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I'm lvl11 and I've completed this mission and I'm wondering in the description it said that I'll receive a free ship in the end but nothing happened when I completed it.So is there something wrong or I'm just a noob and there is nothing for free.

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Go to the Shipyard in Earth Space Dock, talk to Malcom Sissel (green chat option), approach the red door, it says "turbolift to ship requisition", do so.
Once there, go to the counter on the right, the female Trill (IIRC) NPC says "Starship Requitisition and Shuttles Info" or something like that, you click "get a new ship" in the menu and you'll have a choice of 3 ships (+3 refit versions that aren't free).
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You don't have to talk to Sissel, I think.....
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remember to visit Admiral Quinn at ESD and he will send you up to the space dock where you can choose your new ship from the Requisition officer on the right down by the big window

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You actually have to go select your new ship. It doesn't magically give you a random ship - read the quest description.

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