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08-15-2012, 03:28 AM
im have an issue buying zen, i can add funds to steam in lots of ?4, thats how ive bought c-points in the past, and it used to give me 500c-points for ?4, now the Z-points are ?4.50 for 500.
so i have ?4 sitting in my steam wallet, i could add another ?4 but then id end up with ?3.50 in my steam wallet, i also only wanted to buy 25 more doff slots so im not going to add more funds. pwe should make purchases by steam wallet ?4 lots not 500z-point lots
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# 32 ZEN from Steam to STO issues
09-06-2012, 09:38 PM
I downloaded STO via Steam. I purchased $50 USD via Steam and have confirmation via email from Steam and Paypal that the transaction was completed successfully. I also can see within my account options in Steam that I have the $50 available.

Going via the STO game client, I go into the zen store, click Buy Zen, select the "Steam Wallet" option (The only option available), select the 5000 zen option, and hit BUY. But it times out and tells me that the transaction has been cancelled.

Checking my steam account, I can see that the transaction was attempted, and failed (Now five times).

The first time, got impatient so closed the "buy zen" window. Got a message back eventually that I had cancelled it. Makes sense.

Second time, tried again, same instance of the client, but it timed out.

Checked the Steam account and noted that there were two failed transactions, so I can see some kind of communication.

Third time, closed STO, restarted STO without restarting Steam, and again, time out.

Fourth time, closed STO, closed Steam Client, Restarted both, logged in, and again it shows it timed out.

Fifth time, checked my AV software at my firewall, and turned off web filtering, virus blockers, spyware blockers, phish blockers, and anything else that could contribute to a bad/unexpected result coming back from the servers, and STILL no go.

Is there some kind of delay in payment between the two services I'm not aware of? What else do I need to check up on to find out whats going on?

According to the FAQ:
Q: Can I still purchase Cryptic Points through Steam?
Cryptic Points will no longer be available through Steam, however, when logged in through Steam, you will be able to purchase ZEN directly within Cryptic Games using Steam Wallet. ZEN purchased for Champions Online or Star Trek Online using Steam Wallet will go directly into your ZEN balance in-game.

Went to bed after this, shut machine down, and woke up this AM to try again. Still fail. Started hunting for log files, found the following:

120907 11:17:37 25 Client[0 P[xxxxx@xxxxx Xander Hunt@Pontiac76]]: GameServer link disconnected ( Reason: Disconnect Error: 10053(10053:Connection reset locally) (socket error 10053: Connection reset locally)

Checking to see who owns I found it to belong to Cryptic. Something wrong with the connectivity between Cryptic and steam?

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09-17-2012, 03:42 AM
Is it possible to transfer ZEN from STO back to PW Wallet?
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09-17-2012, 05:19 AM
Originally Posted by frankblack View Post
Is it possible to transfer ZEN from STO back to PW Wallet?
No. If you transferred it to STO by mistake you can contact Support and explain the situation. They might transfer it back, but I wouldn't hold my breath - especially if they see you were using the Zen.
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10-14-2012, 02:16 PM
I want to know what my C-Points went to. It sdays my accounts are linked, and I'm a life time subscribers who has not played in ages, but I can see no c-points in my account!

Edit: Ok, found my CPoints (knew that would happen as soon as I asked, sigh...) but can I make them into Zen and use them in another game?

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10-17-2012, 09:35 AM
Why isn't STO in the gameslist of the CORE-connect client ( even though it is a PWE game ) ?
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10-18-2012, 11:32 AM
Originally Posted by rikwessels View Post
Why isn't STO in the gameslist of the CORE-connect client ( even though it is a PWE game ) ?
Because at this time CORE Connect does not support STO. Not all PWE games are in the CORE Connect system.
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10-20-2012, 09:55 AM
I try to buy zen from inside the game using my "steam wallet" - I've been free to play up to now. I've put money in the wallet but every time I try to buy through the steam wallet in the steam client I get a failed in the "event" column.

I read somewhere I have to link my steam and my sto account but when I went to the address and entered my sto account nothing happened

any ideas?
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10-24-2012, 11:13 PM
I have been trying to buy Zen for two days now. My accounts are linked with my PWI account but, it repeatedly tells me that I need a level 10 character in order to buy Zen. ALL but ONE of my characters are level 10+. I followed the advice in the FAQ &, unsurprisingly, it didn't work....

I then emailed tech support &, as you might have guessed, they merely replied with the information from their FAQ. I have loaded, reloaded, cleared, purged & flushed the system more times than I can count. It's as if PWI doesn't WANT our money....
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11-06-2012, 10:38 AM
https://billing.perfectworld.com/ has been timing out the whole day today.

I guess PW/Cryptic don't want my money.
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