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Originally Posted by quiscustodiet View Post
The problem is that, regardless of Ship type, people underuse Evasive (and Deuterium/Engine Batteries if carried).
Since I primarily use cruisers, believe you me, I use the CRAP out of evasive.
I need to, to keep up with the sports car Escorts. Since escaping via evasive is generally not needed on a tanking cruiser, I never worry about cooldown.

Originally Posted by sorwen View Post
Tactical running in an Assault Cruiser and only have self heal abilities so I can't heal someone else even if I wanted to. I have to agree with others. If you want to out distance the Cruisers (or do like some escorts I've seen and go off on their own tangent) then you need to expect to get torn apart. Why do you think my character is a Tactical officer in an Assault Cruiser in the first place? It means I don't have to deal with the whims of Escorts. I can take a hit and still deal out so good damage on my own.

Besides watching Escorts pop is more fun than bubble wrap. :p
Originally Posted by sorwen View Post
Yes, I'm saying I don't have any of those.
Well, first... then besides EP2S and RSP, which heals DO you have? Since the ones listed are the most useful ones in the game, and (besides Miracle Worker) the only ones.

Second... Since you're not able (or willing?) to heal, and many of the best survival abilities CAN be used on teammates, which hardly makes you an efficient tank. And you're damage would be much higher in an escort (and you could still have RSP and 2x EP2S)...
then why the use a cruiser?
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