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# 1 Cryptic/PWE box
06-20-2012, 05:22 AM
Perfect World Account Link Reward

If eligible (see details below), you will be able to claim this item through the in-game C-Store, under the ?Items? tab.

Reward contains:

? 5,000 Unrefined Dilithium Ore

? A consumable item that grants 2,500 EXP (or Bridge Officer skill points if your character is at max level)

? A random Rare or Very Rare weapon, scaled to your level (space or ground)

? A pack of random ?Self? Dual Consumables

? A pack of random ?Team? Dual Consumables

NOTE: This item may only be claimed once per account. If you claim it on one character, you will not be able to claim it on a different one.

The item I got out of a box was a MK X weapon, that's a Rear Admirals weapon. I'm a Vice Admiral. MK XI or XII is VA weapons. I feel cheated here.
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# 2
06-20-2012, 05:39 AM
Most STFs that I play, what I get for rewards is a mark 9 or a 10. I've just gotten used to it.

As a personal note, please use the quote function when you copy and paste something. Took a minute or two to figure out what you were talking about. It's also netiquette to do so.
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# 3
06-20-2012, 06:48 AM
at least it was a purple item, so you could get a 100k EC out of it (I could)
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# 4
06-20-2012, 07:15 AM
The reward pack is pretty much a minor apology:
"We messed up your entire forum and the convenience to purchase C-points, so here's a little something so that you don't feel as bad. And since we don't like being generous, what we give you, you can easily earn with 1 hour of playing at lv50."

That about sums it up.
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# 5
06-20-2012, 09:15 PM
They tossed in an item that immediately grants xp, however, when you have a level 50, it turns it into BOff pts, of which I have already accumulated millions. The stinker is, it's bound, and I couldn't use it for a new character had I wanted to drop it in the account bank.
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# 6
06-21-2012, 01:01 AM
ok, so I figured it out I think... I played PWE games for awhile and came to STO in February and did the little link thing, but... this promo is for cryptic/STO players before F2P not for PWE players coming/or who came from PWE to STO!!

Lame not gonna get to many PWE droving to STO! not a thank you for checking out cryptic games... but a thank you to lifers and sub, who are pre f2p players for putting up with the transition to f2p...

It should be more specific, I did do the little link thing, so it may get lots of boo's for not saying it's only for cryptic players who are pre-f2p. oh well back to STO gaming

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