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It took me a while to figure out what was bugging me about mines until I jumped on one of my characters that used a carrier. Then I saw it: The fighters were smaller and had no tag (couldn't see how many there were to tell whether or not to send out more). What's more, they zipped around like nobody's business.

Same with mines, very small and no tags making them incredibly hard to see against the dark background (which makes sense since they are MINES, after all), so unless I saw them drop or was paying really close attention to the cooldown, I couldn't tell if they dropped or exactly where they dropped.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't exactly a complaint. The changes make sense. But I would ask for just one and only one small bit of help:

For hangars, I would like to see some way to tell which hanger has lost outbound fighters and how many so I can tell whether or not I should release more. Just a small number for each hanger would do it. After all, unless the scanners were being jammed, the ship should be able to tell how many of it's fighters are still in formation and fighting.

While on the subject of fighters, any chance for a bigger challenge, allowing for a split chat window to see both what people are saying on one side and system information on the other (for example to see what all the Orion Slavers are sending back to the ship)? And while at it I also wouldn't mind it if the fighters could call for help or even come in for emergency docking instead of exploding. Think that would make more sense. Have them come in, repair (some time thing) and then head back out. Then again, maybe that would make the whole idea of the number thing (above) meaningless, especially since there doesn't seem to be a command to bring the fighters back in for full impulse flying.

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