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# 1 Working on a Nebula Build
08-29-2013, 05:31 AM
I'm working on a Tier 5 Nebula build that is pretty much for one purpose; to detect and then help lay a smack down on Donatra's ship so I can get as many Omega marks as I can.

At the moment I am after the final piece I need for a full Jem'hadar space set, and have yet to start fitting weapons. , I'm planning on hitting the Exchange for Nanite Diusruptor arrays for the beam weapons, but I'm not sure if I want to go pure beam, keep a mixed ship, or go Beam/torp/mine. Mines have helped me win some nasty fights in the past.

Which reminds me I should swap one of my Mirror's rear torps with a mine dropper.

If I keep the mixed set up, I will eventually swap what ever 'normal' torp I'm using for a Romulan and an Omega torp.

So, there's my rough layout; a hybrid Jemmy/Tal Shiar system. Thoughts and suggestions?
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