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Originally Posted by ryuuenjin View Post
i don't get what people's rage about PWE's current business model with STO's f2p is all about. honestly, there are FAR FAR WORSE companies out there, and lemme regale you all of such a tale. out of courtesy i will keep the company's name and the game in question anonymous.

this past year and change i have been playing a very visceral action rpg alongside STO. the game featured physics related combat as well as wonderfully done characters. just recently the NA branch of the company released the current endgame of its korean version and along with it, end game gear. now the problem with this is, the end game gear can only be obtained by crafting using materials from the endgame dungeons. now mind you, not all the materials are created equal, and some have a significantly (read : exponentially) lower drop rate than others. so how can one get these? well, you could just keep doing the dungeons over and over hoping for the drops, that could work right? except these endgame dungeons can only be done once a day on each character you have. but hey, no worries. out of the kindness of their hearts, the north american company added a item in the cash shop that allows you to run these dungeons twice a day (for a whole month) on a character that purchased them! but if you want to run it twice a day on another character that character will need to buy the item too!

now, imagine star trek online working like that. imagine that the stfs can only be run once a day, and to run it more times in a day you need to buy an item from the cash shop. does that not sound even more horrible than this "horrible way that perfect world is running sto"?
I agree. Things could be alot worse. Now, I'm not saying they won't be over time, but ATM there is content coming, and for a FTP game there's not really anything you HAVE to purchase. I get that people have complaints from time to time, but what I read here is pwe ruined sto, whaaaaaa, and no real explanation for it.
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I don't mind the lock boxes and I like STO's f2p model. I've played other f2ps out there and I really like how STO is doing things in that regard.

What concerns me is the recent trend of new and overpowered ships in c-store. Odyssey obsoleted other fed cruisers. Atrox gave the feds a carrier, killing one of rare advantages of KDF. Armitage pretty much obsoleted all other escorts and killed KDF's advantage in having a free dps ship which equal and event surpass feds' best c-store escorts. If this continues, we will be getting increasingly more powerful ships while old stuff becomes obsolete. Right now, the "old stuff" is usually the free stuff, but in the future it will become the stuff we paid for. When that happens, the game will become pay to win, or more precisely pay to stay competent.

What I would like to see in c-store is some new concepts, new ships and other new content that gives you an alternative choice, not just an improvement over existing content.
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I see PWE as a bad thing.
Free to Play where you can buy 'goodies'; I'm not a fan of, but I can live with.
The gambling I find the worst part. And on top of the gambling, they have to annoy players with global messages and an unending avalanche of lock-boxes. I've noticed a distinct lack of good drops of stuff when the lock-boxes came. Sure they can say that they don't affect the rate of other stuff, but I don't believe it.
Sometimes I think I play STO just to have stuff to rant about on the forums!

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My biggest complaint about PW's influence on STO was the lockboxes, and specifically the hyper in-your-face way they were presented. However if the recent Doff packs are an indication of how these ships will be released in the future, I dont have an issue with that. With people having the ability to play every single mission in the game for absolutely free, I have no problem with paying for things I dont really *need* but might simply *want*.
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This thread has now most definitely run its course, and isn't providing any constructive feedback or discussion, so due to this as well as the nature of the original post/high number of trolling posts here; I'm closing this thread down.

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