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06-27-2012, 06:55 AM
Very glad to see the Ferasan changing its stripes, even if it's a bit late for the STO community this time around.

Thanks for reaching out, Brandon!

I know you can't give advance notice of everything, and may not even be aware of things going on in the shadowy recesses of the galaxy (Curse you, Iconians!), but every bit helps.
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06-27-2012, 06:58 AM
So without any other testing, this forum was used as a live test.

Forum names were outright stripped from players due to being "reserved".

The entire forum has warped backwards in time in functionality and appearance, and we can't even get an apology.

"Hey, we kicked you straight in the groin - really hard - but if it makes you feel any better we won't kick Tom in the groin next week without giving him advance warning, as we've seen how upset that made you."

I'm sorry Brandon, I think you generally do a solid job as community manager - but overall this entire forum switch over was just another fiasco, in a string of fiascoes.

Things are getting back to normal, except for all of the barely readable "archived post" filled threads that will never be fixed, the lack of core, basic functionality players have enjoyed on forums for a decade and the fact that most of us will never get our join dates, old forum names or new names that allow for spaces, or underscores or anything that allows for a moniker that is easily readable in English.

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06-27-2012, 07:12 AM
Yes, bad job with the site transfer, but at least there is an admission of fault here. Hopefully Champions is a lot better
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06-27-2012, 07:30 AM
Wow; everything *except* an apology for how things were handled. Oh well then.
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06-27-2012, 07:55 AM
Brandon, thanks for note. I know you are in a really difficult situation with this. However this does nothing to change the fact that many users of this forum feel like PWE screwed things up when it didn't have to. It sucks that we can't use our old forum names, it sucks that our Join Date/Member Since X has reset to ZERO and our customer avatars and so much more was screwed up.

You have stated that PWE/Cryptic won't revert to the old format. Fine, I think the community now gets that they are unwilling/unable to do so. However the list that has been published and updated showing the glaring shortcomings of this new format doesn't really seem to be shrinking. It has been stated they are working on the custom avatars and other things but in my opinion this forum still has issues with searching posts, general layout and formatting. Every time I try a search of any sort I get a page that has no info and/or a redirect loop. I have cleared my cookies, flushed the cache and several other tweaks to make sure I don't have any trash in my browser.

To sum it up there should have been a warning. You can't undo that now. There needs to be an official apology and a seriousness on PWE's part to demonstrate that they are listening in my opinion. I see a lot of "empty" words.
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06-27-2012, 08:16 AM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
I check in with an important note to the community.

Click here to read my post.
Brandon whilst i appreciate your post I feel you not only as a community manager but as a player, as well as cryptic and pwe need to watch this

and as such I bought my lifetime sub as a customer of cryptic and I feel the terms mentioned in the video are very disturbing indeed. I only recognise the original terms of service as outlined to me by cryptic when I bought my lifetime sub at launch. I do NOT agree and do not recognise PWE terms at all.

The way in which the community was uprooted and forced to move was disgusting, underhanded and (i dont care what you say about streamlining) a big mistake on crpytic and pwes part. Fine by all means integrate zen and change zen, but i feel 2 years worth of history to this game has been lost. Not to mention the german, french forums still look in ruins after the move. Whats happening to our foreign language buddies ?

I know your doing your best brandon and its not aimed at you, but ive never known such a bothced, mis guided decision ever unfold before my eyes as what has happened here and I feel sorry for the champions online community.

Sorry Brandon, like i say nothing against you, but i will NEVER and I mean NEVER play or purchase another cryptic or PWE game other than Star Trek Online.

I really do hope they pay you a lot Brandon to put up with this c**p !!!!as I know its not only being forced on us the players but also on you as well.

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06-27-2012, 08:22 AM
What really ****s me off is how backwards this forum software is. Cryptic had a far superior forums/skin/functionality.

It feels like Ive been taken back in time because lets face it this forum is BACKWARDS. you know it Brandon and so do we so again I ask why ? WHY RUIN A COMMUNITY FULL OF HISTORY that was happy where it was, to be ripped up and put into this? this forum software is nothing special ? personally I feel pwe must be hiring university interns to be developing their forums because lets face it this forum software is horrible.

Anyway enough because no matter what I say or do pwe/cryptic dont give a ****. Its not gonna bring the old forums back. I would suggest however that the old forums could be left up and running all be it locked so no one can edit or post or do anything but it would make it easier to search forum history. Personally im fed up of archived post. Again another indication that this forum move was a botched joke.


You know I dont care anymore I really dont, im saying what everyone is thinking and yes as i said I know im wasting my time because this will change nothing.

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06-27-2012, 08:43 AM
I also don't understand why we weren't told. Surely someone, somewhere, must have thought it would be a good idea to tell people about a major change to the forums? If not, then PWE / Cryptic needs to think about what it does a little more. If so, why was that idea shot down?

In another thread, it was mentioned that we could have had posts still associated with their names, but they would still have been uneditable, and it was decided that this wasn't as good an option as just making everything by "Archived Post". I think it would have been acceptable - at least there would have been some record of who said what. Unfortunately, I wasn't asked - and neither was anyone else. Even if you were going to make the changes regardless, you could have gotten a group of players to test the changes, or give feedback...

This quote about sums it up:
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
"Hey, we kicked you straight in the groin - really hard - but if it makes you feel any better we won't kick Tom in the groin next week without giving him advance warning, as we've seen how upset that made you."
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06-27-2012, 08:59 AM
No advanced warning = a pretty big fail in customer service. That's pretty much basic customer service 101.

Really no excuse why someone couldn't have taken a few moments to give us a small head's up.

Then there was that whole PVP, "I've got a secret" thread, where some players were privy to the fact that Gozer was leaving, when the rest of the community at large wasn't.

What other big secrets, or ninja changes are in coming?

Not really impressed with the "We're all just soooo busy !" excuse, Not anymore. It's been spammed a tad too much at late.

When something's this important, the time must be found.

I'm glad you'll be treating the folks over at C.O. better. They deserve better. At least that's the one silver lining to come out of all of this unnecessary fail.
Originally Posted by Ryan Schissler/Online Multiplayer Gaming View Post
(In regards to STO Delta Rising): "Where a fun casual game once sat proudly, a horrible grind fest now stands. All this expansion has made me want to do, is log in less."
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06-27-2012, 09:08 AM
Really, WE are the ones who should be settling down...

"Slap in the face" and all that? Seriously? You're the ones acting like spoiled brats, just because you want an apology, or demand they answer your questions... no one gets everything they want.

I hated the new forum change, and I still do. But you don't see me blaming the devs just because it isn't what I wanted... instead, I see forums people acting most shamefully.

And it's just SAD.
Was named Trek17, but still an author.

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