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Let me first start with saying that me and my fellow Admirals were here in Beta, grinded to Admirals only to find there was really nothing left to do in the game withing the first 5 months of launch. We moved on to games like BSG and world of tanks. As we are true Trekkies, we've made our way back to federation space, alas to find the game exactly the same as when we left(you can only do so many dailies and STF's). So here is a humble starfleet officers opinion on how to revive this fairly new game:

1) Nuetral zones(your Btran clusters/Hromi clusters) should be open PVP areas...nothing says aiding that planet might not go so well as a set of BOPs decloaking on ur 6 when your approaching the planet. Or going planet side just to find a Gorn landing party already down there picking up your scans...phaser turrets please!!

2) Please allow us to lock bridge officers to specifically assigned ships. If we're really Admirals, it's appropriate to think we'd have captains and their officers assigned to specific ships within our command. Those officers would "lock" into their stations on those ships so we wouldn't have to reconfigure our HUD everytime we change ships.

3) and lastly, please allow us to assign ships of lower tiers then our currently assigned ship from our list of ships to fight with us thru the starfleet reinforcement skill as opposed to the "ghost" ships...I'd really like to be flying my assault cruiser, and have my own heavy escort and science ship with their(my) own officers and skills brought with them to fight along side of me...

these 3 additions to the game would, in my mind, really bring STO into the game I had anticipated from the beginning and make it the top MMO out there....thank you...
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Excellent points.

I didn't discover the game until a few months ago, and have already exhausted the content for both factions. (One significantly faster than the other...) The only reason I still login is because of PvP. Generating dynamic PvP as in point 1 would greatly enhance my enjoyment of the game.

Points 2 and 3 are such obvious good ideas it's a wonder they weren't the original design to begin with.
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06-20-2012, 04:06 PM
Originally Posted by apershing View Post

A COMPLETE FORUM OVERHAUL would, in my mind, really bring STO into the game I had anticipated from the beginning and make it the top MMO out there....thank you...
I fixed it for you!

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