it into a 'landed' position on the belly of the cruiser. The mag-clamps lock onto the cruiser's hull.*

There we go.

Now we just need to get inside.

*She puts her helmet on and pressurises her armour, before shutting the fighter down.*

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Jacob walks back onto the bridge.

Jacob: anything

Officer: no sit Intel is still searching for the fleet admiral and we are currently monitoring all comm traffic to find ultron.

Jacob: good. Set course for the border we will patrol awhile see if we come up on anything.
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Jacob walks into a large half circle of a room with three large monitors.

The monitors come to life

Jacob: well

Admiral Yuri appears on one monitor with commodore Nytal on the other with a readout on the third.

Admiral Yuri : vice admiral we are placing you in charge of military and naval Intel. You basically already are. But we are making it official now.

Jacob: what does this change.

Commodore Nytal: nothing. It just raises all you clearance to the top.

Admiral Yuri : you have a lot at your disposal. Use your resources wisely.
" great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame"

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