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# 1 Reborn Fleet needs you
04-01-2013, 04:36 AM
Reborn Fleet was started in 2010 soon after release of STO. Due to personal commitment s of a number members we suspended operations. Back in the day we were and remain one of the best fleets able to complete STFs that lasted between 2 to 3hrs with a fully trained and equipped teams. As well as being one of the best PVP fleets.

We have recently restarted and are recruiting new mature members. Very friendly veteran members willing to help with all aspects PVP PVE STFs. We also need your assistance in the development and reward you with the access to our Star base for fleet stuff. Our Star base nearing completion of T2. and Embassy T1.

We use Team speak 3 our details are:


PWD: firebird

If you are interested jump on for a chat and or interested pm me in game my id jetkar@dimerx hope to see you soon.
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