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# 1 My 4th Mission "Contagion
09-06-2013, 10:58 AM
Hello fellow authors and players,
I just created my fourth foundry mission called contagion. I was hoping i could get some poeple to play it and leave feedback for me on here. My goal with this mission specifically was to make a mission that could one day be spotlighted. With my other missions they were just spur of the moment and ideas i wanted to get out of my head but with contagion i wanted to give the federation a mission in which they would have a compelling story that involed the elachi. This takes place after the romulan story arc and starts on new romulus itself. while it is only one episode right now if i get enough help and good ideas i just might like to make a chain out of it like i have done with another set of my missions the 'soveriegn claims' which has been put on hold because of things such as my college education. so if you all can please play contagion and leave some helpful feedback on here or in the mission reveiw that would be awesome. LLAP.
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