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04-26-2014, 01:04 AM
What about the way that I purchase Zen? Is that changing?

Currently, purchasing Zen for individual games is a two-step process. Based on player feedback, we’re making Zen purchases easier with the new website.

On the current websites, when you purchase Zen, it hangs out in your wallet, waiting for you to transfer it to a specific game. When the Arcgames.com version of the website infrastructure is fully released, the Zen purchase flow will instead require the game to be selected at the time of purchase.

Anyone else just alittle bit ticked off at the fact you are now being forced to pick a game to transfer Zen too, and not be able to hold it in the wallet? Also another thing is, all you are doing in tow is making people spend more money for each game. Which in turn screws over the people that like to just have the wallet option, and move alittle at a time to the different games.

I personally think you should set it up to be a account based pool of Zen so you can just have a massive pool of Zen you can just use for any game you want at anytime. If your'e not sure what Im talking about take a look at SWTOR has done with the Cartel Market, they have it to were the CC (Cartel Coins) are linked to your account and can be used on ANY server on your account. You can't tell me you can not do that since we use the same account for ALL your games as is now.

Something to make you think about saying you have people telling you that this is a good change, I want to know who you asked? Your testers? Look at how bad the games are being tested by those testers, and ask yourself if that the correct people to ask if this was a good idea or not. Just some food for thought....

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04-26-2014, 01:10 AM
Exactly the samething I was thinking of myself. Wtf would you want to force people to choose which game they want to dump their Zen into since its been this way the WHOLE time the Zen has been here. Leave it as is, its not that hard to click one more option on where to send your Zen. Damn lazy people.....
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07-12-2014, 02:39 AM
I cannot transer ZEN into Star Trek Online using either of these systems. If I try to do it with the ZEN currently in My Wallet I cannot select the server as it only says No Characters. If I try to put it into a game at the time of purchase STO is not even in the games list.

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