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maybe all three ambassador classes will make it in to star trek online since all three ambassador class ships are canon. the ambassador first batch 2320 to 2333 of the enterprise c type unmodified look.

maybe the yumgachi and zhukov 2345 to about 2380+ were retrofits after the study on the enterprise c logs of the battle of nervandra 3 and star fleet found some sort of design flaw and heavy battle damage that egorvated the age related problem do to age related that lead to the enterprise c time jumping from 2344 to 2366. entrprise c was on her way back earth for a major scedualed refit the she reponded the distress call from narendra 3 battle. how hard did the enterprise c push the warp core to get to narendra 3 plus fight 4 roumulan warbirds? if i were to guess that the enterpric c was pushing 200 to 250% over maxium warp almot warp at 9.6 for 2 hour or 4 hours which would weaken the warp core a good amount and cause weird time effects like time jumping in the middle of a battle.

the andrew profits ambassador class could be a new desing after the last borg war in 2383 to 2388
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other then sela birth was because the war tashia yar returned to the enterprise c past how how was the main line changed?
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