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I have to be able to edit my posts. So this thread is copy pasta of my old one. This will likely be a gradual process of copy pasta ing. Stupid perfect world for botching the migration... Of course with the new fleet ships, and new other ideas for old ships, I'll be adding new content as well.

"I should be facerolling Escorts and bops with my Ship of the line! This isn't canon!" This is a common variation on frustrated pvpers. Often times they will post what appears to be an indepth analyisis even as to "just what makes Escorts and bops OP" When frankly, they couldn't be more wrong. The first question to ask, is a Cruiser a DPS Ship? The answer is as follows. While there are a couple of exceptions to the rule, by and large...

Nope unless you are following a fairly narrow Tac Cruiser build your job isn't dps (and then with a tac cruiser the best ones in my opinion, treat damage at best as an equal partner to the ships native role fedside). Your role is support, first and foremost as a cruiser. You have to keep your team mates alive through the alpha strikes coming in from the klingon attacks / enemy escorts (FvF if the latter). Once you keep your team mate alive (most likely an Escort since those are almost always priority one in pvp to kill, they are the squishiest fedside. Though, I often target Gal X's first, as nothing is so clearly a Noob Pilot as someone in any Galaxy Class Variant) then your enemy you'll find has alot less damage for around thirty seconds or so afterwards, in which case it's a slow build up back up, which is far more managable with healing.

Throughout this thread I will post various builds (others are welcome to post builds as well) that I recommend for use in pvp. NOTE if it works in pvp it will ROFLSTOMP any and all pve.

Cruisers are actually the hardest ships to kill when built properly, due to having very high native damage reduction, shield strength and hull points. Especially engineering cruisers, as they have access to a host of self heal capability that other classes do not have. When the pilot of a cruiser doesn't suck, he doesn't become a high priority/easy quick kill.
Use powers like Emergency Power to Shields 2, and 1, Engineering team 2 and 3, Aux to structural integrity field 3, Extend Shields 2, Reverse Shield Polarity1, and if you are a Tac, Emergency Power to Weapons1, or if you are an engineer or sci captain, Emergency Power to Aux1. For tactical slots, run Tactical Team1, and either Attack Pattern Delta1, or Tactical team 1, and Beam Overload2. (if you are a tac) Science powers, Hazard Emitters1/Polarize Hull1, and Transfer Shield strength2, or two transfer shield strengths. (1 and 2)

If you have an extra ensign slot, you might as well throw target engines there to assist in controlling enemy movement.

If you have the following powers on your ship remove them immediately because they are utterly worthless. Emergency Power to Weapons 2 and up. Emergency to Aux 2 and up, Emergency to Engines 2 and up. Aux to Battery 1 and up. Boarding Party 1 and up, Aceton Field 1 and up. Aux to Inertial Dampeners 2 (1 is just as good as 2 is), Jam Sensors, Scramble Sensors (not really worthless but it's not a cruiser power by any means), Tachyon Beam1 or 2, (1 is terrible and you do not have the turn rate to make 2 work) Energy Siphon1, Torpedo High Yield 1 or 2 *again you don't really have the turn rate for this one, and only tacs really get the miles out of this use Torp Spread instead great for Escorts though* Beam Overload1 (only good for killing shuttles... BO2 is much better)

Power levels should be weapons /25 Shields /75, Engines /25 Aux /75 for healing configuration, and if you are running emergency to weapons instead of aux, weapons /75 shields /75 engines /25 aux /25

That's just a sample fairly standard healcruiser build it works great with the Assault Cruiser, and the gal X (as much as anything can work with that ugly, and horrible ship seriously gtfo out of it ASAP the Galaxy X is a terrible ship. It's not as bad as it used to be but it's still the worst cruiser in the game. It's a Vanity Item at best and a Bullseye creator at worst as no other ship in the game clearly marks you as a Noob as a Gal X.. cause everyone that has experience avoids it, and the Gal Retrofit like the black plague) star cruisers I'll cover later. There's a few other more advanced build options you can run, but this is a good one to learn on as it has plenty of healing for team mates, (and heal your team mates! if you save them all for yourself you are only getting your allies killed!) The Excelsior is a damage ship, but is best employed by Tactical and Science captains. Engineers need not apply unless you enjoy wasting your time. (as Engineer captains do not do DPS, nor do they do Debuffing like science captains do)

Emergency powers are the lifeblood of a good fedcruiser, as they enable you to greatly boost your power level for whatever emergency to X you are running at the time. Emergency Power to Shields can be chained one after another (which is why so many ships seem ''invincible'' to you) Tactical team makes all but the most fiercesome anti proton beam overload 3 crit a complete joke, even if your emergency power to shields isn't up at the time. Reverse shield polarity is used as an oh crap button when you have already given away your transfer shield strengths to a team mate and you are almost out of shields. (it's especially useful just after you get sub nucleaonic beamed, and you pop a shield battery with it. Then you can usually save Rotate Shield freq if you are an engineer for the second sub nuc if it's coming and chances are someone's given you a sci team to clear the debuff, and an emergency power is probably also ready at that point) you should always always always if possible have an emergency power to shields up.

And yes you can run two emergency powers at the same time if they are for different subsystems.

When running at the /75 powers I mentioned emergency power 2, is enough to put your shields at full strength, which boosts your shield regen, and it's native damage reduction, it also has the pleasant side effect of almost maxing out your extend shields' damage reduction bonus. While emergency 1 almost kicks everything to capacity as well.

Devices I recommend keeping the following handy. Shield Batteries, (or rechargeable shield battery if you can get one) Weapon Battery, Subspace field modulator, and Aux Battery. Shield Batteries are for when you have been Sub Nucleaonic beamed. This gets your shield power right back up to 125 and gives a small shield heal in the process. For Engies this makes them even more frustrating to kill since often you can then save rotate shield frequency for either being nucced again, or just for use as your shield strength falls to roughly half. For Tacs and Sci it's a straight up life saver. Weapon batteries are to be used when a target is near death (if you aren't using emergency power to weapons1 or if it's cooldown is active), so you can cram that last little bit of DPS into the target to hopefully down it before they can get heals.
Subspace field modulators are good for when you are being focus fired and a shield is near critical, it increases both your damage resistance and your Defense Score, Aux Batteries are for when you are running weapon power bias (ie thats one of your /75s) or for when your EPTA (emergency power to aux1) is off, and you need that -extra- bit of healing to save someone's life.

Don't forget to put Distribute Shield power somewhere you can easily keep hitting it, when the enemy starts attacking you. Most people keybind it to the space bar, but honestly I shield tank worse then I run it there, because it throws off the rhythm of the shield distribution when damage comes in. Sure it's more micro intensive than what most people do, but honestly it pays dividends especially when tac team is on cool down. (and now you all know my secret for shield tanking... I'm doomed)

Also, pay attention to your positioning relative to the other players on your team. Cruisers should either be in the middle where they can put their extend shields outwards, or circling slowly behind the Escorts on the outside edge of combat, and adjust your throttle as you go along. Also, I recommend you move throttle control to the mouse scroll wheel. That lets you pull off fancy moves, like the reverse flat spin which is very difficult if not impossible with the default bind of it being on your keyboard, this also frees up your fingers so they can more easily hit the number rows and keep fighting, or frees up the default throttle keys for staple abilities so you do not have to hunt the keyboard and never leave WASD.

For example when I'm at a buddies place, and I need my sto fix and I forget to take my Razer Naga with me (which really is worth the investment if you plan on playing alot of mmos and rts games) I bind whatever my emergency power to shields is, (third ability, on the top row usually) to Q, and the second emergency power to shields to E.

Speaking of, if you really want to get serious in pvp without springing for a razer naga you might want to consider a keyboard layout different from the standard WASD+ Numbers and start binding various abilities to other keys, like the aformentioned E and Q. Some other good non number keys to bind powers to are also C, X, Z, V and B, just to cite some examples. This means you never leave total control over your ship, while you are hitting powers. Which is one of the reasons the Razer Naga is just so good. All the numbers are on the side of the mouse leaving your other hand free for actually moving about, hitting push to talk keys, firing weapons etc.

To change your control scheme press Escape, hit options, and click on the tab for keybinds. Begin arranging as desired.

I also recommend heavily regardless of what you do for ability activation running the 3 row power tray instead of the default one with the silly pictures of your bridge crew. The default tray is completely useless in pvp, wastes time in searching for abilities, and even worse clutters up your screen. Also, practice using the numbers instead of mouse clicking abilities. It saves your mouse for healing allies then or clicking through enemy targets.

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# 2 Skill Spec. 2.0
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This, is an extremely valuable tool tool to have. I heartily recommend everyone at least check this out at least once.
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# 4 Duty Officers 101
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The title explains what this post is about.
The first step into understanding the doff system (which is usually fairly straight up and down easy) is understanding what powers you want to accent the most.

Lets start with the healing Rig.
There is a doff that increases all of your power levels 20 percent of the time (on the green level) by 15 each time you use Emergency power to X. This one is one of my favorites for several reasons, not least among them is hey whatever subsystem you neglect just got a 15 power boost. That's always nice. It doesn't seem like much, but every little bit helps (as if you have your power settings correct on a cruiser EPTS1 suddenly hits max shield power when this procs for example. And procced shield power is always handy)
this doff is called the Warp Core Engineer.

There's a maintenance engineer that also reduces the cool downs of all Eng Team, for anything using ET3 this is mandatory. Development Lab Scientist works the Sci Team down, and I think the Con Officer for Tac team (not that you should really run this one since you're more focused on healing in -any- cruiser). This is a pretty handy one to have on a cruiser as well, as it can free up bridge officer slots for other stuff like say Aux To Inertial Dampeners so you can keep your Extend Shields going when the photonic shockwaves come to play.

The tactical DOFFs which give you a chance to shield heal every time you use Brace For Impact are also incredibly useful (as often you are using that when your shields are near dead anyway) I recommend 2 of those on almost any ship. This doff is called the Shield Distribution Officer.

Obviously there's only five doff slots you can work with. So your best bet is to play with them all till you find the balance you like. Those are my immediate favorites for Cruisers however. (and the Brace for impact, and EPTX doffs are my faves for all ships in general yeah it ends up eating 3 to 4 of them really you don't need more than 2 of the BFI doffs unless you are rolling Escort and with a cruiser 1 is often adequate)

Playing with the just these doffs can help your cruiser better fit it's chosen role particularly the damage and heal roles. Example you might want more Maintence Team helpers on a DPS cruiser so you can cram more dps oriented, or powers that in the long run will help your dps (such as aux 2 damp) . So you run more there, than you would in a pure healer.

Control DPS/Heal cruisers things get interesting with DOFFs, cause you get some really neat ones like the one that boosts your chance to immobilize a target every time you use Warp Plasma. Having the Maint engineer, or 2 that reduce Team CDs really helps this loadout (if they are green or better. Ideally you go with 2 blue ones , then get a BFI shield healing doff, and 2 of the warp plas ones)

with a control ship the reduced evasive cooldown doff is even worth looking at as it gives you potentially better chances to employ warp plasma, and still give you some defensive capability. (I wouldn't take more than 2 though and only if they are blue level personally)

Or you can choose to stick with the EPTX Doff that boosts power levels, mix in the warp plas, and a couple BFI Doffs, with the deflector cd reduction doffs..

I wish I could be more specific with DOFFs but they really are an experiment till you find your balance thing. These are the ones I solidly recommend for cruisers though.

EDITORs NOTE: I will be updating this to reflect the most recent doff wave.
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# 5 Set Items Theory 2.0
06-22-2012, 05:10 PM
Set Items By now you are probably wondering "mav... or anyone what set do I get? There's so many out there!"

The Answer? Is a little complicated and easy at the same time. It depends on what you are after.
I really really recommend going with either 3 piece borg and Maco shield fedside (pretty standard setup gives you great longevity)

Or consider 2 piece Omega and 2 pieces Borg.

Unfortunately this isn't even a choice that's as much tied to your own build as what your team mates are packing as to what really works best for you and your group of friends. (and trust me you really want to start pvping with friends... or make some friends while pvping. There's pugging and winning.. then there's being part of a team, and -knowing- your team mates. Obvious tactical benefits aside, mmos are ultimately a social experience and there's no better one out there imo than sto pvp with friends)

For example, if your team is already loaded for bear with control spam (such as CPB, Shockwave, Gravity well PANDAS I AM LOOKING AT YOU ) 3 Piece borg and Maco might be your best bet as to minimize the "Oh **** I need a heal!" moments. Your team is already overkilling crowd control anyway and when your targets don't have any shields as it is... one more Tet glider won't make much of a difference.

However if your team is lacking in crowd control (like say 2 Escorts 2 Sci or god help you 3 Escorts a Sci and you) a 2 piece borg 2 piece Omega might be your best bet. You need all the cc you can cram in. The regenerative shields of say Borg or Omega (if you go borg shields, go Borg Shield, Borg Console, Omega Deflector and Engine. If you go Omega shield, go Omega Engine with it and Borg Deflector and Console) are still fairly stout on a max or near max shield power cruiser and are honestly a little less vulnerable overall to Tetryon Gliders, Tetryon Procs, Tachyon beam3, and CPB drains as they spring back incredibly quickly. Sure you are a little more vulnerable to burst from an Escort but no setup is truly perfect shield wise.

"What do I run without these borg / stf sets though?" I really recommend the old school MK X purple shields like Resilient Cap3s, Covariant Cap3s, or Regenerative cap 3s, and purple X deflectors or blue XIs. Pre Purple Shields, I recommend MK XI or X Covariant Cap2s at least to get you by for shields.

Notice what I left off the table here? Aegis and Breen. That's cause both of them are Junk. Like not even a little junk they are total junk. Okay, I'll be fair the Aegis is an almost stop gap till you get your borg stuff its got a really nice Deflector that adds to shield power and has some decent skill bonuses and the engine isn't terrible. Breen stuff though... that's irredeemably bad. It's not even as good as "normal" gear in all honesty.
Do note that if you do run Aegis deflector I might shoot for the borg shield or Maco shield first in your stf gear. The Borg shield cause you'll get another +5 shield power (meaning now you have +10 over someone without that stuff, +14 shield power if you have the shield power console too and they don't have the shield power console) which allows you to put power into either your Weapons, Aux or Engines. Engines are a good idea if you are running DPS hybrid with your ship, as is it's a good option for Control ships. This will help mitigate the gear disadvantage you have till you can get your better equipment. While the maco will give you +2 to everything when you are being shot at. Giving you a still nifty bonus but great resistance to damage. I'll leave the visual of what your power levels will look like if your EPTX bonus power doff procs with all this going on for yourself. (+29/+26 to your shield power on the proc and static bonuses alone... throw on the EPTS boost now... Yeah. Crazy. Lots of room to play there)
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# 6 Consoles 101
06-22-2012, 05:11 PM
Every cruiser that has even one eng team, ASIF or Hazard emitters Needs 2 SIF Generators for the builds I've discussed so far. They tremendously boost your healing capability. To not have them is almost criminal. RCS? Only put on a control focused AC and then I wouldn't run more than 2, at max.

Another very solid console layout is 2 SIF Generators, and 2 Armors. I prefer Tetraburnium coupled with Diburnium for my armors as this gives you ridiculous resists to all energy types, with abit more leaning on Phasers and disruptors.

Sci Consoles, Field Generator at least one of these is mandatory, Borg Console can fit in here as well. For builds where the DPS isn't as important, you can move the Borg out and put in either a Shield Emitters console, or another Field Generator. Oddy's for example I recommend 2 to 4 Field Generators, couple that with a regen shield and the oddy's OP shield modifier and you get some insane shield tanking, at very low effort on your behalf, which means more heals for everyone else.

Tactical Consoles, for Damage and Control, as many energy consoles as you can stuff in here. For healing, any cstore consoles, and the borg and maybe an energy console.
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# 7 Ability Tray Layouts
06-22-2012, 05:12 PM
This post is going to be going over some quick and dirty ability tray layouts that I've found to be quite effective while in a cruiser.

Definition and term Row Through, in the context of this post Row Through, is a reference to the optimum speed and accuracy that you can rifle through your bridge officer skills without having to backtrack. Rowing Through, tremendously can affect your reaction times and ability to appropriately respond.

The first thing I want to mention is there isn't any one layout that will work for everyone every time. The biggest piece of advice I can give you (before showing you examples) is to find a configuration that can allow you to "row" through your powers quickly and effectively with minimal searching. Some people put their emergency powers right next to one another, or one above the other, same with eng teams etc. Some people (like myself) prefer a gap between Emergency powers, as the ability won't be needed till later and it sets up a clean visual way of showing which emergency power is which in terms of Priority.

Some people like putting their second emergency power system near the relevant bridge officer skills. (like EPTW1 next to FAW or Beam Overload, EPTA1 next to Transfer shield strength, or Hazard Emitters). As you can successively just roll from one ability to another.

Some people like all their emergency powers together.

The important thing is that you experiment, and practice with each layout you try until you find one that you can "row through" not only the fastest, but repeatedly Every Time. Anyone that's a veteran to pvp (regardless of game type.. FPS, MMO, RTS, Racing, Flight Sim etc) can tell you crap can happen incredibly quickly so it's best to have your powers, and abilities straightened out to something that is as user friendly to you as possible.

The optimum Row Through time I have found is all of your abilities fired off or at least clicked in 4 seconds or less. This will make you more than fast enough to deal with whatever happens in live combat.

This is is my current layout on my healer controller Here's Drunks layout.

Notice how my Row Throughs are set up for the most part based around relevant energy related powers. Things that boost my power to the relevant system get shunted over. EPTS takes priority since I refuse to keybind it to space bar (as it randomizes which EPTS comes up that first time, or during any significant gaps of not smashing the space bar). Other than EPTS, my more selfish abilities take the bottom row and middle row. In order of the activation sequence I tend to need them in.

You get the idea though I think.
The important thing is, you lay your powers out in the order that you most often need them
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# 8 Pure Cloak Team Klinks 101
06-22-2012, 05:12 PM
Klink Cruisers, tend to operate on different tactical doctrines to their federation counter parts. The best klink cruisers in my opinion maximize burst dps potential while maintaining either strong healing, or strong crowd control potential. The reason for this stems from the basic tactical doctrine of klink teams. Skilled Klink teams are all about that surprise alpha strike. They roll a target, and roll another one hopefully before the enemy even knows what hit them. (QEW was famous for this and if you don't know who they were, just ask around. 99 percent of us hardened pvpers have at least one horror story of QEW decloaking and savaging half or more of our team on their initial strike runs.. and this was before the pay to win shenanigans klinks are capable of now.)

Once the enemy team has been reduced by 40 percent, klinks tend to either be able to fade away and start again, or since the enemy's numbers have been reduced dramatically in seconds flat, they set up zone control and overwhelm the remaining 3 players preferably before the original 2 dead guys are even back from respawning yet and have their power levels ready. Someone should -always- be dying to a klink team that's operating hot in theory until the first klink dies or is maimed so badly that they have to retreat.

Which is why it's important for klinks to know when to GTFO in my opinion. The subsequent posts for klink cruiser builds will attempt to maximize these traits primarily.

Sci Cruisers tend to be fail for feds, but can work decently for klink teams all because of that initial strike capability so there will be more sci cruiser options here. (especially since both the Karfi and Voquv exist) For the most part I will avoid listing the various Pay To Win Methods, just straight up ship builds. It's more important to have a ship that can kick *** and take names on it's own merit than to crutch your way to victory. Because if you have to then later throw on the crutches you're just going to be all the more unstoppable for it.
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On the first Advanced cruiser build, we have the DPS hybrid. This is pretty much to provide extra dps pressure on targets at any given time, as well as to assist in spam clearing. These all assume Assault Cruiser as the cruiser being used. Excelsiors, Star Cruisers and Oddys will get their own posts eventually.

It sacrifices some maximum healing capability (though with the right DOFFs that's up for debate. I'll cover those soon too), for more damage dealing.
This works best obviously on an Assault Cruiser, but can also work on other cruisers.
EPTW1 (emergency to weapons 1), EPTS2 (emergency power to shields 2), Engineering Team 3, Extend Shields 3/ Aux to structural Integrity 3 (depending on which you'd rather have or can get access to)

Lt Cmdr, EPTW1, EPTS2, Aux To structural Integrity 2/ Extend Shields 2.

LT Tactical, Tactical Team1, Fire At Will 2
Ens. Fire At Will 1
Alternate Loadout. LT Tac, Tactical Team 1, Beam Overload2, Ens. Fire At Will 1

Lt Science, Transfer Shield Strength1, Transfer Shield strength 2.

Power Levels. 80 Weapon 70 Shields, 25 Engines 25 Shields as primary. Secondary, 80 Shields, 70 Weapons, 25 Engine, 25 Aux. Tertiary. 25 Weapons, 70 Shields, 25 Engine, 80 Aux. 4th Power setting, 80 Weapons, 25 Shields, 70 Engines, 25 Aux. (this is your run like a screaming girl/ chase setup)

Weapon loadout, 8 Beam Arrays/ 6 Beam Arrays and 2 Dual Beam Arrays. There's two theories on this The First assumes you are going to be broad siding all the time to sustain DPS. This however also incurs a much larger power drain, so it's highly recommended that you run an EPS Console, or be prepared to eat more weapon batteries during spike damage periods. 8 Beams is best for a double FAW loadout, as it maximises your firing arc for your discoball. (aka death blossom, aka FAW Spam)

The Second theory utilises 6 Beams for still potent broad side, (2 fore, 4 aft) and maintaining decent aft DPS. The reason the dual beams are there up front is it mitigates power drain substantially on broadsides (which means EPS console isn't as necessary here), while providing much stronger fore fire. It also gives you a much better Beam Overload 2 strike, for Alpha strikes, with your Escorts. The Second Theory, is more Tac Dependent, as APA, and Go Down Fighting are fantastic damage adders. You'll often down a facing, which allows for an immediate opening in enemy defenses. While you aren't going to be providing as much sustained damage, invariably your spike dps will be much stronger. Do keep this in mind. I wouldn't use the second theory on a non tac, as your crit chances are substantially lower, as is your actual crit damage, and baseline numbers. You also won't have the turn rate that the tac has to really get the miles out of the DBBs.

Preferred Weapons for these two loadouts. Tetryon (if you spec into Flow capacitors), preferrably Polarized Tetryon arrays for the Beams. And some ACC x2 CrtH DBBs. Anti Proton, for ridiculous crit potential (get as much CrtD and CrtH as possible), and of course Phasers... because that proc is still ridiculously overpowered.

Devices, Aux batteries will be much more intensively used here to supplement your healing. This is a good ship for a 3 sci ship team, since there will inevitably be alot of aux based healing going around. Engineers, also use your EPS power transfer for yourself when you know the enemy is about to really ramp up their damage. Subspace Field Mod... this thing's just too good to pass up. Deuterium Batteries, Shield Batteries.

The second setup is abit more control oriented. This allows your team to have more crowd control at their disposal. While it also is a damage hybrid.
Cmdr, EPTS1, EPTS2, Eng Team 3, Eject Warp Plasma 3
Lt Cmdr, EPTW1, Eng Team 2, Extend Shields 2 Alternate Loadout (this is dependent on Doffs which I will cover in the next post as to why it is) EPTW1, ASIF1, Extend Shields 2

Lt Tac. Tac Team. Fire At Will 2 Ens. Target Engines 1. Alternate, Tac Team, BO2, Target Engines 1

LT Sci. Transfer Shield Strength1, Transfer Shield strength 2. Alternate Sci Team 1, Transfer Shields 2

Weapons loadout. Same as above.
Weapons types. Same as above. With Phasers being moved to the top, Tetryon Second and AP third.

Devices same as above.
Power settings, same as above. With the added caveat that the engine power bias setup, allows for more rapid delivery of warp plasma.

This setup allows for a substantial amount of zone control being added to the battle field with a minimal loss in healing potential especially as right now it seems warp plasma stays on the battlefield even if the user of it dies. It clears spam very easily, and when correctly used lowers the defense scores of multiple targets on the battlefield as well as inflicts a fairly strong damage over time on your targets (especially if it's a tac dumping it out with full buffs up) This setup fits in well with 2 to 3 other sci ships. More the 2 sci ship team (assuming the other 2 are Escorts) It's also very irritating for klinks, as the warp plas disables cloaks while the DOT is up.
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# 10 Star Cruisers 1st post. 2.0
06-22-2012, 05:14 PM
Tactical Captains skip this post after the following Public Service Announcement.

Public Service Announcement If You are A Tactical Captain And You Are In A Star Cruiser. Get Out Of It. NOW. I don't mean later or tomorrow I mean literally right now. Get out of your ship take your toys off of it, Discharge it and buy an Assault Cruiser or Excelsior, or go find an Escort. Seriously. This is not the ship for you. Nothing you do will work in it. I'm sorry, but it's true.

This Concludes our Public Service Announcement brought to you by OPVP and weeping Escorts everywhere.

This post is just for Star Cruisers.

Much Like my AC cruiser posts, however I'm only doing one SC one. I would go insane if I covered this ship too much (I'm a tac.. I murder people... most of opvp knows this just mentioning me and flying heal ship makes me cringe).

The Star Cruiser is debatable the best heal cruiser in the game. Especially Fed Side. In my opinion it is the best heal cruiser on the fed side. (the Neb is classified as the Sci Ship after all) However aside from the standard Harmless Healer role, that it is primarily seen in, it can be made to sub in some control. It's not as effective as a Control AC, at zone denial and control but it is capable, and is still at least as good of a healer as the AC while the AC is more of a dps and control ship.

The Standard Heal Bot layout.
Cmdr, EPTS1, EPTS2, ASIF2, Extend Shields 3
Lt Cmdr, EPTA1/ET1, EPTS2, ET3

Lt Tac. APD1, Tactical Team.

LT Sci, Transfer Shield Strength1, Transfer Shield Strength 2
Ens. Sci Team1/ Hazard 1.

Alt choices, LT SCi. Transfer Shields 1, Hazard Emitters 2, Transfer Shields 1.
Tertiary Alt. Lt Sci, Sci Team 1, Transfer Shields2, Ensign, Sci Team 1

Console load out should follow the standard heal boat pattern I posted before. Shields, and Set. Maco/Omega/Borg shield with 3 other borg pieces.

Doffs, same as standard healing setup as above. (see why that got posted first? It was so I can be lazy later!)

Now someone somewhere out there is moaning "But Mav I don't want to heal in this thing Damn it man. Gimme something"
Here is where you can break the mold abit with the Star Cruiser.


Cmdr Engineering
EPTA1, EPTS2, Extend Shields2, Eject Warp Plasma 3
Lt Cmdr Eng
Eng Team 1, Aux to structural integrity 1 1/Aux To damp1, Eng Team 3.

Lt Tac, Tac Team, Attack Pattern Delta1 (APD1)
LT SCI, Transfer Shields strength1, Transfer Shield Strength 2 Alternate Sci Team 1, TSS2
Ens sci. Tractor Beam. Alternate Hazard Emitters 1

Now, before my fellow OPVPers bust out laughing their faces off. Here is why this setup can work. You can greatly reduce the CD of Emergency Power to Shields with the proper DOFF. You are going to want. No Need This Doff This doff is called the Damage control engineer. Get as good of quality or as many of these as you can, as well as the + to power level doff for it to work, and the Brace For Impact Doffs. This allows you to get away with one of each emergency power, as you can pretty reliably kick them into global with it.

"But that doesn't fix the horrid turn rate and flight speed!" It requires abit of fancy flying to use, but you wanted something non standard but functional. It will take some trick flying at times but it's pretty worth it once you get to pulling it off.

It's abit more healy still than the control AC. But the AC is more agile, and has more dps. Other Doff considerations are, the deflector cooldown reducing doff.

Consoles. Eng Consoles same as the standard above. Sci of course field emitter, and 2 particle generator consoles. tactical 1 energy or cstore console, and borg console.

Set Item. for most teams I recommend Maco and 3 Borg. Unless you have a secondary healer handy, then go 2 borg and 2 omega.

Power Levels /25 weapons /75 shields /25 Engines /75 Aux. Both ships.
Devices, Engine batteries, Shield Batteries, Subspace field mod, weapon battery (lol).
Control Devices, Engine, Shield, Subspace field mod, Deuterium.

These are the two that I know that work pretty well and that was waaay before Doffs came in to make things better, there's variations of them that also work but these I've tried at one point or another. Sci toons can work in the last setup, with aux to Damp going, and sci fleet to boost the teams and their own shield resistances to massive levels and throw dampening field in for that extra kick. Aux To Damp means that you'll actually get to see your sub nuc get used more than once in a blue moon. (think of it like flying a much better healing DSSV with better hull points and decent control that happens to be stun/repel immune for abit)

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