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# 1 Game randomly gives bsod
06-18-2012, 10:55 AM
Hello, recently started playing sto, and on my computer it randomly throws a bsod(blue screen of death) with multiple diffrent failures everytime its diffrent like an irql_ etc etc.

Im using a radeon 4600 hd series as a video card and W7 32bit os.

I have played with all setting to low and off etc, but this has no effect.
Also i have done a memtest and it still fails on both my memory cards. so thats not it either.

I have searched alot before comingh ere and im really stuck + desperate + sad

hope some godgiven computer angel can save me here

ps:"its also not overheating cuz i have 2 internal fans an open case and a large fan pointed at the whole system .... its its almost cooler then a winters night at teh pc"

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