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Originally Posted by suricatta View Post
Really confused by his answer to my question regarding the level cap. To roughly quote him:-

The idea being that making content is expensive and that moving the level cap will make lvl 50 content defunct. So how the hell will people hit the next rank? If it isn't by levels it will just be via some other type of number that you will increase, which will ofcourse need content, so his argument makes no sence on that part. Also, since all content in the game has been made to scale with levels, his argument about lvl 50 content is also mute.

If Cryptic want people to get to 'endgame' ASAP which is why they sped up leveling, and they don't want to flesh out the KDF so they can level from the beginning, and they don't want to add more levels because they don't want to move 'endgame', then I have to ask, "Why don't we just remove the level system?".

It seems like right now the game doesn't actually know what it wants to be, so why not just let players earn skill points, these can be used to fill your skill trees, then just add 'alot' of new skills to the skill tree and let players grind them out (with no cap on skill points). Maybe have ship types locked to skills you have to put points into, a bit like how Eve does it. Right now it feels like Cryptic don't want STO to be a level based game, but have it as one anyway.
That's not necessarily true.

I still think the way to do the STFs rights would be to have scaling gear that directly (and only) applies to those STFs and is otherwise just pretty good.

Just flat out make the gear award flat increasing bonuses each tier in Borg STFs with a fourth modifier that's basically a difficulty reduction.

Then when you add Undine or augment STFs, somebody in Mk 12 Borg gear has an initial edge but somebody in Undine Mk 10 gets, say, a 15% bonus in Undine STFs ONLY. Which makes them better in Undine Mk 10 in Undine STFs... But no better in Borg STFs.

So instead of the gear in each set of STFs getting better, none of it is ever better than the Omega Force/Honor Guard/MACO Mk 12. But the existing gear gets tuned against trivializing Borg. And the Undine gear is tuned against trivializing Undine.

This would make all STF bundles into non-linear, parallel progression paths rather than the next one being inherently harder than the current one.
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06-28-2012, 11:39 PM
Personally with the KDF, finding creative ways of addressing levels 1-20 should be on the plans for sometime in the future. One way is to run a competition for the community to develop those levels via the foundry, or to adapt the Fed episodes as best as possible?

For the record I will make a character from level 1 for sure.
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Originally Posted by phyrexianhero View Post
He talks about it a bit around the 1:11:00 mark that it'd be like a talent tree. Previously all ranks were directly tied to levels so this would, presumably, be something new entirely.
A talent tree eh? I hope it's done better than the talent trees that were added to Champions with the last major update.
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About the armitage : Understand the reason, why you stopped putting the ships on tribble.

But about solution : why not give the option to testing to Lifetimers? Or gold ones, who subscribe for bigger ammount of time ? like between the 6 - 12 months .

Between lifers chance to find the troll is less likely, but not imposible i know. And in forum, create a section, testing ships, access who can write only : Lifers and or these people who will meet the requirment .

It was said couple of times the game is looking for some way to make a difference between Gold and silvers. This could be one way to go.

Or about not taking it away from all the people. For example : add it to tribble like 2 weeks before you add it on holodeck. For one week will have access to ship people who i mention before. One week before the launch on holodeck. Give access to everyone

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