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# 1 Bugs ive noted so fare
06-28-2012, 03:05 PM
Bugs so fare
1. Npc ships disappearing and reappearing in no win, base defense
2. Entering base defense Que kicks you out immediately
3. If you enter any of the new missions in a team after mission is over you are no longer teamed but you cannot join another team until you exit from game and re log
4. Star bases not progressing at all
5. When adding fleet merits you have to select a certain number and even then it is buggy
6. Random interaction boxes floating around inside space station
7. During base defense npc's not showing up on mini map at all

1. Make it so you can add more stuff to the base at a time not one at a time
2. Make a reserve section for base construction so we can add a lot of boff points, doffs, items, etc so that next part will start automatically, maybe a special section of fleet bank?

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