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# 1 Epohh
08-04-2013, 07:43 PM
FACTION : Federation
AUTHOR : @Rellimtime82

A great threat looms over Bajor. Another trial awaits you, can you discover and stop the threat to the Bajoran people?

This mission has no combat. This is a story. If you a 110% Cannon Trekkie then this is not the mission for you.

This is my entry for the PrimetimeUGC?s Story only Contest. I hope you enjoy this mission and I await your feedback.


Click Here to Read Updates on "Epohhs"

@Rellimtime82 - Foundry Author

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# 2
08-05-2013, 01:45 AM
Remind me to check this mission after i am back home .

EDIT: unfortunatly i was unable to do it today (8/6), will attend to it asap.
^^ I am Stoutes, and I approve of my message ^^

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# 3
08-05-2013, 02:37 PM
I'll try and give this a play tomorrow night!

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# 4
08-06-2013, 02:30 PM
My pleay-through review:

Starting point on Bajor:
- (note) When you need to start with listning to the babble, you get "Begin :". I have the feeling : is kind of misplaced

Map one, Temple:
- (note) My first thought was... what happened? Nothing... Then i turned around and saw the fog. Something so simple but with an awesome effect. Nicely done!!
- (note) Have you actually studied some of the episodes with prophets talking? Not bad!
- (suggestion) While the Prophets talking was a highlight, getting the "Go to Next Map" option was something like *oh*...

Map two, Back again:
- (typo) The Propets gave you a task <= prophets

Secondary starting point:
- (note) When you want to continue, you get another :
- (question) "... he has given us transporter coordinates to meet him at, when..." <= where?

Map three, Caves:
- (typo) "...Those may have hoped aboard transport..." <= you mean hopped aboard?
- (note) Lots of Continue's in the dialogs
- (grammer) "this cave use to be a mine" <= don't you mean used to be?
- (typo) i had the felling <= feeling
- (grammer) i use to play <= i used to
- (note) A warp-out/warp-in animation with anjohl when you're finished with the dialog?
- (typo) New Romulaus == New Romulus
- (note) Interesting way how you build up this map!
- (note) No animation when you are trying to open the second door.
- (note) "Interact" when interacting with consoles, you know you can change the title of object/dialogs too? This can be done at the object itself (Triggers or something)
- (note) Nicely done with the four consoles!
- (note) When placing the explosives, you don't see the actual explosive being added.
- (typo) The buildup the == They buildup the?
- (note) Interesting dialogs with the consoles on either sides. Oh and i had to deactivate... rock?

Map four, The planets:
- (note) what happens.. AWESOME.
- (note) i am someone who isn't really a fan of in-game warp's, you've done it pretty well. Congrats.
- (note) when you need to warp to bajor, you do a warp-out animation which is unnecessary. Oh and again "To next map".
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# 5
08-06-2013, 03:26 PM
Maps: Excellent work on the explosion effects, very nice indeed. Warping is also done well and the Prophet's Hathon is nice - though very underused. WOuld be good if you could make better use of it as a setting.

Combat: n/a

Story: Not much development of characters or choice in interaction. Only a small glimpse of plot element so far. I'd personally like more development of characters and plot teasers at this point.

IsItTrek: Too early in story to say but nothing directly contradicting.

Let us know when part 2 is out!

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# 6
08-06-2013, 04:10 PM
Thank you isthisscience and stoutes for playing my mission. At the time of this post the mission is being re-published with fixes:

* Grammar and spelling Errors corrected (Mentioned by stoutes)
* Enter Maps through Cryptic doors now say :
> Begin : Epohhs
> Continue : Epohhs

* First Room Console Puzzle - Fake Consoles no longer have default Dialog and now trigger Dialog bubbles which allow Interact Text to be changed and Interact Animation.
* Explosive Device has been add (Plant Explosive Objective)
* Fake Generators Interactions has been disabled after player finds Correct Generator
* Invisible walls added inside cage to prevent player from accessing console
* Interact and Dialog added at cage to inform player how to remove cage
* Dialog added after cage has been removed to inform player the removal of cage
* Removal of Warp-Out Animation when leaving Space Map to Bajor

Note to stoutes :
While the Prophets talking was a highlight, getting the "Go to Next Map" option was something like *oh*...
When I have player leave my map(s) back to Cryptic Maps, I am unable to change the dialog and button text for map transfer.

@Rellimtime82 - Foundry Author
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# 7
08-07-2013, 01:34 AM
Awesome to see it being updated that soon , will redo it tonight if it fits in my timeframe (won't do another play-through review though, takes quite some time).
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# 8
08-07-2013, 11:34 AM
As a random suggestion, I think you should title any follow up as "The Epoch of the Epohh"

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# 9
08-07-2013, 01:39 PM
I reviewed it on Episode 123 of Podcast UGC, titled "What Happens in Vegas ... Isn't Happening Here".
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# 10
08-07-2013, 06:06 PM
That trailor made me ROFL. I will go play the mission, immediately!

EDIT: Played it. Want more epohhs!
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