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# 1 "A Few Good Captains..."
06-21-2012, 05:32 PM
The Star Trek Online FLEET MARINE FORCE is looking for a few good Captains!

The Fleet Marine Force is a dynamic and exciting fleet of mature, knowledgeable and dedicated players who take their fun very seriously! We love both old salt veterans, and squeaky new boots fresh out of the Academy!

What we look for in an Officer:

1. Maturity. We don't mean just age here; we mean no drama queens, cry-babies or whiners.
2. Dedication. Our player base is extremely active and we require our members to be active WITH the fleet both in game and in our voice server.
3. Fun. If you have no sense of humor, please show yourself to the transporter pad.

What we offer as a Fleet:

We offer simply the best group gaming experience you can imagine! Hit our website and feast your eyes on what we have to offer and what we are all about! www.stofmf.com


Q. Do I have to be a real Marine or veteran to join?
A. No. If you can imitate the military bearing from any of the Star Trek franchises, you'll do just fine.
Q. Will I be automatically approved when I apply?
A. No. We are looking for a FEW GOOD CAPTAINS, not a huge fleet of non-hacks!

Additional Info:

To give you a "sneak peak" of who and what we are about, we have produced a Foundry Mission entitled "FMF Recruiting" which can be found by hitting your "J" key while in-game to bring up your "Mission Journal" click the available tab, and on the left side of that window you will find a tab called "Community Authored" here you will search for our mission title.

For more details: In Game, PM or Game Mail @Fido73
or Contact and apply: www.stofmf.com

See you Soon!

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