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# 1 Awesome TOS episode Titles.
06-29-2012, 08:56 AM
The original series had them. The rest really don't. Heck in some of the follow on series it seems there was a word budget as many episode titles were 3 words or less. And not even particularly good words. Words that didn't work well together and could likely barely contain their hostility for one another. Awful Just absolutely dreadful titles. No really. "Justice", "Haven", and who could forget "Hide and Q"? Fine examples of dredge. Just accept this and keep reading.

TOS had a HUGE advantage. Television at the time was robust and was quickly becoming the dominant medium. It was an exciting time. Writers were attracted to the TV's ability to present their work to a large audiences simultaneously in a way that had been not been possible before.

In the past fiction of all types had been used to promote social messages of all types. Science Fiction of the best quality is no different and we can see that clearly in TOS.

These people weren't just messing about. They had a message and so what if they had fun writing about it, you were still getting a message. So stick that in your communicator!

So. What TITLE do you feel. Of a TOS episode. Is so AWESOME that just thinking about it is better than watching an actual TNG and beyond episode?

"Who Mourns for Adonais?" is one of my favorites.

Does anyone else have any favorites? Any titles sooooo gooood you almost don't need to watch the show?
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# 2
06-29-2012, 02:59 PM
Some of my favourite titles that just scream awesome to me:

Skin of Evil
Where Silence Has Lease
The Measure Of A Man
Peak Performance
Booby Trap
The Defector
Yesterday's Enterprise
Sins of the Father
Tin Man
The Most Toys
The Best of Both Worlds
Final Mission
The Wounded
The Nth Degree
The Drumhead
Power Play
The First Duty
The Inner Light
Face of the Enemy
The Chase
Dark Page
Force of Nature
Lower Decks
Preemptive Strike

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