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# 1 Atrox Power level help.
09-26-2013, 06:49 PM
I have a spread sheet with items bonuses and stuff for my power to help me figure out what I want and what it will be. I can't seem to get it to sync up in game and can't figure out why. So here it is:

Efficient captain:
+30 WCE
Warp Theorist:
+10 WCP

4x Efficient:
+30 WCE

Current skills:[/b]
WCE 99
WCP: 99
SSP: 84
SEP: 0
SAP: 84
SWP: 0

Proposed Skills: (When I respec)
WCE: 99
WCP: 99
SSP: 89 (+5)
SEP: 84 (+84)
SAP: 89 (+5)
SWP: 0

+10 aux
+5 shi

Assimilated Borg set:
+5 shi,eng,aux

Adapted Borg console:
+5 wea

Romulan Singuolarity Harness:
+1.8 all

Nukara App Mun console:
+5 shi

Transwarp computer:
+22.9 WCE

Elite Advanced Field warp core(SEP,Wcap,EWS,S->W,SSS)
+5 Max Shi,Aux
+7.5 Shi,Aux
7.5% Shi->Wea
+17.5 SEP

Nukara: Auxillary Power Configuration: Defense
+20% Aux Power?! -> Shield Performance

From my calculatoins:

With base power levels of:
80 Wea
90 Shi
15 Aux

I should get: (With my proposed skills!)
102 Wea
130 Shi
73.78 Eng
90 Aux

I have:
101 Wea
122 Shi
49 Eng
72 Aux

My calculations:

+109 / 20 = 5.45
+181.9 / 300 * (75-15) = +36.36 Eng, Aux

Weapon: (125)
5 + 1.8 + 5.45 = 12.25 + (Shield Power * 0.075)

Shield: (130)
5 + 5 + 5 + 1.8 + 7.5 + 5.45 = 29.75

Engine: (125)
5 + 1.8 + 5.45 = 12.25

Auxillary: (130)
10 + 5 + 1.8 + 5.45 + 7.5 = 29.75

Weapon Perfomance:

Shield Performance:
(89 + 20% Auxillary Power?!) / 10 = 8.9 + (20% Auxillary power /10)

Engine Performance
(84 +17.5) / 10 = 10.15

Auxilliary Performance
89 / 10 = 8.9

Any idea what I did wrong. Is there something wrong with the game items or my calculatoins? I understand the engines being a little low but this is all just too far off the mark!

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# 2
09-26-2013, 10:48 PM
I'd suggest you take a look at this: Does all the calculations for you, and very accurate.

I would plug it into mine, but I'm not sure exactly what to plug in, and it's an invaluable resource anyway.

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# 3
09-27-2013, 11:48 AM
Well to start with I have no idea what some of the terms mean, like Auxilliary power level. Is that your totat(15-130) or the where the Bar is(15-100)? Thos bonuses of one power level t another I don'tk now how it's supposed to calculate. I know the simple ones like +5 power amd ones going to skills. It's the ambiguous ones I need to find specifics on.

One is Auxilliary power to Shield Performance. That is the Nakura 4th bonus for defense. I know the Shield performance. but what is the "Auxilliary power", like stated above, is it the total power, or where the bar is set(15-100), or something else? How does this work and how is it supposed to work?

the other possible one is the Shield to weapon bonus from the Elite Warp core. I'm not sure how it is stated. This one may be correct though. I think the other things are pretty much correct besides my low Auxilliary possible. I figured out the engines. I double added the SEP bonus in the calcuclation. I've had no such luck finding any other simple errors though.

Wiki says:

"Power Bonus (Warp Cores, Rare and above)

Provides 7.5% power of one subsystem to another. Given in the form [x->y]. e.g.: [A->E] Adds 7.5% of your Auxiliary power to your Engine power as bonus power.
Note that this bonus does not reduce the source subsystem. In the [A->E] example above, if Aux power is at 100, then Engine power is boosted by 7.5 (while Aux remains at 100).
There are 12 possible combinations for this modifier. "


Does it mean where your bar is set (15-100) or Does it mean your acutall total power level up to 125-130?

I could imagine it being the 15-100 for the sake of simplifying programming logic. Then you don't have to worry about getting loops etc, but that is alot less powerful than the other.

I also get the feeling that the +7.5 bonuses on the warpcore are not present. Is this true? I heard something about this but I thought they fixed it.

Things I've found:

It seems the Warp Core efficiency is not giving me anywhere near what I calculated. I have 181.9 which from the wiki should give:

181.9/300 * 75 - 15 = 0.606333333 * 60 = 36.38

But I"m only getting somehwere near 15-20 extra points in both Auxilliary and engines which are at 15. That is half of the ammount. Is there that much of a diministhing return on Warp Core Efficiency?

I'm also missing somewhere near 5-6 unaccounted points in raw Shield Power.

I wonder if the atrox is also not giving it's bonus points. That would explain alot. Is this a known glitch?

NOTE: Can this get moved to power and builds section if a Moderator sees it. I forgot it was there when I made this. I would get more feedback there.

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