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New to the game here..

I had a duty officer injured during an assignment, while roaming around the ship I dropped by the sick bay to see if the doctor had any assignments and noticed that the duty officer wasn't "on any of the beds" in sick bay, but their status is they're in sick bay/injured.

I think it'd be a nice touch for crew to appear on the beds as they're injured. Should for any reason the beds all fill, it could just be as it is now, noted, but not visible. Would just add another layer of making the ship feel "alive" and your actions having more impact when you see people in sick bay.

I searched the forums and didn't see this anywhere mentioned, my apologies if it's been covered.

Lt. Commander
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06-18-2012, 06:55 PM
Having the interior of your ship reflect your selections (ie uniforms, department heads, etc.) has been asked for a number of times. I believe the response has been weighing dev time in what they feel is more important areas.

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