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# 1 Silent Stars Society
06-21-2012, 06:39 PM
With Season 6 approaching, I am looking for people to join a fleet to build a starbase. The Silent Stars Society will be different than most fleets, which always seem to want friendly, helpful, active players. The fundamental principle of this fleet is each member is free to decide to what, if anything, they contribute to the fleet and how much they participate in it. Obviously, this is not the right kind of fleet for everyone. Anyone who believes that everyone needs to do their fair share or wants a group of people they can depend on for help would not belong here. However, it might be exactly right for people who would like to have a starbase but do not want any obligations imposed on them.

  • Members will not be penalized for not contributing to the fleet.
  • Members will not be penalized for not participating in events.
  • No voice chat will be provided and use of it will never be required.
  • All members will have access to the fleet bank. Anything there can freely be taken by anyone who wants it.

If this fleet sounds attractive to you, let me know so we can get together and create it.
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