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OK STO world I have a duty officer improvement / suggestion.
Now I am a hillbilly so l sit back whilst I tell you my Idea.
I have been flying the suilban cell ship (the S.C.S.. Fat Man) for a few weeks now. It is a fun
ship to play with. But what makes that ship so neat is the special duty officer missions you can do. By doing these mission once every 5 days you can get a suilban duty office.
This got me thinking a tad. Now what if you rolled that out to all ships?
Say you jumped on your d?kora and did a ferengi duty office mission.
Or your breen ship and did a breen duty officer or caitian Atrox for a caitian duty officer?
Or even my favorite one the Jem?hadar Dreadnough (love to have a few more Jimmies running around).
Now you can do the same with the klingon side and the romulan also.
Now I was thinking (yes it did hurt a tad) but if the ship was even a regular federation or empire ship it could do a duty officer mission for a random allied duty officer.
I think it would also continue the social interaction of the game by players requesting invites to other bridges in search of a certain duty officer. Now hear is the kicker, most of the duty officers have already been made you all just need to set them up by race for the ships. And create some others like the breen ones and maybe a few others. Once every 5 days would be more than fair.
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10-20-2013, 10:59 AM
Actually... I think this is one of the better ideas I've heard. Like you said, they've already got the Suliban Liason on the Cell Ship and the Trade Assignment Officer on the D'Kora (as well as one on DS9), so the framework already exists.

Carriers (Atrox, Vo'guv, Armitage, Ar'kif Carrier, Orion flight-deck cruisers) could have assignments like these, for example; 'Authorise Additional Flight-Time for Training Purposes', or 'Test Emergency Landing Procedures'.

'Deliver Emergency Supplies to Breen Vessel in Distress' could be an assignment on the Chel Grett, requiring Weather Control Systems.

Jem'Hadar ships could have 'Perform Ketracel White Presentation Ceremony'.

It could even go as far as Mirror vessels; 'Accept Refugees From Mirror Universe' (Fed, awards Refugees)/'Capture Mirror Universe Inhabitants For Interrogation'(KDF, awards Prisoners)

Take some of the already existing more or less generic assignments like 'Attend Nausicaan Promotion Ceremony' or 'Undergo Vulcan Ritual' and assign them to Assignment Officers of the proper species...

It could work...
JHAS updated to T6 with the JHSS... What's next, T6 'Keldon' update for the Galor?
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10-21-2013, 06:35 AM
Just some more ideas ?
Scimitar-: Consult Reman Thalaron Techology Specialist : Awards Technician or Reman Warfare Specialist (anti-romulan)

Galor- Rescue True Way prisoner (awards Rare Cardassian Refugee on Success Very Rare Federation DOFF on Critical Success) Klingon: Raid True Way Base (Awards Rare and Very Rare Cardassian Prisoners)

Elachi Escort- Capture Elachi Infiltrator (awards Elachi prisoner)

Elachi Battleship - Meet with potential Elachi Defector (Critical Very Rare Elachi DOFF, Success Rare Elachi DOFF)

Tholian Orb Weaver - Capture Tholian ____ (Tholian Prisoner DOFFs)

Tholian Recluse -Fed: make contact with Tholian Specialist (Crit awards tholian warfare specialist
Very Rare (random) Success awards Rare Specialist DOFF (call it Threaten/ Intimidate Tholian Specialist for Klingons and have success reward Tholian Prisoner DOFFs)

Risian Corvette - Recruit Risian Entertainer (awards Random Chef/Bartender/Entertainer Rare+Very Rare)

Fighters - Fed: Promote Crewman (awards random rare Sensors Officer/Security Officer/Technician) Klingon: Promote for Valorous Combat (awards rare assault squad officer/security officer/conn officer)

Andorian Escorts: Recruit Andorian Engineer (awards Rare+Very Rare damage control officer for Kumari, Maintenance Engineer for Charal and Technician for Khyzon)

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10-21-2013, 07:04 AM
Adding DOFF Officers to Ships could encourage many players to try other types of ships and could increase the sales of C-Store Ships and Lockboxes for Cryptic if say (Galors give you Cardassians, Jemhadar Ships give you Jem'Hadar ect.

Just some incentive for Cryptic

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