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Originally Posted by altechachan View Post
Miss Kirk,

Welcome to STO! Since you are patching, please be aware that the default game has "On Demand Patching" enabled. This means the game constantly downloads patches to itself even while you are paying!

You can disable this function by selecting the "Disable On Demand Patching" box in the Options menu of your STO launcher. Your download will be much larger but it'll save you loading time as you explore the game and do missions.

Other than that, keep your Tribbles away from food, a phaser on your hip holster, and a hypospray handy. Happy Trekking!
Hmm, I shall do that! Thanks for the tip!

(I thought the Tribbles were adorable! Always wanted one of those phaser and hypos....Oh hypos...)

Thank you for everything, fellow Trekkie!
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Originally Posted by darkstarkirian View Post

Can't help but wonder if elizabethkirk is as female as rachelgarret is...
Think of it like a lockbox...

Originally Posted by elizabethkirk View Post
Oh I have no doubt that WE will definitely be friends.

Tell me more about yourself? I love meeting new people.

Live Long and Prosper
I love a joke, thats all you need to know for now :biggrin:
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Originally Posted by elizabethkirk View Post

Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz, Ellie, or whatever you'd like.

I've been a Trekkie for years. While I was nowhere near being born when TOS aired, (My mother was born in 62, I was born 92) The Original Series and TNG are both absolutely my favorite. Hence why I picked ElizabethKirk.

My favorite characters are Kirk, Spock, Bones, Picard, Crusher (both).

I'm also a huge fan of the reboot. Chris Pine is undoubtably hot. Can't forget Quinto.

I was on Youtube when I came across this, a small video playing in the corner and its like OMGREALLY!? When I saw the little video for it, I got a big high.

So taking a small break from reading 2009/TOS fanfiction on, I just had to do it.

Anyways, I don't know anybody here. So, if you'd like to talk, I'm here!

Welcome to STO feel free to ask any of the nut-- err helpful players for info anytime. :tongue:
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Originally Posted by darkstarkirian View Post

Can't help but wonder if elizabethkirk is as female as rachelgarret is...
Lol, I'd have to say it so.

100% female for sure. I just had to do something as female and original as ElizabethKirk.
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Welcome to STO, Elizabeth. Once you get your feet wet, you might consider joining a fleet. (Actually, a fleet can be of great help when starting out as well). The upcoming season 6 release will feature a lot fleet development content. Plus, it's nice to have a group of friends to play with. (Fleets in STO are like Guilds in other games).

Anyway, when you are ready, check out the fleet section of the forums. It's near the bottom of the main forum page, titled "Starbase One". Link:

There are quite a few good ones to choose from.

Oh, and Roach, I almost spit out my drink on my laptop when I read your display name.
Come join the 44th Fleet.
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Greetings, elizabethkirk! It is always good to see a new person so energetic! :biggrin:

Now, my global name is @DeltaFox and I will be so very happy to help out however I can in game. So shoot me a message (not a torpedo!) when you get ingame and we can be friends! Also, I love the newest trek movie! Also, ST: Enterprise!
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Since you have some time left before the game is ready to go and seem to like reading, how would you like to read up on some STO lore before you jump in?

Path to 2409

(Scroll down a bit to the part under "Chapters".)

STO takes place in the year 2409, which is 30 years after Star Trek: Nemesis. The above link goes to some stories that fill in the gaps between the movie and the game. These were released on the site before the game went live and have since been moved into the game. It might give you a better idea on situations and story lines we have going on in game.

Oh and I would suggest bookmarking the STO Wiki page, it's a good resource to have on hand.

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welcome to the game and have fun.

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And if there's one thing you absolutely must know it's to...

never, ever, on your life, touch a lock box. They are poisoning the game. Don't spend a dime on master keys!
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Hello Ellie! I'm another Trekkie lady in the community. I also roleplay (major gamer), cosplay, build weapons/armor, prosthetics and more, love tabletop RPG and LARPing - including sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, and steampunk LARP, and more. This year, I'm going for my second time to the massive Vegas Star Trek convention, which I recommend if/when you can ever make it to one! There's also another in London coming up (not sure where you're based in the world).

I also read and write at (mostly TMNT, ST-TNG, Gargoyles, Farscape, Firefly, Riddick, and others). I'd love to get recommendations from you on good Trek stories and authors there!

On that note, if you are interested in fanfiction, the STO Foundry is PERFECT for you! I recently began working on my first mission and story with it and I know a few great foundry pros who can guide you if you need. If you aren't making the missions, then for sure check out the foundry in the game and play other people's missions/stories. It's in the side menu of the main Journal/Missions pop up page, as Community Authorized missions. Then just put anything in the search field (might have to click a little button to drop it down and make it visible) and see what comes up! Hail it and play it! There are ways to get more rewards from them and I can share if you'd like. Not sure what level you're at.

Also, feel free to mail me or find me in game and friend me. I'm always up for chatting, roleplay, or running missions with people - so if you want to level up faster or want company on a mission, contact me! When I'm being casual, silly, or roleplaying, I'm usually at Drozana Station or DS9.

~ Adrianne
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