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06-24-2012, 08:16 AM
This is the official answer I was given when I inquired about this. (It took them over 12 hours to transfer my Zen.)

Thanks for contacting us here at Perfect World Entertainment!

Player security is our topmost concern here, and so we?ve devised new ways to help stop fraud and to keep your accounts safe. One of these is stopping certain transactions for manual review, to ensure all of the information is valid and verified.
We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know!
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06-24-2012, 09:03 AM
It's also the weekend.

I know I work weekends (I;m actually at my busiest) but many companies slow down for the weekends.

But anyway...
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06-24-2012, 09:28 AM
It's a fraud check, a good thing in today's world. It happened the first transaction I made on both accounts, the paypal one taking a bit longer than a credit card one. after the first time transactions have been instant for me.

I just had to get a new card because of an alert, turned out I didn't recognize the charge when they called me, but when I looked it up online I did know what it was. Too late then of course because the card was now dead but I'd rather get an alert and be wrong, than not get an alert at all.

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06-24-2012, 09:38 AM
"Actually blame your bank. The review process is an issue with your bank needing to verify the overseas transaction.

It happened to me the first time as well. This is not a PWE issue as it happens every time I buy something overseas.

You should probably do some research on these things before you start spouting expletives on a public forum. Just saying."

Blame the bank? Seriously? First off yes I agree that people that use expletives in the game or forum are completely childish and need to say what they want in an adult manner. But I do feel this person has some justified anger. We are talking about real money here. When and if I leave this game it will probably be a combination of being feed up with all the name calling and the constant drone on either side of whether PWE are evil overlords or not.

I TRY to take a balanced view of PWE and I can see their good points and the bad. But I also had my card put on hold by my bank when I made made my first purchase here. Imagine how embarrassed and upset I was, after countless happy purchases over the internet only to find that when I needed to make an important real life purchase I couldn't use my CC because the bank put it oh hold. So the desire to buy stuff for a mere game caused serious problems.

Your claim that it's not PWE's fault is absurd. So when ever someone makes an internet purchase they should consult with both their bank and the company on whether there will be any unknown, unforeseen problems that may put a monkey wrench in the transaction? By email? Phone? Snail mail?

And if you did this not knowing the exact question to ask because this never happen before, what would be their answer?? 'Go ahead give us the cash, all's well' that would be the reply.

I don't mean to offend anyone but the majority of ST's fan base is in the US. Even if PWE is not US based they DO know this is a fact and it's their duty to inform a huge chunk of their players, before hand, on the final purchase screen, that if you live outside of the location of their billing operations, that your CC will be put on hold.

PWE knows this is a problem and refuse to fix this. When it happened to me the person who handled my ticket told me the same problem happened to her. PWE's not telling people up front that this will happen is a blatant money grab with no concern over how this could effect the consumer. Ah well, welcome to the internet the land of buyer beware.

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06-24-2012, 10:18 AM
There's some good info in here. Waiting 24 hours plus to get your points when most credi card transactions take a few seconds to go through. I won't be buying any points because of this. Thank you! [=
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06-24-2012, 10:25 AM
Originally Posted by mikewendell View Post
It's also the weekend.

I know I work weekends (I;m actually at my busiest) but many companies slow down for the weekends.

But anyway...
Basically this. I used to handle support tickets myself at an old job of mine. We were completely shut down on weekends, across the board. Unless the boss felt like logging-in out of boredom, everything waited 'til Monday morning.

As I understand it, that's pretty much standard fare unless there's a retail storefront somewhere, which the vast majority of software businesses don't have.
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06-24-2012, 10:46 AM
Originally Posted by hip63 View Post
I've linked my accounts, so anybody wanna tell me why it's taking so GD long for my "Zen" points to be "reviewed" before I can use them?

GDammit, I already have my receipt from paypal, why the hell has it got to be "reviewed"?

They have my damned money, give me what I've PAID FOR!!!!

Not to mention the damned game won't remember my perfect world ID, keeps reverting to my cryptic ID when I log out of a character. WTF?

"perfect world" my ass...

Now that I see how it works, I'll NEVER play another Perfect World game.


Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
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06-24-2012, 12:36 PM
I already unsubscribed.
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06-24-2012, 12:40 PM
I agree. Perfect World Sucks. In so, so many ways.
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06-24-2012, 05:47 PM
Of course, it is only the first transaction that is like this... Just to make sure you are valid or something.

After the first it works fast. (I still recommend one of the other payment methods though, like paypal or google or steam)

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