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# 1 The Covenant Series
06-22-2014, 04:10 PM
Hey all, I am back with a new Series Called: The Covenant Part 1.
Trailer 2:
__________________________________________________ ________________________

Name: The Covenant Part 1
Author: Logitech007
Language: English
Allegiance: Starfleet-Federation
Level: 31+
Version:V1.3: 2014/07/12: Added some FX and some map changes. Looked at the dialog.
Story: Admiral Mauel Rodessa is on her personal flagship, U.S.S.Quantum, requests you for classified mission. The outcome of the mission will hold the key to a defeat of one of the most powerful enemies that have been encountered in the Alpha and Beta quadrants. But during this mission a new threat rears its head, threatening the balance and peace of the Alpha and Beta quadrants.
Where to start: The door just below the transporter room, on the main concourse of Earth Space dock.
Cardassian Embassy
Cargo bay / Briefing room
Deck Nine
Deck Six
Defera System
Market place
Planet's surface
U.S.S. Odyssey
Unknown system
Unknown System
USS Quantum Cargo bay
Admiral Mauel Rodessa
Commander William Boone
Ambassador Jesse Low
Ambassador Karatek
Ambassador Arizhel
Ambassador Nee'gah
Ambassador D'tyla
Ambassador Ligaruk
Ambassador Dimad
Ambassador Outx
Ambassador Koseg
Head Security Officer
Various other Security Officers
Doctor Jesse Lowly
Various Other Aliens
Ferengi Zuck
Pakled Nop
Various other Officers

__________________________________________________ ________________________

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