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06-20-2012, 07:11 AM
Originally Posted by fosag View Post
To lessen your sadness.
It's now a different PM system.
Your old mails are still accessible ingame.
Yeps! Someone suggested that to me, all there. Whew!
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06-20-2012, 07:14 AM
Originally Posted by hortwort View Post
Yeps! Someone suggested that to me, all there. Whew!
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06-20-2012, 08:15 AM
I don't get it... I'm all for improvments and radically changing things for the better, but everything seems like a downgrade :/ the forum just seems extremely awkward and unneeded. I would say the avatar system could be interesting, but only two of the factions on there are even available, so it's pretty useless as a way to identify faction, and only serves to make visual identification of a forumer extremely awkward.

As well, the entire layout takes up too much vertical space when it wasn't needed. I'm very tempted to find some other site now to use their forums, which wouldn't help PWE because I'm one of the rare users who actually say good things about the game.

The main page of the website looks pretty nice now, but the forums are now bland, uninteresting and I liked the red that it used to have, the colours were nice before witht he red and blue. Now it's boring.

Not happy with this, especially with all my subscriptions gone.

EDIT: Ohh, and look at that. No clear seperation to show where the signiture starts.

Yeah... Not the best signiture, but it's my first time using an advanced image editing program, so... woo!
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06-20-2012, 01:52 PM
The only positive about the new forums is the I finally get to have a .gif
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06-20-2012, 02:15 PM
They should change them back.

The forums are clunky and horrid. As I've said previously I support most of Cryptic decisions from a financial point, to keep the game running, but seriously. These forums are horrid and clunky.

On a smaller screen they are even worst!
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06-20-2012, 02:27 PM
WTF???!!! All the hours people spent making their own avatars and now poof all gone?? Let me guess with this new "Achievement system" you'll eventually beable to have you're own avatar again so some stupid crap like that.

You're making this huge deal about Fleets and fleet bases for season 6, yet you just took away our option to have our fleet logo as our avatar like most of us did......BAD MOVE!!!


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06-20-2012, 03:12 PM
I hate these changes. If this is the way STO is headed, I think it may be time to remove my card details and just spend my stipend.

The only plus side is I get to have a name similar to my original @MGDawson handle.
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I'm not so sure they're "slick" so much as "as useful as a bag of anuses". Don't try to use the Search function and search by username, or try to look at previous posts (especially prior to today, Mr. "Archived Post").

Even if the look and feel were great (they're nothing to write home about, IMPO), the new forums have so much broken and missing that I will hardly be using them at this rate, unless some serious work is done.

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06-20-2012, 03:42 PM

Like the hair on a tent-revival snake-handling preacher.
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Originally Posted by drunkenguyver View Post
Well first of all i thought "Whah, whats happened !" but now i've had a little play and Carmenara explained to me i hadn't lost all my mail . . i'm not so worried about the change, sure it's a little different than what we are used too . . but give it a little while and people will be carry on as if nothing has happened, i think the new format is growing on me. Although i would like the option to upload my own avatar like before though . . but that?s my only gripe really. :biggrin:

At the moment i'm fumbling about trying to find out how to navigate the new layout, i've also gotta work out how to link my character to my PW account . . Woo Hoo !

There are of course a lot of negative things to be remarked but I don't see the point joining the bandwagon. After all, if you were PWE product management, you'll eventually have to undertake such a massive ordeal as shifting a forum database over from another company for the sake of centralization (long term effective management) and streamlining asset deployment (pile everything on PW customer support instead of 2 ticket systems, as in the past.)

The easy thing to do for forum administrators is put up a notice in advance and create a permanent archive site so that all posts earlier than say, 19 June will be accessible from a locked down Cryptic forum (the old site.) Everything else starts afresh on a new forum. It is inevitable forum to forum data transfer will have its quirks especially where past threads have been deleted, moved, users deleted, etc and such creating a share of errors in the DB, or at least, that could happen from what I've seen during my few years spent in experimental indie game dev't. Website shifts are no joking matter.

While the loss of 'personal identity' is a sad thing, I consider it good that all the threads appear to be intact and can be replied to.

What matters at the end of the day is that a forum still exists. Us, the community, simply have to adapt to the changes and make full use of it, or find someplace else to call a virtual home. We have no power over PWE's decisions which for better or for worse, ensures that STO's long term future is kept separate from the issues of day to day operations, which is good from the corporate perspective. When working with any large corporate entity, for sure there will be little leeway for such as 'personal expression', but you notice such entities too are very stable and can easily withstand the test of time.

After all, forum participation is not mandatory for enjoyment in STO. Large fleets and guilds have their own independent communities and outside of public recruitment, do not actually have to make a presence on the official STO site.

In conclusion, lets consider that every change to STO since F2P was generally hotly debated. What are regarded as bad moves are blown all out of proportion, but when good features and surprise releases occur, it seems they too are twisted into some negative discussion even if said feature releases occur more than two months ahead of schedule.

Some of the best and most innovative things that have happened to STO F2P have arisen out of the most negative discussions, because someone at Cryptic did their share of time sifting through zillions of customer posts on the issue and created a winning strategy to making something sci fi cool and yet somehow functional from the Star Trek perspective.

If PWE wants to experiment, I say let them. After all, if someone up top got the idea that anything they and Cryptic do will be regarded as hostile and negative, they have the option of putting an end to freedom of expression on their forums and game servers, just like many private guilds and indie games have resorted to in order to protect their development interests.

I've gone through the new forum functions and have found some features that I find were missing and sorely needed from Crpytic's version. The new system may not be fully finished, but it has potential, and prospect for superior functionality in the near future. But of course, everyone does appear to be still stuck on the banner issue.
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