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Originally Posted by drunkenguyver View Post
When i reached level 50 with my toon i decided to keep a few XP points back so i can fine tune later, i must admit that at the moment i haven?t even got one point in my threat control box yet. I have been thinking of allocating a few points though. I?m wondering if it?s worth doing. I can see the tactical advantage if you need to draw fire away from another player, or friendly NPC . . But equally i can see the benefit in survivability by not having any points in this Skill, although i like a good battle, i?m quite alright not having everything in the instance after me . . lol, plus i hear it does nothing in PvP apart from adding a small defence bonus.

I suppose i?m wondering if it?s worth putting a few point in the skill, or is it better to just put points elsewhere ?

I?d appreciate people?s opinions on this.
As a 'destroyer tender' pilot for most of my STF career I would put 3-6 TC in toons that fly cruisers all the time because they can handle the heat and can stay in the kitchen.

However as you're still fresh to what I term "max performance" piloting you might not like the effects of TC, such as spheres and cubes on KASE flying 30km across the map just to say hi to you in a bad way.

The above circumstance can happen when some griefers detonate generators on KASE/N all over the map and deliberately ignore the mobs they spawn. You then have anywhere from 2 to even 8 spheres converging on your position out of seemingly nowhere.

Now, the damage resistance bonus from TC6 plus Borg set on my Prototype ("Tactical") Oddy meant that I can hold my own against all the crap at once but thats why most of my other toons stay away from TC entirely and manage aggro by DPS alone.

Sure, TC is great to draw fire off your team's DPS specialists, but if you mostly play PUG queues with no promise of useful teamwork, there's no point getting yourself killed when every sphere and cube in the neighbourhood lights you up simultaneously.

As other posters have said, there are other ways of keeping aggro, and there are other ways of supporting allied ships. Team healing is not a second rate skill - in less than perfect PUG teams the less people (and their non optimal ship builds) explode, the more people get on your friend's list.

Save the high end tactics for when you've a regular 5-man team/fleet contacts and when your TC9 is fully appreciated by wingmen in attack ships.
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Originally Posted by markfalcone View Post
No, because you don't know how they are equipped or what their skills are. I know players who have ships that do not match their career track. Don't assume that just because they have a certain kind of ship they are a certain kind of player. Not true. My wife and I both use the 2nd anniversary Odyssey (no perks). She's a science officer. I'm engineering. Still trying to get her ship to a point that it doesn't blow up when she's alone and actually does some amount of damage when we're together. But I could easily see someone taking one look and thinking "Oh look, a tank." at her ship and she's not even close to being a tank, nor should her character be one. In fact I'm pretty sure that in a few STF's I've run her character through (for equipment), people were complaining that she wasn't tanking. I simply typed in "No, I'm a science officer. I don't tank." Only one of the players was stupid enough to ask what I was "doing in a cruiser". DUH! Free Vice Admiral ship! No brainer!
Oh no, I fully understand. I was more or less being sarcastic about the 4 cruisers. I was hoping but I've played enough PuGs to know never to actually expect anything from anyone in them.

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