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All of these address's were allowed and everything else is blocked. Game works perfectly for 2 solid weeks. Now I am unable to connect unless the LAN address's from my computer to gateway are open on UDP Port 53???

Here are the address/port ranges required for Star Trek Online: GameClient.exe as well as Star Trek Online.exe

STO IPV4 address's : /
Ports 7000-7500 / Port 80 - All TCP no UDP.

Anyone have any idea why I suddenly can no longer connect unless im allowing UDP traffic on the LAN Address's?

I should also mention svchost should be the only port opening on UDP port 53. Not Star Trek Online.exe or GameClient.exe. Its almost as if my connection has been proxied remotely.

Also I have noticed IP Has been trying to receive thousands of requests from the LAN on destination ports 5060-5062 as well as achieving connections on port 443. The whois lookup suggest it is Vivoxinc.

NetRange -

Is this an address for STO?? Or is it a GameTracker?? Just curious to see if this is legit as it doesnt seem too conform to the port ranges and address's listed for STO.

Appreciate any information on this topic.
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06-18-2012, 12:19 PM
Vivox is the voice chat client that STO uses. You could disable voice chat in the game, which should stop the traffic going through those ports.

As far as proxies, the game has an option for those in the launcher options, you might want to check that none are ticked.
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06-18-2012, 06:30 PM
Thanks for your reply tom, I will add those IPV4 addys and ports to the safe list.

Still seeing the UDP on port 53 from the LAN, not sure why this has suddenly become an issue.

Although im starting to suspect 3rd party software may have made some config changes to my machine as I have been seeing a record number of Virus/Trojan/Worm activity.

As far as the proxy goes I have checked to see the options appear to be blank, this may have further reaching implications then simply the game, as such I wont waste anyone's time here on such issues.

Thanks again for your post.

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