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# 1 Space pet management
06-16-2012, 01:38 PM
So I've been flying my Flight Deck Cruiser for quite some time. Up until now this hasn't been too much of a problem but now that there's fed players coming into STFs with their pet spam too this problem has become an issue for me even more so.

The problem is, I can't see my fighters/pets in amongst all the pet spam from other players. Sometimes I can't even tell if any of my pets are still alive in the swarm around an enemy with pets from other players, I just launch more anyway just to make sure.

There needs to be an improvement on the visibility of your pets. Perhaps changing the box/text around each of the pets you own from white to a different colour, green for example, so in amongst the sea of other players white boxed pets you can make yours out easy.
Or maybe just make others pets boxes a shade of grey so your pets stand out more.

Also a counter, perhaps displayed above/near your ship power tray in amongst your carrier command buttons so you know how many pets you have launched/alive without having to eye ball them.

Lastly, when launching new pets they seem to be teamed into wings of 3 (for most fighter pets types anyway), but if you have 2 wings of fighters launched (so one hanger fully deployed) and say 1 fighter from each wing has been destroyed, when you launch a new wing (of 3) it only replaces a wing already deployed, so you only gain 1 extra fighter out in the field.
It should be that the newly launched ones replenish the empty spots in the other launched wings first before replacing pets already out in combat. Even then it should replace them according to their health status, with almost dead fighters getting replaced first.
Too many times have I launched more pets and seen pets already in combat disappear as the new wing spawns even though the other wing out there is missing 1-2 pets.
Makes it hard to replenish your launched pets to the full number possible.

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