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Dear Cryptic

As a foundry author, there are a number of things that myself and authors like me can do in order to make missions original and unique (but above all enjoyable), weíve been very patient with the foundry, yes its had its kinks and problems but thatís all part of this new method of creating content. But and this is a big BUT, there is only so much we can do, the lack of new costumes for ground characters and the same old selection of maps is becoming really frustrating, I like that you guys have put in new ships like the Odyssey and the new klingon one but this is a tear drop in a big ocean so please please please please can you guys add some more content to the foundry because itís coming almost unbearable and frustrating, its nice to see all these new maps (even though some arenít entirely new e.g. Starfleet Academy) on Holodeck in-game but not being able to use them on the foundry is just awful.

Kind Regards


(Crossing Series Author)
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# 2 Is that it?
02-04-2012, 08:10 AM
Come on - put some effort into it!

Assets, 2x legged, 3x-legged, 4x legged, etc Alien creature generation
Assets, Grant Mission Actor - expansion to include custom constumes
Assets, Dialog Popup - Not just NPC's but also objects. Currently Props are shocking.
Assets, Inclusion of additional NPC factions costumes + creatures + alien lifeforms
Assets, Asteroids + fields realism or placement
Assets, More faction ships
Assets, Ability to create Super Villians with special powers
Assets, Ground items viz. Pre-warp etc
Assets, Clothing etc e.g rags, animal hides.
Assets, Asteroid Stations - rework because they are not really convincing.

Maps - Earth
Maps - Earth-like city structures old and spaceage. Many episodes in Star Trek take place in Earth's past.
Maps - Ability to use Player's Bridge
Maps - Shuttle interior
Maps - Randomiser/ Map Generator

NPC Groups ability to adjust costumes and have then still match with the class.
NPC - add description
NPC - improvements to wander and chat
NPC - Pathing

Dialog, Branching and breakouts
Dialog, Expansion of the facial expressions and body animations
Dialog, Inclusion of cutscenes
Dialog, Triggers + alternate branching
Dialog, Increase of the length of the user interaction to more than a few letters.
Dialogs, Adding color to button text to highlight an action as used by Cryptic

Miscellaneous, Inclusion of one's own sound bytes for voiceovers and music.
Miscellaneous, Linking of Episodes...
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# 3
02-04-2012, 02:39 PM
Assets : Transporter Pad
Assets : Weapons Platforms/Satellites
Assets : "Boss" NPCs
Assets : Borg "V'Ger" ship
Maps : Utopia Planitia (Mars)
Maps : Jupiter Station
Misc : Ability to use any costume for any object (eg : NPC using an invisible objject costume)
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# 4
02-17-2012, 04:55 AM
I strongly second everything listed so far, plus...

Map: Ship Interior Crew Decks
Map: Ship Interior Engineering

About 90% of the scenes in Star Trek TV episodes took place on the ship. To truly capture the feel of those great episodes, we need to be able to use those maps in our UGC.
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# 5
02-17-2012, 01:11 PM
Maps: Some form of Map modeller allowing for the adjustment of vertexes so as to create oneís own hills, mountains, etc. + the placement of objects like caves, rocks.

Dialog Animations: Include background animations such as view screens depicting a warp effect, view screens with battle in the background; multiple characters in dialogue screen, like huddled Ferengi or Klingons seen in the movies, Flames denoting a ship that has taken damage, with flickering lights, perhaps a loose tube with sparks.

Dialog expressions: Doubt (Shaking the head left to right, occasionally waving their finger); Sneer (or evil smile); Lip synch animations with the lips moving;

Character emotes: Old people e.g. hobbled walk, hunched over; illness, tied-up on the ground; using implements like farming, chopping wood, etc.

Assets: Animals, alien and earth-like.

FX: single-event effects such as warp-in + warp-out that do not loop.

FX: tractor beam with the ability to set source, target and duration. This was used in the Romulan Episode with the beacon when the ship gets stuck.

Advanced Dialogue: include all the options that are available outside of the advanced editor.
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# 6
02-17-2012, 05:08 PM
The Foundry is the best part of the game for me. But I feel stifled by the lack of workable assets for story too. My biggest gripe is that we cannot build a ship interior that actually is shaped and looks like a ship interior. Some really cool assets would be rounded corridors for saucer sections and labs and staterooms. I'd even be okay if there was one map that has 50 little rooms and no connectivity... letting us "carry on" the story from room to room with transitions rather than moving doors.

Assets: Able Crewman's Quarters
Assets: Midshipman's Quarters
Assets: Officer's Quarters
Assets: Executive Officer's Quarters
Assets: Captain's Quarters
Assets: Living Quarters Corridors
Assets: Astrometrics Labs
Assets: General Purpose Labs
Assets: Torpedo Room
Assets: Arboretum
Assets: Gymnasium
Assets: Shuttle Bay
Assets: Cargo Bay (sure there are rooms... but they don't look like cargo bays)

FX: Let us control the music choices by map. Music is a HUGE impact on the pacing of the adventure.
FX: General Hums of various pitches and sequence.

Music: More Music! I bet it would be possible to get license to re-distribute some of the original soundtrack musics by now.

/bump for more wildlife or even more configurable wildlife.

Thanks for keeping the game alive!
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# 7
02-18-2012, 12:10 PM
Here are some simple asset requests that should be possible with what's in game right now, though some may take a lot of man hours while others will be real easy:
  • A flat paved map - so I can easily add my own buildings to make a major city
  • An empty interior map - no floor, ceiling, or ground outside so I can create my own unique alien structure
  • All in game uniform options in the foundry
  • All in game costume as NPC options - different from the above since this is about appearance vs. clothes - would include gekli, exocomps, & the new animals from the winter wonderland
  • All uniform options open on NPC aliens in any combination (except Gorn pieces for obvious technical reasons) - right now all aliens look like members of the KDF or UPF
  • Full color palette on NPC aliens, even if they're using KDF costume pieces
  • Runabout, BoP, & Jem'hadar fighter assets for ground & interior maps
  • Functional Klingon & Romulan doors
  • Ability to make NPC's disabled instead of dead (i.e. doesn't vanish when reduced to 0 health & non-targetable)
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# 8
02-18-2012, 12:31 PM
Would be cute if we could have all FE maps and the uniform admiral etc.
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# 9
02-20-2012, 05:45 PM
More useful things:

LOGIC: Make things destroy and/or depart on trigger in space (rather than only "appear" on trigger).
DIALOGUE: Dynamic variables for Race, Gender, Hair Color, Skin Color, Eye Color, Costume (casual or uniform?) -- critical for undercover missions.
COMBAT: Ability to STUN something rather than kill it.
SPACE: More civilian vehicles from all the races.
GROUND: More civilian vehicles from all the races -- not every species has transporters.

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# 10
02-21-2012, 10:46 PM
I hope I am not taking this in the wrong direction but we have a dozen fleet members that are juts dying to turn their Foundry missions into TOS missions. We need TOS equipment and bridge and uniforms so that we can do flashback scenes and some really creative time travel episodes

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