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06-21-2012, 03:45 AM
Originally Posted by azaral View Post
I have been in game about a month now and have 4 level 50 toons and 2 more I am working up. I have one of each type for KDF and fed and I prefer the battle ship feel of my Oddy and bortasqu. At this time I have them both speced and set up with 8 beams each. Anti proton fed side Disruptor/Plasma hybrid KDF side. I have just began using the Lt. Com uni slot for a tac officer to increase the number of tac skills I can to use. Both of these ships have ENG captains. I started ENG then leveled a cannon raptor tac and a carrier based fed sci up to expirment with new skills and ideas. My starting build is basicly a dragon beam boat but with 8 beams instead of 7 and a torp.

I use BFAW alot and have done so since my first build. I can link my builds from the academy when I get home from work.

I find that I like the double tac team approach and also really prefer broad side play or carrier strike tactics over the nose on cannon approach.

I have a Brel I am working on that is a sci officer torp boat that I also enjoy.

Cannon escorts just feel to much like an airplane not a warship.
Sounds like you got the basics of it, Do not be afraid to experiment some. Also ask questions, tons of good folks here on the forums to help you.
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06-21-2012, 10:27 PM
Ok my Bortasqu is running

Engy captain with full Eff crew

Command Cruiser so + 10 shields and weapons

The captains skill tree is entirely matching that of the dragon dreadnaught posted in the forums.

4 x Disruptor console
2 x Shield Cap Consoles
Borg Console
Netronium Alloy
FPS Flow Regulator
Plasmatic Leech

8 x Disrutopr Plasma Hybride Arrays

Red Mater Cap
Subspace Thingy

Commander Eng
EPtS1 / RVSP 1 / EPtS 3/ AtSIF III

Lt. Commander Tac
TT 1 / ATB 1 / BFaW III

Lt. Tac
TT 1 / BO 2

Lt. Sci
HE 1 / TSS 2

Ens. Eng
EPtW 1

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06-22-2012, 03:16 AM
not a lot of heals on Dragon's build, its more "attack" based for a cruiser set, which works fine so long as you go into a battle understanding that you are an attack boat and you will suffer a touch on the heal side.

Understand that build does not make you a glass ship by any means, just means do not expect to remain at 100% health vs a pure breed tanker like myself. Half my cruisers are set to be support/healers, you hit one of those in a pvp, yeah... your wasting your time, find an easier target. Just gimp their engines and keep them out of the fight with holds/scrambles, target subsystem engines and attack the rest of the team.

His build is a decent attack build. Give it a whirl and see if it fits what you are trying to do. Just be mindful, for his build to work the best, your have to be aggressive to make it really shine.
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06-22-2012, 04:51 AM
I'd suggest Anti-proton over disruptor. On disruptor Proc, you get a 10% damage debuff. A MKXII disruptor beam bank would only do an extra 264 over the course of 15 seconds.(Assuming every single beam hits!) You'll never do all of that damage and if your fighting a fast BoP that might not be many hits at all. That's not a game changing amount of damage for a 15 second stretch.

Take anti-proton, you crit. That's 50% standard crit severity + 20% crit severity or a minimum extra 123 damage, instantly. These are the only beams who's bonuses can be further buffed by your gear.

The assimilated console inherently improves this beams procs % and damage. All accuracy modifiers improve your crit severity and damage in general. And any time your opponent is moving slowly increases accuracy, which increases crit severity, resulting in more damage. Attack Patten Alpha also increases crit chance. Borg antiproton beam arrays come with an improved hit chance.

What does all this mean? You're critH buffs can ensure you crit on 5%+ of your attacks. Which means you'll be criting way more often than you will through other procs. And anything that adds to crit severity increases the power of the beams proc. Cut out the middle men procs and stick with the beam that does what it's supposed to do best, hurt stuff.

I'm a Tac officer that has never touched a cannon.

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