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Originally Posted by raptor63549 View Post
Personally, I don't see the Atrox as a top of the line science ship for science captains to strive for. It is slower than an Odyssey, so the playstyle is much different. Myself, I am waiting for a science ship with a LtC. Tac slot that is otherwise like the Recon (love my luna, but would love to be able to deploy FAW III).

I do see that it is an end game ship, and I have one, and it is very powerful. it just seems to me that it is weird that Escort captains only have 2 ships at RA while Cruiser and Science captains have 3. I had hoped for some sort of parity (though that might be asking too much since they release more cruisers than escorts and science ships)
Yes, both Cruisers and Science Vessels have the two modern splits and then a retrofit from tier 3 (coincidentally they both have advanced). Escorts have none. There should be a tier 3 escort added to the RA ranks, like the akir- oh wait.... Yeah so adding the akira to VA level ships makes my OCD go crazy, BUT, I guess they could add an RA Saber retrofit to the escorts. If they had added akira to RA it would have made so much sense, RA gets the free/modern 2x for each splits, plus a retrofit of the t3 +1 ship. Then VA gets the retrofit of the 'series' vessels (i.e. galaxy retro, defiant retro, and intrepid retro) and all the other weird and wild stuff that comes out.

Edit: oh i forgot that the d'kyr was RA...yeah that should be VA, then the above scheme works out.

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