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Hi all, just started playing STO on F2P about two weeks ago, however I'm after the Advanced Heavy Crusier for 800C, I finally manage to get hold of the money and was planning on buying a 500C points card, I wake up this morning after the website maintenance and find out that the option to buy Cryptic Points cards is no longer available...

It's bad because the ZEN exchange rate is poor to say the least, but I'm seeing all over the site that players can't even buy ZEN now or even transfer the ZEN that they already have.

Now, my questions...

Is it the fact the the site is back up and refreshed means that certain pages are still down?

Can anyone actually buy C-Points without using ZEN any more?

Will Cryptic Points cards ever come back?

And will I have to wait the extra 23 days through farming Dilithium (which I don't really want to do) to get the ship I want that way?

Should everyone who wants Cryptic Points Cards today (and onwards) raise a ticket to try and get them back, as it's easier (and cheaper) to use them rather than buying ZEN?

Thanks in advance

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06-21-2012, 10:36 AM
I never bought C-Point cards, but Zen should actually make it cheaper in bulk (compared to the last time I bought C-Points, which would be over 400 days ago in Champions Online).

Old: $1 = 80 C-Points
Old: $50 = 4000 Cryptic Points

New: $1 = 100 Zen = 80 C-Points.
New: $50 = 5300 Zen = 4240 Cryptic Points.
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06-22-2012, 11:41 AM
If you are going to buy the points and ship for yourself, just buy the zen and convert it to cpoints. Once you get the system it goes fast. (Though I do think the system is inefficient and not well explained. Almost a case of "too many options, too many steps. I much preferred the cstore.)

If you are trying to "gift" the points to someone else, that you just can't do anymore from the website, which is sad. Someone pointed out that you CAN on the Champions site still, and c-points are c-points.
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06-22-2012, 02:22 PM
I've tried 3 times now to get to the C-points purchase page.

I don't want to do the conversion mularkey.

I want to know how many C-points I am buying instantly so I can do the purchase calculations in my head.

Say, I'm buying a 1k or 2k item, I will buy that many c-points!

I don't want to have to do the math to figure out that converting Zen to c-points =1k or 2k.

It would be too easy to buy too much zen and then be overcharged.

<cynic mode> which I expect is the whole point. <end cynic mode>

<rage mode begin>
I tried to buy a smallish amount of c-points (1k) to test the conversion system.
Horribly wrong doesn't even begin to cover it!
First of all, Safari is blocking the cookies because of security warnings!
And when I tried to purge my private and confidential data because the transaction failed, I couldn't!
I did a search on how to do it and apparently, you can't!
The person having the problem even ticketed the matter to PWE and they didn't even purge it for him.

So, now I've disclosed information I would rather have not shared to PWE and I still don't have my c-points?
Real nice!

It was so much simpler the way it was before!

Is PWE so determined to make everything horribly complicated?
<end rage mode>

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