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04-21-2013, 09:53 AM
Originally Posted by tjsinclair View Post
Wow! Someone pointed me in your fleet's direction tonight, and from everything I see here and on your website, it looks like exactly what I've been hoping to find, especially for my Klingon toon. Hopefully I can find someone online soon...
Welcome to the family. We've got you set up on our forums and invited in game.

Also, check out the thread you posted there as there you'll find instructions on how to accept the invite to our fleet's private in-game chat channel.

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04-26-2013, 01:03 PM
Our fleet leadership is currently in the process of fine-tuning our fleet mission statement and description to better reflect who we are.

We want new players joining us to do so because we are where they are going to be happy with no regrets later on.

Already, our description has been updated on Page 1 to better reflect us ... keep in mind, however, that it is a work in progress with wording likely to be tweaked a bit.

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04-26-2013, 04:52 PM
Thanks for letting me join. Looks like a really solid fleet.

"We are smart." - Grebnedlog

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04-26-2013, 06:21 PM
Originally Posted by tsurutafan01 View Post
Thanks for letting me join. Looks like a really solid fleet.
We may be small, but we get the job done and have fun in the process ... Welcome aboard!

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# 135 The Story of Maikell tr'Rheu
04-26-2013, 06:21 PM
The Story of Maikell tr'Rheu

by Pathfinder

I am Maikell ir-Rahvan tr'Rheu ... Romulan by birth but made Borg by curse of the fates.

The last free thought I had was on the bridge of the starship upon which I rode, commanding a fleet that stood in defense of one of the Romulan Star Empire's outermost planets.

Our best defense proved as ineffective as if a child's pop gun were fired at the hull of a great and powerful warship.

Needless to say, we were ineffective against this unknown threat and could only watch helplessly as cube shaped vessels captured our ships and cut them apart one by one.

I still remember the screams as cries of terror that echoed across the bridge via the open comm channels.

Yet even knowing the darkness was coming for us was of no help, only deepened the terrors.

"We are the Borg," they said coldly, mechanically. "Resistance is futile ... Your distinctiveness will be added to our own."

My last thoughts were of my wife and our three children ... the youngest two of which were twins I have yet to lay eyes upon.

That was almost 50 years ago.

Since that time, I have felt as if trapped within a dream from which I could not awake.

The things I have seen and witnessed and saw myself do are ? Let me just say that I wish simply that I could forget.

However, one day everything changed ... on a day when a race I had never met unleashed a weapon aimed at the Borg cube upon which I existed as a drone designated 41 of 47.

On that day, we were freed from the collective ... casting off the shackles the Borg had used to surpress our individual and passionate natures.

One of my first awakening memories was the Drone next to me letting lose a scream of agony and triumph ... and fear and freedom all at the same time. I watched as the freed Klingon warrior ripped the metallic Borg ocular implant free of his own eye socket.

I personally could not keep from weeping as at long last I was free.

Together .. he and I ... Romulan and Klingon fought our way past confused drones and made our way to the outer hull and ultimately to freedom.

We were collected by a Starfleet vessel and taken to a treatment facility where we have remained for some time ... undergoing therapy to make sure we are free of the Borg's implants and recovering.

My companion, Rha of the Klingon House of Rha, left today to return home and find what has become of his family.

My own return home is delayed slightly as doctors tell me I have a few weeks left before I also can return to my family.

My question ... What remains of my old life these almost 50 years later?

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04-27-2013, 06:38 PM
JFC LOG -- Stardate: 90926.35

It seems that while I have been away, my wife has chosen to play.

I received a communication from her today. She informed me that not only has our daughter successfully graduated from the Imperal Academy, but my wife awarded her command of one of the ships belonging to our house, the House of Rha.

Honestly, I'm very proud of my daughter, Lursana --- bursting at the seams proud.

But to place her in command of a cruiser? ... I admit I would have placed her aboard one of our ships as a first offcer, however, my Sa'LeI swears that I am simply over protective of our child.

My wife is quick to point out that Lursana has the blood of Rha flowing through her veins ... my blood ... which makes her an honorable warrior capable of handling herself.

And it would seem that ... yet again ... my wife would be correct.

Our daughter, Capt. Lursana, has already proven herself in combat.

She participated in a battle against the True Way, boarded their command ship ... and has brought it home as a captured prize.

Although my daughter was given one of the older cruisers within our fleet, I believe should she continue to prove as successful ... we will have to give her one of the new fleet ships currently under construction.

Glory to my daughter! Glory to our family! Glory to the House of Rha!

Qapla' !!!


-- Gen. Hauk

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04-29-2013, 04:48 AM
Our Federation-side fleet's Tier 3 industrial fabricator is currently just a few days from finishing with the project timer and spitting out fleet weapons for us.

Our KDF Tier IV fleet upgrade project is filling with resources fast and not far from being sent to timer.

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05-01-2013, 06:40 AM
If there is one thing that I and others love about the game, its that we can play characters that until now have only existed in our imaginations and written stories.

What few do not know is that the central core group that start Alliance Central Command can trace our origins back to a group that has been around for over 20 years ... alt-starfleet-rpg.

From their website ... "Welcome to ASR, or simply "STAR FLEET"- a PBEM interactive role-play game made up around 100 writers spread across 18 units assigned to one of three distinct timelines. The ASR universe- the PRIME universe, as we call it- was created in 1991, and is set in a time period around 40 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, in the Earth calendar year 2424."

Their stories all exist in a shared fictional universe where the player who writes the story weaves their stories into the overall fabric of the whole thing.

Now, we split off from them and created a group much like them called Star Trek: Frontiers which continued writing for several years under that umbrella ... and then came Star Trek Online.

For those like me, it was a chance to take the characters we have been writing for 20 years and reboot them into an "alterate" universe, not unlike what JJ did.

You see, 2409 was a time when for many of us ... our characters existed and advanced forward from. So we rewound them and began again with our stories still working together in a shared universe.

Yes, not all our players write ... but some of us do.

We created Alliance Central Command to exist as casual fleet where players co-exist and play the game respectfully side by side.

Some of us are solo players. Others like to group up and enjoy team play. Then we have a few who are into radio drama and podcasting with others of us loving to write.

What connects us all is that we enjoy the Star Trek Online universe and enjoy existing within it together.

If you are interested, check us out at http://alliancecencom.com today!

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05-01-2013, 07:35 AM
The more the merrier.
Leonard Nimoy, Spock.....

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Sharvic was late for class at the new Imperial Service University in Kah'Tal city on the beautiful west coast of Plek'Kaar on Rator 3. ISU Kah'Tal was an elite school, and Sharvic found the Quantum modification class to be the most fun that he has ever had in his miserable life. On the other hand, singularity warp theory was where he really shined, and nothing was going to mar his perfect grades. Well... that was about to change.

As Sharvic ran down the egress ramp from his housing cell, on the way to meet the ground transit shuttle, he tripped over an unseen form in the shadows, and went flying into a pile of environmental filters. When he got his bearings, Sarvic regarded the supine form on his pathway. It appeared to be a male, perhaps in his 90s. His garb was simple and hooded. There were some tears, and apparent plasma burns with congealed dark green blood caked on them. Interesting! They do not appear to be fresh wounds.

Totally forgetting his urgent drive to make it to class on time, Sharvic examined the fallen man. He appeared to be breathing, and as he drew closer, the fallen man opened his eyes. These eyes were not the eyes of one who was defeated or left to die, for in them was the recognition of a bright, and intelligent serenity. "Were you sent by my old friend Tuvok?" Sharvic was taken aback. "My father knew a Tuvok, but that was in a far away time, back when we had our home world." Sharvic had no idea where those words came from, but in speaking them, the course of his life was forever altered.

The stranger jumped to his feet. "Come quickly with me! The future of our people and this quadrant is in the balance, and we have no time to lose." Sharvic, impressed by the power and conviction in that voice, immediately started following the man through the back streets to the Kah'tal shuttle port. "Excellent." "We must leave this place behind, and find a place where we will be free to forge a better life for our people." Sharvic, more than a little puzzled asked, "How can this be?" "A better life?" "Yes!" said the stranger. "The Tal Shiar have poisoned our people for long enough, and have squandered our lives for their power."

Sharvic suddenly was transported to the day the Tal Shiar took his father. The last words of his father were reassurances that with logic and equanimity, that the highest good will manifest. With the blessing of "Peace and long life," the Tal Shiar devils took from him the best man in the whole empire.

Returning from his memory, Sharvic turned to the stranger. I am Sharvic son of D'Chir, and I am ready to leave this all behind, but I don't even know your name. With a smile the stranger introduced himself "My name is D'Tan, and there is much for us to do."

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