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Yesterday I ran KAGE. But 3 of us were new. I mean they use about KAGN. Low dps, not enough stuff to fix their hurt, blablah. So me too, it seems I had not the right gear because I died 3 or 4 times and sometimes it was really and extremely hard to fight elite tactical borg.
I am sci orion KDF with Physicist kit
My set is omega set Mk XI.
I use the gun from the omega set and 2 pistols MkXII phaser (not anti-borg).
I had 40 hypo cordrazyn, dividian cane, 40 borg nanites (hypo).
Does anyone can give me some advices. I don't want to be the weakest link
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06-19-2012, 05:47 AM
Frequency Modulator, or preferably the Fractal Remodulator. If you have an Omega Force/MACO/KHG full set remod, even better.

If you don't have at least one of these, you're nothing more than target practice for the Borg on Elite.

Also, NEVER carry two weapons of the same damage type. Borg adapts and both weapons become useless. Carry two weapons of two different damage types. When you re-mod, both will be remodulated.

Surround the elite tactical, hit it with Tachyon Beam and Tricorder Scan, use every Expose and Exploit attacks you have. And bring shield batteries and regenerators.

Also, do not use the triolic pattern enhancer. While it increases the devidian cane's power, it also affects any Borg within the field and increases their damage resistance. Overall it will receive less damage from the rest of the team.
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06-20-2012, 02:31 AM
Thanks for everything. You thaught me a lot
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06-20-2012, 02:40 AM
I''d like to add to what the other person said.

I'd recommend that you swap one of your devices out to a normal hypospray, the ability to heal oneself can make alot of difference.

If your using the Omega gun and dual pistols, thats two high dps weapons which means you need to remodulate more often, I'd recommend swapping your pistols to a high burst weapon like a sniper or a pulsewave, a sniper will give you range while pulsewave will do alot of damage at close range with added AoE damage.

Edit: if you plan on doing elite stfs, a splitbeam offers both range and aoe but borg adapt to those faster. Splitbeams are very good on infected ground elite if your team wants the optional objective and knows what to do.

Also, when fighting an elite drone as a science captain, your dampening field power will come in really handy for lowering the damage it can deal so try to save it for the elites if you can.

If you plan on doing elite stfs, alway carry regenerators and heal your injuries you may get when you die as injuries lower your characters abilities in game and can make it alot harder than need be.
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06-20-2012, 08:29 AM
Pulse wave for ground!


Best damage, nice pushback and knockdown secondary attack. :smile:
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06-20-2012, 09:59 AM
Yes a pulsewave assault is a very nice weapon to have for ground STFs; it is very effective. Also, having large hypos and shield charges are good too.

Edit: Man I wish they would have carried over the amount of time we were a part of the Cryptic Forums. Oh well, now everyone is a noob. ;-)

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06-20-2012, 04:38 PM
Even if you have to get a MK X set instead of MK XI, it may be worth it -- the instant remod and having the two- and three-piece bonuses may outweigh the slight stat boosts. Especially as KDF, if you have the KHG set bonuses -- that gives you an additional heal and root removal!! Insta-remods and heals go a long way.

As a Science Officer, you may also want to look into the Medic kit, which can make you nigh-invulnerable or help you keep teammates alive. The Borg can quickly adapt to the fire and radiation of the Physicist kit (though it's controlled by RNG, as sometimes they don't and just get owned). That's up to you, though, as both are pretty popular [at least from what I've seen and run myself].

Know when to use some of your sci skills. Dampening fields are great on Elites if you also snare them / your teammates snare them. They are perfect for turrets in CGE. Tricorder scan is a great boon to your groups damage and should be used whenever it's off cooldown and on as big a cluster as possible. Nanoprobes are also good in the "bigger" fights.

Definitely roll with a pulseweave as one of your weapons. Those things are great. The knockback has several uses (getting drones off officers or pushing them into plasma in Infected, knocking drones away from nodes in Cure, etc.) and can help interrupt / aoe. It also can be helpful on structures.

Snipers are also very nice.
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06-21-2012, 12:00 PM
I prefer to use my bare fists! Hand to hand!! yeahh borg *****'s, adapt to my fists NOW
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06-21-2012, 05:16 PM
Your weapons aren't great. I know they put a cooldown on the Borg getting adaption counters so they can't insta-adapt to automatic/burst fire weapons anymore, but I still get the feeling that they adapt faster to automatics than single shot weapons, so I tend not to use them. That said, keep your Omega Force Autocarbine since it's part of the set and you get the all important Integral Frequency Remodulator from it, but drop the Dual Pistols, imo. Pulsewave Assault Rifles have the most kick, so one of those will be fine for Cure and KA, where range isn't an issue. Range is more of an issue in Infected where you'll be pulling drones from one room to another, and sniping Rebecca from corners in the boss room. You may need a Split Beam Rifle or Sniper Rifle on that one instead.

As people have said above, ordinary large hypos for a bit of healing are good.

You also need to bare in mind that the Physicist Kit, whilst it's a good kit, drags a lot of aggro onto you. If you light up an Exothermic Induction Field on a mob of Borg, all of them will go after you until someone else shoots them, so be ready for it. My own preference for a Science Kit is Analyst, but I've seen plenty of people use Physicist successfully, you just have to be ready for a bit of aggro.

Omega Armour and PSG should be good enough, they're designed for STFs afterall. All the bits are the same mark so you get the set bonuses, I take it?
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06-22-2012, 04:23 AM
Originally Posted by Archived Post View Post
Does anyone can give me some advices. I don't want to be the weakest link
On my KDF Sci, I run with the MKX Honor Guard ground equipment set (I just need the MkXII Armor for a compete MkXII set, haven't bothered spending 120 EDCs on a full MkXI set, though I have more than enough in my inventory...)

The Pulsewave that comes with the KHG set is pretty good - the regular fire setting on the Mk X version has the same DPS as a MKXII standard [Borg] Disruptor Pulsewave, and it's an AoE cone, so it's quite useful for clearing patches of Borg. The secondary fire though is VERY good - it's a personal Photon Grenade Launcher. You can do a rather large amount of spike damage by using 'Tachyon Harmonic' from the Analyst Science Kit, followed by a Grenade... especially when the hit is buffed via Tricorder Scan and/or Nanoprobe Infestation. Even better, since it's kinetic damage the Borg won't be able to adapt to it.

For my secondary Weapon, I like having an long range weapon that also does [exploit]. Usually this means running with a Sniper Rifle, or Split Beam Rifle. Just as long as it's not Disruptor (the same type as the Primary fire setting on the Honor Guard Pulsewave) so the Borg take twice as long to adapt... so probably Antiproton (or Phaser, or Plasma...)

I only ever find myself using 3 kits: Medic, Analyst, and Physicist. And more often than not, I stay with Analyst. Tachyon Harmonic is probably the best ability you can bring to the table on STFs to speed up killing Borg, Sonic Pulse and Triage can be handy in a pinch, and Anesthizine Gas (plus Dampening field) seriously helps weather the damage of Elite Tactical Borg Drones.

I know some people prefer the Omega set (mainly for the 3-piece bonus) but I find the better weapon and "Adrenal Booster" to be worth the tradeoff (I use Adrenal Booster quite a lot as a CC shedding tool whenever my Hypos are on cooldown). Hypos, naturally, are a given. Especially the Large Health ones, and Shield ones if you have room. And a remodulator if you don't have an inherent one.

The above is just my preference though.
The best general advice I can give is to LEARN TO AIM AND CROUCH.

Whenever you're shooting at something, you should be aiming. If it's going to shoot back, you should be crouching. You will deal a lot more damage and be a lot more survivable than your average "RPG mode" player. I don't advise running around in shooter mode all the time, but having a hotkey bound to switch into it occasionally will help in certain fights (for placing AoE powers exactly where you want them placed).

But seriously: aim and crouch... :smile:

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