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06-21-2012, 02:19 AM
Been reading the Foundry Tearms of Use, and have a few questions about somethings that are not clear from it

First about the rule against using Characters that appeared on TV/Movies because of using the likeness of Real People without their Permission. Seeing this game takes place in the 25th century, any Cannon Character that is alive would have aged alot. Also alot of other stuff could have happened to them, they could either gain or lose alot of weight, or gone thru an acciendent and have their face reconstructed, or in the case with Dax and other Cannon Trills are in a New Host. So dose this rule still apply if logicaly these Character won't look exactly like the Actors that played them?

Also have another question. Are there any Rules about using Characters and Content from other Foundry Authors. So far I have seen Helna used by 3 differant Foundry Authors, is there some kind of process to get premission to use her or do people just do it. Can anyone make a mission that includes character like Helna and Amanda Barclay, and have it take place in the Antonedian Galaxy? Fanfiction have been a big part of Star Trek Fandom, and the Foundry gave use a great way to make and experience these stories, also these stories have a big fan fallowing just like the source material, and people would like to expand on them too, so are there any rules on doing so?
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06-21-2012, 03:34 AM
Yes, you can create a Dax character if its the symbiont in another body.

Additionally, one may not portray actors, but we can recreate their characters.. like the adventures of Morn, or the tar Monster.. (characters that could not clearly be identified as a specific actor likeness - such as Kira).

You can even have a conversation with such known characters once no likeness is shown. So Bran uses an example of speaking to Picard except in the dialogue box (of a hail) a ship or object is shown, and not a recreation of Picard.

Anyway, you should check out that thread.. here: click

As far as using other people's characters.. I'd steer far clear of that, unless I had a very compelling reason. Of course, I would only ever do so after clearing it explicitly with the original author first, and after outlining what I intend to do with said character (actively involve them, or refer to them only etc). But again, I would steer clear of that.
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06-21-2012, 04:28 AM
If you want to use other people's characters, you should just contact them. I'm sure many would be willing to let you use their characters, at least as a cameo.
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06-21-2012, 05:48 AM
Using Fanfiction is perfectly fine, a lot of people have used fanfiction as a springboard for Foundry missions (or the other way around). If it's your own, then obviously there's no issue. If it's someone else's, make sure you get permission.

There has been a debate about whether Cryptic/PWE then own a character or a story if you put them into the Foundry, after all they retain ownership of all our missions. But if you created the character in some other medium first, is it exempt from that?

I don't know. But for some people, maintaining their rights over their characters and stories is very important, so I thought that ought to be mentioned.
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