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# 1 The Death of Gaming
06-20-2012, 06:08 AM
To be sure slowly year by year the death of an actually well crafted artistically inspired video game is drying up. Broken DRMs, Incomplete Games, DLC, Internet Requirement, Multiplayer. What this is doing is making great games slowly get worse and worse.

Graphical Nightmare
A lot of gaming companies are falling into this department. They are thinking that a beautifully designed gaming machine with life like people and emotions and weather and basically the entire game world. Most of us can't argue that these are indeed fantastically beautiful worlds. However the downside is that they are taking the development time from other aspects of the game to strengthen the graphics. These are being taken from game mechanics such as controls to the story of the game and the length of the game. Not only are they going for perfection of visuals but some games are actually going too far. Mirror's Edge which is a beautifully crafted game world also has the annoying problem of blinding you by sheer brightness.

Downloadable Content
I have always absolutely hated the thing that is called DLC. It pretends that it is an expansion pack, adding some features into a game, maybe a new armor or weapon. Costume pack or map all very much depending on what type of game it is. One of the best ridiculous examples of this I find would be from Mass Effect 3. On the very same day of the games release there was a DLC released that you had to purchase. Yes you heard that correctly. Not only was it first day released DLC but some very intelligent people were looking in the original games files and actually found the Prothean character was fully scripted into the game already albeit not the personal quest of his. Other games go around tossing countless DLC out that to be quiet frank is so insignificantly small it is complete lunacy and should be illegal to even charge money for it. The other flipside to this however is the Expansion Pack. One of the earliest expansions to a game I can remember is Star Craft Brood War. It wasn't even truly an expansion either. It was more a completely brand new sequel game. Running off the same engine with adding new features and things as well as taking place in even new areas or expanded areas. These truly are worthwhile to gaming. Not only that but to actually charge for these is perfectly acceptable, as they are practically a brand new game. Some expansions I have come acrossed don't even require the original game to be installed to play them. Truly the correct way for game developers to go is the expansion pack. Not useless DLC that adds a "weapon" for $2.99 but an entire huge overhaul addition to a game running at least half the price brand new.

Broken DRM & Internet Requirement
Another extremely serious problem is the so called "Security" features for games. This is 100% accurate, Assassin's Creed 2 developed by Ubisoft had one of the greatest anti piracy software on it's release. It not only required online activation to play the game but it also required you to connect to Ubisoft's servers to download the next mission while the previous mission got deleted. This was creative, very well thought up and ultimately failed within a week or so of the games release. Not only that but it greatly hindered the players who actually purchased the game. Now they not only were required to keep a live internet connection through the entire play through of a single player game. But there was also severe troubles even getting the game to run properly and stay that way. It was so problematic in-fact that once it did get cracked a lot of paying customers used that just so they didn't have to put up with all that garbage. Barring the poor souls who bought it for a console. Now lets also not forget the other side to that. A single player game should never require an internet connection unless you are actively grabbing the latest patch. All the internet requirement does is limit players who are just after an enjoyable single player game.

Incomplete Games
One game rings loudly and repeatedly, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Straight out of the box when I got this game I couldn't wait to install it. Oblivion is one of my all time favorite games simply by how vast and beautiful it was. Just to stick with the main mission though proved to be impossible to do. a Few missions into the main storyline and you're instantly stopped by a game breaking bug. The character you are supposed to speak to is silent. Not only is he silent but with subtitles on you see his speech flashing by at neck breaking speeds. Unable to complete the main quest simply because you can't get inside his room and therefor that's it. Luckily there is only one fix to this. It wasn't done by Bethesda either. Just recently in the last week or two I reinstalled the game and fully patched it up (1.5) and low and behold that game breaking bug still exists in the game. So many games now a days are just getting thrown out there basically held together by elastic tape. Clearly the beta testing was cut short and they are thrown out into the wind. In the case of Skyrim however you should be lucky that the Nexus(modding community) exists with their roll of ducktape all setup and ready to fix Bethesda's mistakes and get a working game.

Massive Multiplayer Online
Truly there are several categories of online game, however only two types really need mentioning. Free to Play (what cryptic recently became back in january) and Pay to play (what cryptic stopped being in december). I am only going to target pay to play. This should be constitutionally illegal. You go out and buy a game, only to be forced into paying a monthly SUBSCRIPTION to play the game. I have found it incredibly and morally wrong to charge players to play a game that they have already purchased. Not only is this annoying but single player franchise companies are trying to capture on this and create multiplayer versions of their single player games. Star Wars the Old Republic comes to mind. I am pretty sure that there are a ton of fans who have been sitting and waiting for a knights of the old republic 3 to come out, and what does bioware give us? An online game that after you buy it you have to pay for.

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Games are an industry, a business.

If people were to stop buying those shiny games with awesome graphics and less than mediocre gameplay... if people stopped flocking into stores to pick up a copy of "Greatest Shooter Ever MCMLIV" only to finish it less than 24 hours later and dig into the multiplayer which is basically nothing more than a cheap excuse for the Developer to sell more "maps" and costume-bits in a MT cash-store... if only...

Conclusion is, we're doing this to ourselves. We're the ones ruining gaming and games by telling Publishers and Developers how low we will tolerate the bar going.

Thing is though, as long as there are more people who'll buy new installments of "Greatest Shooter Ever MCMLIV" and purchase its long line of DLC's, who are we to complain anyway? Clearly we're not the target market anyway, right?
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# 3
06-20-2012, 12:17 PM
Originally Posted by lordxenite View Post
Games are an industry, a business.

If people were to stop buying those shiny games with awesome graphics and less than mediocre gameplay...
And I thought that gaming industry is going to...
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# 4
06-20-2012, 01:11 PM
There is hope. Look at kickstarter sometime.
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# 5
06-20-2012, 01:26 PM
I hear you OP.

No wonder all the companies pushing "real games" (ie. not facebook games) are struggeling...

The development costs are exceeding income, and they try to remedy it by putting more of what don't work in the games.

The original Civilization had higher quality than most new games, not because it had flashy gfx, but because it challenged the players intelligence. It was like the most extensive minigame ever made.

I think it's time the gaming companies made room in their staff for some people with knowledge of psychology, and some creative people who can actually think challenging concepts. Even if it be on the expense of the fluff. We had a good time seeing who could create the most stunning gfx, but stunning gfx alone will not keep players in a game.
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# 6
06-20-2012, 01:36 PM
Originally Posted by dassemsto View Post
I think it's time the gaming companies made room in their staff for some people with knowledge of psychology, and some creative people who can actually think challenging concepts. Even if it be on the expense of the fluff. We had a good time seeing who could create the most stunning gfx, but stunning gfx alone will not keep players in a game.
Don't believe it? Tell that to Mojang. Sold 4,000,000 copies of Minecraft before the game was even done....
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# 7
06-20-2012, 07:35 PM
Minecraft is exceptionally boring, nothing to do but it's like Heroin. If you try it your you come to 15 hours later "did I just spend 15 hours playing minecraft?" But even when talking about Minecraft the community for that are able to create absolutely stunning constructs within it.
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# 8
06-20-2012, 07:44 PM
Guess I better sell my computer.
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# 9
06-20-2012, 09:25 PM
Another item that you have not mentioned here is the marginalization of the modder. I have been modding games since the mid 90's. I started with an old Mac shareware game called Escape Velocity and later the Total War games by CA. My Medieval II TW mod, "Rule Britannia," just hit 30,000 downloads so I have some experience here.

There was a time, back when game companies were run by designers, that they loved the modders who kept their games alive years after they came out. Today they go out of there way to prevent it by making their code inaccessible and pushing the attack on sites that host them. The idea, I guess, is that it cuts into their profits by making people go elsewhere for new content. In fairness there is some truth to this as the downloadable content they offer is almost invariably garbage.

There was a time when I pre-ordered everything CA put out. It will be a cold day in hell before I ever by a game with their logo on it again. When the hidious and bug-ridden "Empire Total War" came out their lead designer actually said (complete with attached "lol")on his own website that he threw his free copies away when he got them the game was so awful. This, of course, was exactly what those of us who coughed up $80 for that abomination wanted to hear.

Art has been replaced with advertisement, culture with commercialism. Look what happened to painting after that worthless loser Andy Warhol came on the scene. What was the last movie you paid to see without feel robbed? Once there was Janis Joplin--today there is Lady GaGa; a twit so useless she makes Madonna look talented.

Suits poison everything they touch.

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# 10
06-21-2012, 02:42 AM
I can think of at least two games that are the exception to your argument.

Batman: Arckam City
A beautifully crafted action/adventure in a wide open word.

The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings
Yes, it suffered from a temporary DRM limitation it was the only game in recent memory to get a complete overhaul or enhanced addition to include new content, voice over, and music at NO COST to those who already purchased the release copy.

The Future is not as bleak as you may think it is. Yes companies look for ways to protect their property from online piracy but I do not believe that it is the end of quality games.

I challenge you to look for other quality games out there.
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