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Seeing as everyone is getting a piece of the action with Season Six and fleet starbases I figured I would try my hand at it as well. With that said I am looking for a few willing and helpful people to help form, run and maintain a fleet and our starbase. I have the basic concept down as to what the fleet is going to be out and have broken it down below.


Starfleet Battle Group will be a fleet tailored to everyone's play style whether it's crafting, PvP, Episodes, STFs, Roleplaying casual or hardcore. Each of these styles are divided into divisions everyone is welcome to join one or all of them.

Battle Group Alpha This division is the frontlines, the Special Task Forces. Whether it's ground or space normal or elite this is for those that just want to do this.

Research and Development For those that like to craft can join this one, from crafting to gathering materials for the fleet to use.

Operations This will be the PvP division as of right now since pvp is being revamped this I will hold off.

Roleplay and Pve This is for those that like to role play and just run the episode content.

This is the basic foundation the fleet is for both hardcore or casual, all I ask is that your friendly, mature, respectful and willing to aid others. If you have any questions shoot me a email or reply here.
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07-22-2013, 04:27 AM
Hello, I was recently approached by a member of BGA and asked to join the fleet. I would like to know more about it, is there a website I could go to see what you're all about? For instance what would be required of me, what's your focus etc.


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