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06-20-2012, 06:27 PM
It was pointed out elsewhere that the tools the moderators used to have, specifically post reporting and moderator-only boards to discuss problems, are now gone. And the volunteer moderators don't seem too happy about having to deal with this.

You guys know what this means?! Free-for-all!
-starts trolling-

Actually, maybe I'll troll some other time. I'm sleepy. You guys go ahead.
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06-20-2012, 06:43 PM
These are dark times indeed.
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06-20-2012, 06:57 PM
It was an utter waste of time, and completely unnecessary. They should have used those resources toward the actual game instead of making it harder for everyone to log in. My vote for the new design and login

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06-20-2012, 07:09 PM
Originally Posted by voicesdark View Post
Hahah, mainly it was useful to measure how many grains of salt a post's sense of entitlement was worth. :biggrin:

But you're right, in that it's such a pity all the Archived posts have had their user metadata stripped. Knowing who posted what could've been useful. Still, all that data is backed up somewhere. Perhaps there are tools and a bored intern who can retrofit things.

Anyway, having a reason to spend less time on the official forums and more time on my fleet's forums is probably a win/win, so can't fret about that.

Enjoy the New Normal folks. God speed.
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06-21-2012, 02:58 AM
Originally Posted by carmenara View Post
There are of course a lot of negative things to be remarked but I don't see the point joining the bandwagon. *Snip*
I have to agree with this post, and wonderfully thought out :biggrin:

I especcially agree with the point about the amount of negativity i've seen posted on the old forums . . cryptic this cryptic that . . . it's almost like as mentioned above, every new addition made to the game, there is something to moan about. I for one am looking forward to these new starbases for example, but before season 6 is even out you find posts from people complaining about it, usually the same people who complain there hasn't been much content released, and then when it is . . it's not good enough, or not what they wanted.

I'm really enjoying the game and i thank Cryptic for making it happen, of course i won't deny that some things need to be addressed, and infact i agree with some suggestions of improvment, but there staff can't fix everything for everyone all of the time, i'm sure with our support and guidence in the forums they'll slowly work through the issues . . and together we can make this game epic i'm sure . . after all, put bluntly, who's bothered about a little coat of paint on the forums, when you can still enjoy the game at hand . . and for free if you so choose.

I've spoke to a lot of good people hear on the forum, and as long as i can write stuff, and you can all read it, perhaps make a friend or two along the way . . that's all good in my opinion.

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06-21-2012, 03:51 AM
it looks nice but the content seems to be messed up

along with my sto acc. what the point in having to make a new acc name if i have to log in with my old one still??

Im very confused on the whole merger.

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06-22-2012, 12:22 AM
Originally Posted by drunkenguyver View Post
I've spoke to a lot of good people hear on the forum, and as long as i can write stuff, and you can all read it, perhaps make a friend or two along the way . . that's all good in my opinion.

You have a good point. Making the risky database shift sans metadata at least allows for one forum search to gain access to all past and present posts. Reactivating pre-merger threads are as simple as sending a fireteam of Klingon marines to plant the flag in it before those Ferengi start laying claim to it.

On that note getting access to PWE Core Connect (that Facebook like profile viewer) is turning out to be incredibly useful. No longer do I have to forum spam if I need to post fleet updates and the usual Klingon Propaganda :p No longer as well do I need to ask wingmen for facebook, email or IM contact for redundancy scheduling purposes. CC is just one of the new tools, that if given full functionality to link to STO characters, guilds and accolades, can be something awesome. If that integration can be done, it has potential to be much better than the limited character viewer provided by Cryptic themselves.

Not all fleets have their own websites and not all players are happy with sharing personal contact info, which is where CC comes in. It's social media that can be used for communication related to this game and other PWE games and nothing else. The wife/mistress/husband/boyfriend doesn't need to see 500 pictures of how GPU postprocessing makes my Hegh'ta Bird of Prey look 200% more awesome. Neither am I a fan of facebook fleet groups which have a high chance of compromising personal data integrity once friend requests are sent.
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06-22-2012, 06:02 AM
Alright carmen.... I'm glad that you like this change. I really am. The negativity after a big change here is usually overwhelming and it's nice to have a different opinion. But I think that's only because you're relatively new and haven't invested much here.

Think about how the people here who've been posting in threads for years. All their history is suddenly gone. You can't tell who said what anymore. It's like a community photoalbum was just dumped in a toilet. I don't really care how pretty the new photoalbum is, everything in it is soggy and covered in poo. :frown:
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